Crime Scene Investigation

Yay, my fav show is back. I’ve been a fan since it started. In fact, CSI was the main reason I got Astro installed at home…LOL. After watching the Pilot episode in first season, I got addicted to it and kept on wanting for more…and more.

I am so happy that CSI Season 9 is finally here. Been waiting for it for so long. The first episode will air tonight @ 10pm on AXN. Hehe…you bet. I won’t miss it, unless there’s a blackout in my area. Hmm…you’ll never know with the SESB. No rain, no wind, suddenly all in the neighbourhood goes pitch black. Just this morning there was a power interruption in my area. Luckily, it was for 10 minutes only. Don’t know what happened. Maybe somebody had accidentally switch off the power button for my area. Opps..I got carried away on this SESB thingy pulak….hehe.

Okay, there will be a lot of emotion going on in this season. One CSI will fall, another will leave and new faces will join in the team. Will CSI be the same without the former characters? Hmmm…guess we’ll have to watch the it to find out. * wink *


rupanya ko ni csi fan jua aa.. hehehe.. i'm a fan of csi too tapi sa ni selalu inda ikut masa.. hahaa.. pandai skip2.. since u mentioned ada csi tonight at 10, ok i'L wait ;) 1 more hour lagi..

Alamak I missed the show. Kena tunggu ulangan lah..

tapi I'm into CSI Miami & New York bah ;) Never missed an episode :)

i have watched this season on and off from the net...tida thrill bah mau tinguk yg download version...tiada tu element of surprise compared kalu tinguk on Astro...every week mau tnggu what happened next... :)

Sia pun suka tgk ni CSI but NY pnya la. But still missed to watch it sometimes. Heheheh..

I prefer CSI Vegas,then Miami then NY. I guess i know la sepa yg officer CSI yg down tu. sigh. hopefully that killer kena tgkap soon but i know it wont be easy..VIP kan that..hmm

Sibuk2 sia tingu AI kemarin, trus sia telupa pasal CSI :( Bila dia punya repeats tu ah?

AnnieMing ~ hehe..bulih dikira sbg peminat setia csi suda mangkali sia ni..

InobongProper ~ I'm into all the CSI series, NY & Miami lama lg mo start new season..:(

Chegu ~ itu la sia inda mo download, biarla seksa menunggu kana tayang d Astro...hahaha...

Just ~ Suma CSI sia sapu bah Just :)

Mell_f ~ We're in d same boat. I fancy CSi in that order too. Misti emotional tu suma CSI kalu ada team mate yg mati..

Sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, misti jatuh ke tanah juga bah..:)

Nessa ~ Repeat dia Sunday, 12 noon :)

Oh Man, I didn't know they started CSI again! Must remember to catch this next week!