Joke cum reminder

Moral of the story : In these days of cost-cutting, leaves the office early!!!

One senior colleague circulated this cartoon via e-mail. Obviously, he meant it as a joke (or a reminder), but some other colleague does not like it. I have no comment on that. Different ppl, different point of view, right ? *smile*

Anyway, during this period of economic downturn, we may find ourselves in the similar situation as the worker in the cartoon. So, don’t be surprised if we’re asked to leave the office on time. :)


alamak!!!! I'm one of the staffs in my office yang contribute our RM13k electrical bill lah nie!!!! hahahahaaa Mau balik awal lah kalau macam nie!!

bestnya kalau bos sa tu suruh pulang awal...mmg itu yg sa mau...ekekek

Our CEO has once said:

"staying back at work, doesn't mean you are a good worker. People who can finish their work from 8 - 5 is a good example worker"

hi mamamia.. yes i agree wif the comic! leave the office early! nanti bikin sayang karan saja kan lama2 di office hehehe.. bisuk sa pulang jam 3 laini :p hahaha

LOL!!! Jgn sampai I kena bagi ni oleh my boss lah, hahahaha!!
Nicee oh yer theme...I thought I salah visit tadi ;)

Kadus ~ Wow, RM13K electricity bill? Meletupsnya d amount. Kalu bos x kisah, tia pa bah Ty..tumpanglah guna segala kemudahan yg ada..hehe...

memel ~ hehe..siok o kan pulang nanti bil karan d ruma pula yg melambung..:)

IbgProper ~ hehe..ur CEO inda suka urg stay over time d ofc tu...

AnnieMing ~ hahaha...sioknya ko bulih balik pukul 3...

JppMom~ Haha...misti ko slalu balik lambat ni kan...

Niway, thx for d compliment. :)

hahahah....kalau suka lagi kana suru balik balik on5.30pm..kalau kana suru balik awal...siok sy..ndalah jamm...hehehe

I have heard of people in Penang given leave without cut down expenses on utilities and also salaries - one week off for X'mas, another week off for Chinese New Year - facotry closed!

belle ~ ya bah, sia pun suka klu kana suru balik awal..

STP ~ Kesian la those ppl.