Halloween Costumes of my dream...

Whoaa…it’s only January and I’m already writing about Halloween. No worries, this aunty had not gone crazy yet. Only ate and drank too much during the CNY ..hahaha…

Anyway, despite all the celebration that we have here in Malaysia, Halloween is the one celebration that we’ll never get to celebrate. It must be fun to dress-up like anybody or anything you like without being dubbed as lunatic. Hmm…IF I have a chance to experience the joy of Halloween, here’s what I have in mind.

I always wanted to be a doctor when I was small but I don’t have the brain to be one. So, to be able to dress-up like a doctor on Halloween pun jadilah. Finding a doctor costume is as easy as eating kacang putih. The lab coat looks a little bit plain though. Got to have a stethoscope and a hospital clip board to spice things up. *wink*

IF I can go back in time and be a kid once again, I will definitely go to back to my Primary School years. Why?? Simple reason i.e. Revenge. Okay, that time, I was not as good as the other kids at Math. Our stern Math teacher, Miss Lee (Whoaa...I still remember her name until now!) always punished me. The punishment hurts! I will ask my parents to buy me the skeleton costume. Once I’m in my costume, I’ll go to Miss Lee’s house and knock politely on her doors. BOO!!! I’ll scare the hell out of her when she opens the door. Ah, that would be a sweet revenge for striking me with the cane and making me stand on the tabletop, just because I couldn’t memorize the Multiplication Table (sifir). * evil grin*

All the items e.g costumes, accessories, decoration and make-up are available at Halloween Costume. There’s a wide range of outfit for everybody to choose from. A truly one-stop Halloween costume store, I would say!

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Counting the hours...

It’s the last day of work before the long holiday. For those who are having Chinese bosses, misti half-day work only. Jelesnya aku!

I’ve just finished assisting one of the staff of our sister company in doing stock inventory. Pheww! Nasib baik la not much stock to count. So here I am, sitting in front of the computer, counting the hours…Waiting for the office hours to end. Another 3 hours to endure in the office. Funny, when we want the time to by in a blink, it crawl at the speed of a snail * ROLL EYES *

I have no mood to work. Well, not that I have much to do in here either. * BIG GRIN * Awal-awal lagi, I have cleared my to-do list so that I can enjoy the CNY and holiday in peace! Yey!!!!!

Tomorrow, we’ll be off to Keningau for the CNY celebration. I don’t have any Chinese blood in me. I am a pure bred Kadazan girl who is married to a half-Chinese guy. It is my second year giving out Angpow packets. Hehehe….

Like the previous years, the family tradition continues. There will be a gathering on CNY eve and on the first day of CNY. This year too, I will be joining my youngest SIL making/preparing the drinks for the relatives/guests. It’s been our designated task for any occasion. Hahaha….seems like they can’t get enough of our air bandung. I don’t do the cooking ya, MIL had it covered. Just tolong mana-mana yang patut... * Wink *

Okay, there won’t be any updates from me until after CNY. So, to all Chinese friends, Gong Xi Fa Chai! Despite all the talk about recession, I wish Mr Ox will bring us good health, happiness and prosperity to us.

For non-Chinese friends, enjoy the holiday and drive safely! Happy holidays!

Note : I'm looking forward to meeting up with dear old friends. Yes Just, sia ingat tu gathering ex-3B1 member! :)

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Friendship award

Another award from Mouren. It's the White Ribbon of Friendship Award. Thank you!

Because you have been a wonderful friend, I'll passing them back to you, Mouren and also to KadusMama, Just, Nessa, Chegu Carol & Adora. Nice having you guys as friends!

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The King of Fruits in the house

Its fruit season in Sabah right now. Local seasoned fruits like the tarap, durians, cempedak, salak etc are everywhere. Hubby came back from Lawas last night. Like always, he will bring back ole-ole. This time, he bought back some durian, dalit and tarap…:)

Hmmm, with those three strong smelling fruits in the house…you can imagine, how my kitchen smells like. All three smells blend together…There’s definitely no hiding what we have in house..hahaha. You’ll be able to tell from a mile away unless you have a blocked nose. Any Mat Salleh will sure faint from the pungent smell…LOL!

While hubby is a durian fanatic, me liked the dalit better. Well, dalit is a local name,and I absolutely have no idea if it have another formal name. Pls tell me if you have any idea ya. Okay, dalit is in the same family as durians. But it is smaller in size, have sharper thorns and red-orangy flesh. The taste is not as sweet as the durians but it’s equally yummy. I love it!

Even now, my mouth is watering thinking about them. Ahh...can’t wait to go home and enjoy them! Nyum…nyum..nyum....

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The 40 questions...

Finally, I've done with this tag. Psst..Mouren, I still owe you 1 tag :).

1. Who were your latest 3 inbox texts from? Colleague, friend and another friend.

2. Where was your default pic taken? NA

3. What's your father name? Sorry, I’m not telling…:)

4. Your current relationship status? Am happily married..TQ.

5. Does your crush like you back? Huh?!

6. What is your current mood? Good...1 week off maa...

7. What's your mom's name? Same answer as Q.3.

8. What color shirt are you wearing? Maroon

9. Would you kiss the last person you kissed? Of course…muah muah muah…

10. If you could go back in time and change something, would you? Yes,I would.

11. Have a crazy side? Yup, who doesn’t?! LOL

12. Ever had a near death experience? Yup, once. I was nearly knocked-down by a van when I was crossing the road from QEH to the bus- stop at the opposite side. I was going home after accompanying mom in the ward the night before. I must have been walking like zombie due to lack of sleep. I didn’t see the van coming. I only realized it when the van swooshed in front of me. If I have taken another step then, I won’t be here right now.

13. What is something you do a lot? E-mailing, it's part of the job.

14. Angry at anyone? Not at the moment.

15. Do you wanna see somebody right now? Yes, my hubby

16. Do you like drama? I like watching Cantonese drama. But now I barely watch any…hahaha….

17. When was the last time you cried? Months ago I guess, can’t remember.

18. Who would you do anything for? My family and friends…

19. Who is your hero? My late Dad

20. What is your favourite place? There’s no place like home sweeter than home.

21. Where is your perfect ideal spot? Perfect ideal spot for what??

22. What's your biggest secret? It's something BIG. It's a SECRET!

23. Where is your ex? Still on planet earth…I guess..hihihi…

24. Would you ever take him / her back? Nope. Obviously, we're not MFEO.

25. Do you still watch kiddy movies or TV shows? Yup. I love Disney’s animation. My daughter baru mo belajar tingu TV. She loves those yang ada nanyi- nyanyi punya eg. Hi-5, Barney& Friends etc.

26. What are you eating or drinking at the moment? Plain water.

27. Do you speak any other languages? Apart from our mother tongue, Kadazan, I speak, BM, BI and Mandarin…but forgot a lot of vocab liao! I would like to speak Cantonese.

28. Whats your favorite smell? Something sweet but not too strong…

29. Describe your life? A simple life…

30. Have you ever kissed in the rain? Not that I remember...

31. Do you like the rain? Yes, but not too much though…nanti banjir rumah.

32. What are you thinking about right now? OMG..this tag is difficult. Lotsa questions..malasnya mo bikin :)

33. What should you be doing right now? Ask the progress of an on-going job in Sandakan..

34. What is your favorite memory? Secondary and Uni years…

35. What are you listening to now? Rythm of the falling rain...I'm not talking about the song ya. It is raining cats and dogs outside right now.

36. Who was the last person you told I love you? My daughter

37. Do you act differently around the person you like? Don’t know…

38. What is your natural hair color? Black

39. Who was the last person to make you smile? Hubby

40. Who am I tagging to? Nobody. I’ll spare you the hardwork! * wink*

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These boots are made for working...

Footwear is an essential part of clothing. That’s a fact! Nobody goes to work without wearing any footwear. However, it is important to wear the right shoes for the right activity. We need them to be strong enough to support our body weight, in the same time, also capable of protecting our feet from hard and rough surfaces, as well as climatic and environmental exposure.

Obviously, I am not talking about the new hot high-heels in town. Boot - that is what I'm talking about here. Real work
boots, like the Wolverine work boots. :)

I used to work in a trading company that supplies safety boots among other things to local oil and gas associated companies. They have engineers going to the offshore oil rig on regular basis. Working under such a tough condition, having a reliable pair of safety boots is vital to these men.

One of our highly demanded products is the Wolverine boots. Hmmm…why the high demand? It is because Wolverine is one of the finest in the world, in terms of it safety, durability and comfort. Its credibility has been proven.

Work Boots USA offers a wide range of high quality foot protection, top brands like Wolverine, Timberland and others that are known for their reliability and durability. Plenty of choice for you to chose from.

Hmmm..if only we came to know of this website then, it’ll save us a great deal of time. Last time, we purchased them from some lousy supplier in Singapore. It took a few days and numerous phone calls and e-mails just to get the quotation. How frustrating! I sure hope that my former colleague or boss is reading this post.

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What's for lunch?

Tired and bored of eating out. Today, I tapau-ed some home-cooked food for lunch. Simple cooking only. Deep-fried ikan kerisi and sayur petola (loofah) which I bought on my way back yesterday. Too bad, we don’t have any microwave in the office, can’t re-heat them. But never mind la …as long as I have my fav appetizer!

Yup, that’s what I’m talking about. Our famous local delicacy, the hinava. The Kadazans version of sushi. Have to remind myself not to have too much of it though. Its very sour that my saliva is accumulating as I am typing..hahaha… If you intend to serve hinava for your guests during open-house, better save some for yourself first or you’ll end-up staring at an empty plate… :)

Unlike the nanggiu, I have mastered the skill of making the hinava. Give me all the ingredients and I’ll be happy to make you this tasty appetizer. :) But the one I’m having now was made by dear mom last night. She made a whole container of it and kept it in the fridge. Enough to last for the whole week…

Okay, enjoy your lunch guys! :)

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Kadazan jelly

Didn't go anywhere today. Just spending my time, lazing at home, playing with daughter. Mom was busy in the kitchen, cooking this traditional dessert, nanggiu. Our Kadazan equivalent to jelly or cendol. We haven't had it in a while. :)

The nanggiu is made of sago. Bought a packet of fresh sago from the tamu on Thursday evening. A packet cost only RM1.00. Do make sure that the sago is fresh ya, or else you'll get a sourish taste nanggiu.

Easy steps to prepare this yummy dessert :-

[1] Pour the whole packet of sago into a big bowl. Soaked in water for 2 nights. The sago will sunk to the bottom of the bowl leaving the water on top.

[2] Get rid of the water and make 2 - 3 balls of sago. Boiled them for a minute or two. Take them out and put aside. Let them cool.

[3] After the were cool enough for your hands to handle, flatten them on the chopping board. Make sure you dust the board with some plain flour before you begin. You don't want the sago to stick on the board! LOL

[4] Cut the flattened sago into fine strips... not too fine though. Dust them again with flour before transferring them into the saucepan.

[5] Pour the santan (coconut milk) in and add sugar as desired. Boil until all the sago strips turn into clear jelly-like strips.

...and voila! This tasty dessert is ready to be eaten! :)

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Nah, I want to show-off my first ever award which I got a few days ago. Thanks Mouren for this award.

Anyway, have a nice weekend folks! If you plan to go jalan-jalan, better keep an umbrella handy ...especially during the afternoon.

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Took the day-off yesterday. In the morning, after I dropped hubby to work I went to do some errands. I went to withdraw the dividend/bonus for my ASB savings. Hehe...not much to withdraw as my savings amount was nothing to shout about. What did I do with the $$$ after that? * evil grin*

Deep at the corner of my mind, I heard Mr Devil whispering: “SHOP! SHOP! SHOP! TILL YOU DROP!!!” Yes, yes, yes! I’ll do that! *grin * Man, I was tempted! Hmmm…being me, I did exactly the opposite. Didn't spent it on a perfume nor did I buy a new pair of shoes. Instead, I paid my PTPTN debt. Am damn serious in reducing a significant amount of it. :) It’s one of my top resolution this year.

Sure, spending the money on things that I’ve been yearning all this time was a piece of cake. But later, I would end-up with a guilty conscience and have trouble sleeping. * sigh * . Ah, that's tooo much to bear.

Went to the Klinik Kesihatan Ibu dan Anak Penampang for daughter’s review in the afternoon. Surprise, surprise…we’re done with the visit in 1 hour. I expected the normal long wait. But, not this time. Must be our lucky day. :) Well, actually our appointment was set at 8am but somehow I thought it was 2pm. Only when the nurse mentioned about it that I realized my mistake. Thought she was going to fuss about it. But nope, that was all she said. She handed us our lucky No. 2. Our wait only lasted for 15 minutes. :) That's a record, my shortest wait ever in gov clinic!

Now at 15 mths, Vanessa weigh 10.24kg and at 83cm tall. She was not in her co-operative mood. She refused to stand still on the scale, so it was impossible to get her weighed. Her height pun agak-agak only. Eventually, we have to strip her down and put her on the digital baby scale. She was smiling from ear to ear...She was amused with the flashing red digits on the scale.

Some of her achievement :-

[1] able to walk well

[2] able to speak, a single syllable at a time. Her vocab include:- ma (referring to her Grandma), my (for Mommy, sound: “meh”), dy (for Daddy, sound : “deh”), tok (for bolitotok aka gecko)…

[3] love to eat mangosteen… :)

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Tag : 5 Things You Don't Know About Me

Tagging fever is on. My second tag/meme of the year came from Mouren. Hmmm...nah, ni dia 5 Perkara Yang Anda Tidak Tahu Tentang Saya (Tapi, sekarang kamu tau suda ...*wink * ) :-

[1] I cried on my first day in kindergarten! My late dad enrolled me into Chinese kindy… without my consent. I wanted to go to a different school with my cousins.

[2] I don’t eat lamb chop.

[3] Encountered one terrifying experience on Friday the 13th in 2000. Still in Uni that time. Housemates and I were involved in an amok incident. Out of the blue, a guy jumped over the fence with a parang (machete) in hand!!!

[4] I used to hate the colour PINK that I refuse to wear anything in that particular colour. Now, I don’t mind! Hahaha...

[5] I’m considering LASIK.

I’ll tag Just for this one. :)

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Tag : Handwriting

My first tag of the year from KadusMama. It’s an easy one. So here it goes…

The rules:

[1] Your name/identification/ username.

[2] Write anything using either your left or right hand.

[3] Most favourite alphabets.

[4] Least favourite alphabets.

[5] Write “ The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”

[6] 6 more bloggers/persons.

Oooppss...the image a bit blurry. Hope you can make out what I wrote :) Hehehe..I decided not to limit my nominee with 6 persons. So I purposely broke Rule #6 by inviting anybody to do this tag! :)

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Weekend chronicles : The rain, the machine and the candle-lit dinner

Hmm..rainy season in KK. Flashfloods in many parts of KK. Flood up to one feet deep in several areas according to the Daily Express today. Just as hubby, mom, daughter and maid were recovering from the flu and sore-throat bugs, my suffering has just started. Woke-up this morning with a sore throat :( . As much as I hated the sore throat, I hated the cough even more! Don’t you just hate it, when you’re in the middle of a conversation, your throat started to get itchy and a few cough will surely follow. Cis…bikin malu saja!

It’s been raining on and off since Friday evening. So, no jalan-jalan last weekend. Better spend quality time with family at home…keeping daughter accompany while watching Hi-5 on the telly. She’s very fond of the songs. It’s so entertaining to watch her attempt at imitating the action and do her own version of the songs :)

With rain everyday, it is impossible to dry the clothes. All the lines were fully occupied! To make thing worse, my 5-year old Faber washing machine broke-down pulak for the second time. * sigh * Eventually, all the clothes have to be hand-washed. Thank God I have a maid to help do the washing. But having a washing machine does save a lot of time.

The problem with dear ol’ machine is, it refused to discharge the water. Dealt with the same “illness” a year and a half ago. Already contacted the Faber technician, he said that the motherboard was faulty, so need to be replaced. I nearly fainted when he said, “ Your machine is old model. Spare part may be discontinued and no longer available! Have to buy new machine la. *chuckle* " Aiyopengsan la like that, this month-end Chinese New Year , have to chip-in some $$$ to in-laws for the family gathering. Not to mention the need to allocate some for ang pow to nephews and nieces some more...

I was so relief this morning when he called that the part is still available. He’ll fix the problem as soon as he receive the part…..Pheww!!

Last night, the whole family had a candle-lit dinner at our home sweet home. Thanks to the heavy downpour, the whole area experienced a blackout…which is often the case every time it rained heavily. Hubby was in a mood to cook his fav, sweet and sour pork. Luckily, he managed to finish with the cooking just before the everything goes pitch black. Hahaha

So that’s how my weekend goes. :) Today another new week begin…

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Never ending youth!

As I was looking for idea to do this post, an image flashed in my mind. An image from the Epic Movie I watched last night. Or is it the night before? Oh dear….I can’t remember! Got hit by temporary memory loss again :) . Well, the image came in the form of “Stifler's Mom” ! You don’t know her? Hmmm… she’s the hot, sexy mama in the American Pie movie. A teen comedy released in 1999.
Seriously, just look at her boobs. I wonder what 's the cup size? With boobs like that, I'm sure she must have had undergone breast enhancement. Too aftraid to get a drastic change like that? You can opt for breast uplift. The uplift will give you the raised and reshaped breasts that you desired thus boosting your self-confidence. Soon all the women in town will sure have their eyes green with envy :) .

Thanks to cosmetic surgery, a forever-youthful look is NOT impossible to get! Forget about finding the fountain of youth :) . The cutting-edge technologies nowadays make anything possible. Cosmetics surgery offers a wide range of procedure, from breast enlargement/reduction, uplifting, body reshaping to overcoming serious sweaty palms, feet and armpits.…you name it.

But please choose your surgeon wisely. MYA offers packages that are financially affordable and flexible. Their handpicked team is equipped with vast experience and highly skilled surgeons to perform both surgical and non-surgical procedures to make you beautifully amazing. There’s more. Their good service does not end there but continues to provide the best aftercare.

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One fine afternoon, a stranger walked straight into our office. Didn’t even bother to knock! Nevertheless, this middle-aged guy seems like a respectable man. His bearded face was all-smile, clad in all white clothes, except for his turban. He’s a Punjabi.

As usual, my desk will be the first to be approached. I pointed him to my superior when asked for the person-in-charge. He spoke in flawless English with a sweet and polite manner. Since he’s carrying a small book, then he must be asking for donation. So I thought.

After all the greetings and hand-shake, my kind-hearted superior was ready to hear what this guy is up to. Suddenly, this guy started to blurt about what my superior’s feature reflected, even asked for a look at his palm! Kasian my superior, he was all puzzled and confused. Only then that the guy reveal his true self. “ I am a fortune-teller. A
palmist. Would you like me to read your fortune Sir? “ Ceh!! If only he’d said that earlier, no confusion will arise… :) . But then again, maybe this was part of his tactic. If he had reveal his real intention earlier, he’ll probably be shown the exit ...hahaha.

When his offer was refused, he quickly comes towards me. “ Its okay, Sir, I don’t want my palm to be read. Thank you. *smile* ”. Nah ambik kau, another rejection! He doesn’t seem to mind the rejection though. He went off nonchalantly with the same smiling face. Could this guy for real? Or he was simply trying his luck to con ppl ?

Well, I don’t really trust fortune-teller. A few years ago when I was a part-time cashier in Serdang, I’ve had an encounter with a fortune-teller. I refused but a friend accepted his offer. *smile * Me just tumpang sekaki and pasang telinga dingar tilikan si kawan. * wink*

The fortune-teller was an Indian guy, dressed like a sami (monk) with his plain-clothed assistant carrying a book. Said he would read my friend’s palm FOC. If I remembered correctly, his reading was “ You are a very lucky lady.” Friend was beaming, flattered with that comment. We waited for him to elaborate. Instead, the guy asked if friend would like to proceed for another reading. “Of course la. “ (Friend was all excited.) Besides, it doesn’t cost a anything, right?? Err, nope. The guy responded with a sweet smile and said, for the next reading, friend will have to pay for it. “ Give kind-heartedly.” Yeah, that was his exact words. Somehow, I remembered it until now. LOL.

Out of excitement, friend gave him RM1.00. He proceeded. But I don’t remember what his next read was, but I guess it sounded something like “You will soon experience good things in life.” That’s it, no further elaboration. Then came that same smile and the “Give kind-heartedly” line again. Ciss!! FOC la mangkali…Finally, to my relief, friend came to her senses. She denied the offer to proceed. The guys went out and start looking for other customer or shall I say, victim?

Hmmm…I don’t hold any grudge against any fortune-teller. But to come up with such readings, I don’t think we need to be a fortune-teller. I mean, common, its obviously too general. Even I can bluff things like that. Not that I want to con anybody…haha. Say positive things, make the customer/victim happy to make sure the money keep on coming. LOL. Of course, one got to have the nerve to go with it and appear genuine. Ahh, these two things, I lack of. Am not a good liar. :)

In my opinion, whatever God has planned for us, good or bad, should remain a mystery,an enigma. We should take it as they come and accept them as part of our destiny. But that doesn’t mean that we should not make any effort to improve our luck and our lifestyle should any good opportunity crosses our path. * smile*
I’ve read an article somewhere that if we allow our luck to be predicted, then our luck will change after that. It won’t turn-out as predicted. True or not, no one knows for sure. *smile *

P/s: This post was supposed to be a short one, but end-up to be a long and winding post instead! Hope you won’t get bored with my rambling. :)

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USD1,167,000.00 for me???

Not long after I sign-in on my Skype this morning, this message popped-up. Wow….so much money. In USD some more. If converted to our currency, it’ll be around RM40,717,956.89! Oh man, that’s a lot of money!

[morrko2007 says: Bank of East Asia Ltd.
The Bank of East Asia Building
137 Market Street, Singapore 048943
Reply to E-mail ID: morrisko89@yahoo.com.sg
Special Information!

A customer of ours who may relate to you (perhaps) in Singapore died four years ago in Tsunami
tragedy in Indonesia leaving behind an estate/capital (US$38.9M with interest) in a bank here where I work as an external auditor, till date nobody has come forward or put application for the Acclaim. Please log on to this websites for more information about the Tsunami tragedy.


During the bank private search recently for the late gentle man relatives your name and email contact was among the findings that matches the SAME SURNAME as the deceased (name WITHHELD for security reason) who died intestate with no Will or Next of Kin. To maintain the level of security required I have intentionally left out the final details.

I urge you to come forward since I can provide you with the details needed for you to claim the estate/capital so that we can be gratify by you, in this way USD$11.670, 000.00 for you and USD$23.340, 000.00 for us and the remaining $3.890, 000.00 for miscellaneous expenses incurred during the cost of this project though my colleagues and I will do all the crucial part in the bank to have the inheritance claim release to you promptly.

However, to affirm your willingness and cooperation please do so by replying me at my private email ( morrisko89@yahoo.com.sg)
With the following listed below;

I do expect your prompt response.

Thank you,
Morris Ko ]

Hmm….but things that are too good to be true like this is probably a scam. Besides, I don’t think I have any relative living in Singapore, let alone died in tsunami tragedy in Aceh on 26 Dec 2004. Touch wood…palis-palis, jauh-jauh as we, the Kadazan would say.

So, what did I do then? As usual, I ignore it. Too lazy to layan...

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Debt, debt, debt...

When I glanced over my PTPTN education loan statement, my heart skipped a heartbeat! What??!! So many balance left ??!! Die la like this… When am I be able to pay-off my debt??! One tough question to answer. Been haunted by this same old question since I graduated 5 years ago. * sigh*

I’ve been obediently paying since these few years. Starting with as little as RM80 per month when I got my first job. The pay was really small back then. The instalment amount progresses through the years but apparently it is not enough. 3% administrative costs (Kos pentadbiran) are automatically charged on total loan balance every month. Wonder why they call it "Admin Costs" instead of “Interest”? Whatever they call it, it sucks. Hey, don’t form your assumption just yet okay, I’m not an ungrateful person ya! In fact, I am very grateful that the government had reduced the admin costs to the existing percentage. If it still 4%…then lagi la mampus!! Now if only they can reduce it by 1% more…..then it’ll be most welcome, especially in this recession time. Won't it be nice ? :) Diberi betis mau paha lagi bah kan…Hmm,human nature. LOL.

As they say, “ A borrower can repay an amount greater than the fixed instalment. A reduction of instalment amount is not encouraged as it’ll increase the administrative costs thus raising the total loan amount.” Noted. But, it’s easier to say than done. If I can afford to pay more, I’ll definitely do so.

Ah, how wonderful it will be to have a debt-free life! IF ONLY I win the Jackpot! * wink-wink* I swear I'll use it to repay ALL my debt. *smile*

On the other hand, there are ppl that I know of that couldn’t be bother with repaying their loan. How can they just ignore it?? Being indebted really worries me. It’ll probably continue to bug me until the day I managed to pay-off the whole loan and get rid of it once and for all. I don’t want to grow old, retired but still indebted. Better stop thinking and worrying about this sort of thing…before I get paranoid with it.

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