Tag: Hobby

Sorry Mouren, it took me sooo long to do this tag. Hehe...I didn’t realize that this award came with a tag attached. So, here’s the long overdue list of my hobbies:-

1. Spending time with family.
2. Playing with daughter.
3. Reading fiction books (mysteries, investigation, adventure etc.)
4. Shopping (including window-shopping ya.)
5. Blogging (this is where I can write whatever I want…)
6. Going to the movies
7. Watching TV (series, reality shows, food & travel, cartoon)
8. Listening to music
9. Singing (hehe..only for my listening pleasure ok..)
10. Buying clothes for my daughter…(cannot tahan ler nampak baju budak yg kiut-miut…)


Ini la kalu ada anak perempuan, mesti beli kalu nampak baju, kasut, reben etc yg kiut muit!

ya lor Mouren, kdg2 plan mo bili baju sj tp last2 terbili juga bah kasut...:)

Jealous oh shopping baju cute miut bb girl ni :D

Eee.. Mia!! Geram ba sia tingu baju2 utk baby girl.. KIIIUUUTT betul semua. Doii... RM5 ja d pasar mlm sini!! Alaa.. pakai sekijap ja kan.. budak cpt gia membesar...