Pick it and Eat it.

I made a quick stop at the tamu yesterday evening. Like usual, I parked at the nearby CKS Supermarket parking lot. It was almost full. Lucky I found one vacant. Itu pun saana hujung-hujung suda. Parking space is hard to find on tamu days. Many would risks parking illegally. Silently praying that they won't get fined. Hehe...

There was a car, a few cars away from mine with its engine still on. The driver was obviously waiting for somebody, his wife or girlfriend perhaps. I guess he was just damn bored of waiting. Only God's know how long he's been waiting there.

He didn’t realize when I passed by. It was getting dark but I can still see him picking his nose. *smile * That’s normal. Everybody tend to do so when we thought nobody was watching…LOL. Even the Queen of England can’t deny this…hahaha.

Okay, to my horror, the guy did the unbelievable. HE ATE HIS BOOGERS!!! Oh my God! That was so gross! Urgh! If kids do this, I can understand. But, a full grown adult is just hard to accept.

I remembered an article I read in the paper a few years ago. According to this doctor, eating boogers is one of the best ways to stay healthy. Now, that is one weird fact. When I point it out to hubby, he said it was crazy. “Who, in their right mind, would eat their boogers?” he said. Now I know for sure, there is somebody who does : - the guy in car. Hahahaha....

So, what say you? Would you eat your boogers/dugot for health's sake? Ah, not me. That is not my cup of tea. Period.


Aduh..nasib sy suda makan before baca this. i wont eat my own dungot la although bagus utk kesihatan. We have vit supplements,fruits,vege, and many more,then why bother to eat that? urgghh..

Ewwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!! That is sooooooo grosss man!!! Gila lah!!!!!
Mengkali dungot dia ada flavor coklat bah tu, tu lah dia makan..hahahahhahahaa

Eeewww... kalu sia ternampak tu perbuatan dia, sia mungkin terpaku di blakang kerita dia... hahaha!

Yeah, if it's done by kids... understandable, adults on the other hand... tsk!tsk!tsk!

Yaiikkkss... bikin geli ooo! Lapar betul sdh kali tu org tu... Eee...

gross! ew.. hard to believe that dungot is good for health.. haha..

hahahaha LOL

adakah dungot yang jadi ubat ... hot me, i won't do it.

BTW, your new template cantik lah :D

Mell_f ~ Hehe..nsb ko suda mkn,. Klu tida, hilang selera o.Bikin geli ni

Kadus ~ Heran kan, ada juga urg yg sanggup mkn dungot kan...

Nessa ~ tu la Nessa, butul2 Eeeewwww! kalu gf/wife dia tau dia mkn dungot, lari mangkali dorang kan...hehe

Just ~ eee, dekat ja bah tu bakery d CKS..p la bah bili bun sana. Adakah mkn dungot?!

Err, byk mangkali dungots dia smpi dia rasa bulih kenyang mkn...eeewwww!

Adora ~ Yup, totally disgusting.

AnnieMing ~ weird but true..:)

GregChai ~ Sukar utk dipercayai o kan. Niway, tq for the compliment. Got problem sikit la wt d header, cannot edit. Ada error msg everytime I try to do so. I want to get rid of the box at d left-hand side...:(

haha.. double yucks... mengkali hobi masa lapang dia tu...

EEeee c mia ni...bikin gali ooo ceta ko tu...nasib baik juga sa sdh breakfast tadi,kalau tidak....eeeeyaks

tak tahu apa nak cakap

LonTugi ~ sot2 o kan tu urang..teda lain benda suda mungkin yg dia bulih kc jd hobi. Tq for visiting :)

Memel ~ hehe..nasib baik ko mel..

Jess ~ sangat menggelikan...uweks.

Sia kasi crita member2 sia tadi pasal ni crita kau di pantry tadi. Dorang tengah minum kupi and makan kui pisang..wakakakakak! ko imagine la seterusnyaa apa yang jadi...uwwekkk!!

What I think is, the guy u saw is a doctor hahahahaha

Mouren ~ wakakaka...jahatnya ko mouren! Time2 urang makan & minum lagi tu ko p story. Kasian member2 ko tu...

IbgProper ~ ada kemungkinan juga o kan Phil. Dia tau khasiat dungot, tu la dia makan. yay..bikin geli o!