SOS! I'm in hot soup....

I’m in trouble. I made a promise last year. *sigh * Now, I am not too sure if I can keep it. Been procrastinating for a while to buy me some time. But now, the person whom I promised is demanding it ASAP. No more compromise! :(

I promised hubby that I would buy him the same Jay Chou CD to replace the one that I’ve ruined *sigh*. It all happened on one sunny day. I left the CD lying on the car dashboard while the car was parked under the blazing sun. You probably can imagine what happened to the CD. The inner side of it, at the middle was melted. The entire inner surface was dotted with some sticky stuff from the anti-slip mat. Hmm, I got an earful from hubby dearest for my stupid mistake. However, am not complaining about that. It was MY mistake after all. When hubby demanded that I buy him a similar album, I agreed instantly. It was his favourite CD.

After months looking for it in the record shops, I still cannot find one. L It was an old album actually. The songs are very good too, especially Bu Neng Shuo De Mi Mi (Secret I Can’t Tell) and Cai Hong (Rainbow). I tried to bargain with hubby. (Minta kesian la bah kunun..hehe..) I offered to buy him a new album that contained these two songs but minus the others. The reply I got was “ NO! “. He wanted all 19 songs. * faint*

I haven’t give-up hope completely. I can download them from the Internet. But the biggest problem is I hardly can read the Chinese characters. I haven’t read a thing in Chinese since Primary Six. Whoa, that was 18 years ago. How am I going to search them if I can’t even read the songs title??! Aduss…die la like this!

I’ve cracked my brain trying to decipher the titles. Out of 19 songs, I’ve managed to get 8 of them. Not bad juga la kan…hehe… The clock is ticking and I’m stuck. Can’t go any further. That leaves me with the last option.

I need to find somebody who can read Chinese. During the CNY, I was supposed to meet-up with my BFF who happen to be a Chinese, but due to each other’s busy schedule, we couldn’t make it. Now she already flew back to KL. *sigh * I don’t have many close friend who are Chinese literate. Sure, I’m still in touch with my old primary classmates, but they are in the same category as me, barely knows any Chinese characters. I tried asking help from one colleague but she was a bit reluctant. Can’t blame her though, with all the account works she need to look at, she simply doesn’t have the time to give attention to small things like this. Mana ada masa mo layan benda remeh-temeh macam ni kan…Eventually, I need to find someone else to help. But I haven’t found that someone yet. * sigh *


alamak!! kesian ko..! sini Kl banyak kali?? cuba ko cari di ebay..mengkali ada juga tu..

kasian ko mama mia..apa kata ko scan tu kulit CD then publish di blog ko..manatau ada kawan2 blogger bleh tolong ko translate... ^_^

Wah! Peminat Jay Chou pula hubby ko. Apa ba full name album tu? Perhaps I can get my hubby to help...lagipun hubby sia memang big fan of hongkong artist! (yaii! syok tgk Jay Chou dalam Intial D)

kadus ~ suda sia try tingu d ebay, teda album yg sama..

belle ~ bagus juga idea ko ni. Klu sia inda jg dpt cari urg tlg translate, sia publish la dlm blog ni. Hehe..

Chegu ~ Thx.

Mouren ~ Qian Shan Wan Sui tajuk dia tp..campur2 ni lagu dia, dr album dulu2. :)

ko ada try sdh cari album tu di search engine? nnt dari sana, dpt tajuk2 lagu...manatau ada translation juga...senang sikit ko cari kan...ekekek

Idea si Belle bleh pakai jg. Manatau sepa2 tebaca blog ko and tau where can find it bleh tulung kan. Good luck!