Contest fever

Okay, just a quick update. The result for MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby in Carseat Contest is out. And…no, my Vanessa didn’t win. *smile* No hard feelings. I didn’t put high hopes at the first place. *smile* Congratulations to all the winners.

Speaking of contest, I’m sure all the mommies out there are aware about the Johnson & Johnson's Baby of the Year Contest. Have you submitted your or rather your little one’s entry form? Well if you haven’t, don’t worry…still got 1 month time (contest ends on 31 August).

Hehe…I know what you’re thinking now?! Did I send my girl’s entry form? Yes, I did. I didn’t rushed off to the nearest store to grab a Johnson & Johnson's baby shampoo just to enter this contest,okay. I have been using J&J baby bath and shampoo on Vanessa since birth.

Anyway, wish my girl good luck ya! Tq *wink*

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Monday surprise

This morning, one of my colleagues announces that her resignation letter has been accepted by the company. Her last day will be on 15 August.*faint* I was surprise to hear that as I thought that the management could work things out with her. Ever since she tendered her resignation letter, I have been silently praying that she would be asked to reconsider her resignation. “You know, I don’t think the company has any intention to hire a new staff. So it is most likely that you will ‘inherit’ my existing job,” she added with a smile. Huh??! What ?!! *faint again* “Considering the additional workload, this is the best time for you to demand for a pay raise,” another smile followed.

Aiyo Sis, it’s not about getting a raise or what, but it’s more like, can I handle all the responsibilities?? Is it worth getting MORE PAY and in the same time MORE STRESS ?? I debated in my heart. Apparently, I was not in the mood to argue the point, so I just let it drop and focus on the certain things like my mounting paperwork.

Ever since my company secured a new business deal in KK early this month, I had to handle a lot of additional paperwork and deal with unfamiliar things like logistic. *sigh* At the end of the day, I often end-up with throbbing headache, muscles sores on my neck and shoulders due to prolonged keyboard use…and look something like our little friend here…

Now they are thinking of adding some more tasks? Oh, no! Thinking of the possibility alone is enough to cause me a headache. If it really happens, then I think I am going to die.

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1st anniversary

Today is Mama Mia’s Page 1st ever anniversary. A year ago, with the motivation from KaDusMama and Just, I officially started Mama Mia’s Page in blogspot. Thank you, guys!

So far, I have managed to publish a total of 153 posts, with average of 2 posts a week. I love blogging and am looking forward for more anniversaries to come. And I hope you will continue to support me. celebrate this occasion, I am enjoying an Ice-Cream Potong - Red Bean flavor, right now. Happy weekend everyone! Cheers. :)

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Shopping spree...Not!!!

As if you don’t already know this, the Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival 2009 is on-going. And I am dying to go shopping (I’m sure I am not alone in this). But since it is ‘bulan tua’…I hardly have the money to survive until the next pay day, let alone go for a shopping spree. Darn!

Last weekend, a friend and I were all set to go jalan-jalan at City Mall. Obviously, we cancelled it at the last minute. I mean what good it is to go window-shopping only to look longingly at those gorgeous clothes and shoes at discounted price, but just incapable of owning them? Argh! That is soooo heart-breaking! Neither of us wanted to be in that situation, so we thought better of it. *sigh* Another 10 days to go before pay day. ..*roll eyes*

So, to occupy my time, I decided to bake a cake. What else? But the family favourite cake – butter cake.Hehe…I’m merely a beginner, still learning my way through baking. Surprisingly, the cake turns out to be not bad. The texture was tender, moist and delicious. In short, everything was ngam to my liking. All at home love it and so does my neighbour’s kids.

Hehe…you are most welcome to try your baking skill. Here is the recipe which I got from BakingMum , complete with the easy steps :-

Ingredients :
200gm caster sugar
250gm butter
6 large eggs (at room temperature)
300gm self-rising flour (sifted)
1tsp vanilla essence
½ to ¾ cup of evaporated milk

Method :-
1. Preheat the oven to 160ºC.
2. Beat butter with caster sugar until white and fluffy. Add in eggs one at a time and mix well. Add vanilla essence and evaporated milk and mix well.
3. Fold in sifted flour into butter mixture and mix well. Pour into greased and lined cake tray for about *an hour.

*I didn’t exactly bake it for 1 hr. After 50 minutes, I did the toothpick test to check its doneness, and-voila!-, a nice and yummy butter cake. :)

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Blogging and money

It is almost a year now since I started blogging in this humble page of mine. So far, I’m glad that I started this hobby. Not only has it enabled me to make more friends (most of them, I’ve never met in person), it has never fail me in generating extra income. Whoever said that blogging is a waste of time, they are wrong. Blogging is a profitable hobby and you really can make money blogging.

These days, there are many companies out there who are willing to venture into blog advertising as an alternative to conventional (TV, radio, print media) marketing tool. Besides being a cheaper means of advertising, it is equally effective in reaching out to targeted customer. Thanks to PayingPost for their dedication in bringing in together advertisers and bloggers all around the globe in one friendly marketplace to meet each other's need. In a nutshell, here's how things work at PayingPost:-

· Advertisers create review jobs and specify bloggers requirements
· Qualified blogger will write description based review
· PayingPost reviews the completed job and notifies both parties

Writing a review for a product/service may look easy but it is also time consuming. Before we do a review, we need to ‘know’ the product/service itself. This way, we can produce a good quality review. In order to ‘know’ the product/service, of course, we need to labor some effort in it. And that effort is going to cost us time and money.

Okay, as we are getting paid to do a review, it is only fair for us to write an honest one. Therefore, it is inevitable to put our personal claims in it. That’s fine, as long as we have facts to support them. Claims that are supported by solid facts are more trustworthy. And yes, do make the effort to browse through the Net on tips and secrets on how to write better reviews .It will be useful in the long run. Perhaps, one day you might be commanding $100 for a brief review? *wink-wink*

One more thing that I learned, it is always easier to review something that we can relate to. So if you come across an assignment with attractive pay but have absolutely no interest in the product/service, make yourself a favour, don’t take it. After all, you won’t be able to come up with a good review if you are being forced to do it. Why be so greedy? Make way for other bloggers. There will be other assignment for you. :)

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1 year, 9 months, 1 week and 3 days…

Oh my, we are already in the mid of July. It might sound so cliché but time flies so fast, especially when you are watching your own kid grows. There are times when I found myself wishing daughter Vanessa would grow faster and yet in the same time, I want her to stay as she is. I guess many mothers out there feel the same way about their kids.
Okay, in her 22nd month, Vanessa now weighs 11.5kg and 87.5cm tall. She was such a darling on her recent visit to the clinic, giving the nurse full co-operation. Here are some of the milestones she has reached:-

~ Able to point out body parts
~ Able to identify animals especially domestic ones (anuk = manuk/chicken; ingaw = tingau/cat; abau = kalabau/buffalo; ambing = kambing/goat; utik = putik/duck)
~ Remove her clothes (with help, on the buttons)
~ Brush her teeth (with help)
~ Speaks and be understood most of the time
~ Increase in vocabulary (her current favourite words are, kiu = thank you; tuada=kotohuadan/thank you; apap =hapap/ feet; melo = watermelon; belo = balloon; odop = modop/sleep)
~ Able to make short sentence (Mami balik uda = mummy is back; Au bulih = no can do; kiu Mama = Thank you, Mama)
~ Graduated in potty-learning (but some times she wet her pants juga la… hehe..)

Last week, BIL, his wife and 5 months old baby son came to stay with us for one whole week as his wife had some course to attend in KK. Vanessa was so fond of the baby that she insists to rock him in the cradle. Is this a sign that my daughter is ready for a baby brother or sister? Hehehe…

She wanted to be near her baby cousin all the time, watching him sleeps, bath, feed and even nappy-changing. That last activity brought her to the discovery that her cousin has something she doesn’t. Baby Ivan has a penis. Vanessa seems so concerned and curious about their difference. Since then, I often caught her looking inside her pants checking her private part. I think I should get one of the simple illustrated book to help in explaining the difference in a boy's and girl's anatomy. :)

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Balloons at the Carnival

Have you ever listened to MUZIKfm? Hehe…I never but I accidentally visited their Carnival last Saturday at Stadium Likas parking lot. The carnival and concert was held from 3 – 5 July 2009. I was driving by the stadium when I saw all the white canopies erected at the compound. Underneath the canopies were stalls selling foods, drinks and women accessories. Almost all the food sold were identical from one stall to another, Nasi Lemak, grilled chicken wings, fried noodles, etc.

Of all the stalls, there were two stalls that pull customers, especially the young ones, like magnets. They were selling these huge cartoon characters balloon. There were Tweety Bird, Spongebob, Spiderman etc, cute and very colorful. Any kids would sure drag their parents to these stalls. Even me, who was alone that time also attracted to have a look at this particular stall….hehehe Since there wasn’t any Barney or Dora the Explorer balloon, I thought of buying a Hello Kitty for Vanessa.

OMG! I had the shock of my life when I asked about the price. It cost a whopping RM8.00 per piece!!! What??! This colorful, floating thing that lasts only for 2-3 days max is that expensive?!! *faint* I thought it would cost RM4.00 the most. I pity those parents who came with 3 – 4 kids in tow... They must have burned a big hole in their pocket…hahaha….As for me, I settled for a smaller Hello Kitty balloon that cost RM4.00. Am I a stingy mommy? Maybe, I am. But I think RM8.00 for a balloon is just too expensive. What say you?

P/s : Happy weekend everyone! :)

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MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby in CAR SEAT Contest

When I read about this Contest, I thought; Why not try out for fun? So, here it is. To be eligible for this contest, I have to get a photo of my dear Vanessa in a car seat. Hmm..I have a confession to make *sigh* of all the pictures I’ve taken of her; there was none of her in a car seat. What a shame!

Hubby and I bought this car seat when she was around 6 months old at Giant Supermarket in Kolombong. Now, after a year plus, barulah I realize that I have never taken a picture of her in it. Shame on me *smile sheepishly*. It took a contest to remind me to do so. I guess, I owe LittleMama of MomBloggersPlanet a big thank you. THANK YOU for this contest, otherwise I would never realize that I missed this precious moment of my dear girl. Okay, the cool prizes awaiting the winners for this contest are courtesy of PhotoBookMalaysia and AliceWonders.

So, last Saturday, I decided to kill two birds with one stone. I needed to do my monthly groceries shopping, normally I’ll go with hubby but since he’s out of town again, I brought all at home – Vanessa, my mom and maid to Servay Hypermarket, Putatan. The one in Penampang burned down to the ground last August *sigh*. The distance between Penampang and Putatan is quite far actually, but still I don't mind driving all the way there because their price of goods are cheaper than elsewhere and I am sure to find all the groceries I needed there. I ought to get a gift or something for being such a loyal customer, don't you think so? *wink* . Anyway, I had Vanessa dressed-up and she was so excited to go to kedai (shop). Before going, I had her buckled in her car seat and quickly took some poor quality pictures with my handphone camera before her mood turn sour.

Vanessa , DOB : 05 October, 2007

You see, Vanessa has some issues with the car seat. It was never an easy task to get her settle down in it except when she was already asleep. I had faced countless difficult moments trying to keep her in place. After a few minutes, she would start screaming, kicking and crying. Strangely, she’d be more obedient when it was her daddy doing the driving or perhaps it was because daddy is stricter than mommy. :)

Oh well, obviously, this car seat is no longer suitable for her as she knows how to unlock the buckle. Therefore, these photos were taken for remembrance only and also to enter this contest, of course…hehehe…So, after the express photo session, I had her seated with her Grandma and Kakak at the back seat. Then, she was back to all smiles again.

For our children’s safety, it is important to train them to sit in an infant/toddler car seat and get them familiar with all the buckles and seat-belt. Never ever jeopardizes your little one’s safety by doing a Britney! That is totally not cool!!! But before you buy one, do go through its specification; make sure the car seat is suitable for both your child and your car. :)

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I’ll take your food, if you don’t give me money…

When I saw the same guy again yesterday evening, walking around Donggongon, this incident which happened some 2 weeks ago came back to me. Stale already by now but still, I want to share it with you…hehehe… The title may suggest a threat, but it was not the case. :)

Okay, let’s go back to that day. My friend and I went yum cha at the new Restoran Maimunah after a tiring day. We were waiting for another friend to come. So in the meantime, I ordered Mee Goreng Ayam (Chicken Fried Noodle) and Air Bandung , while friend ordered Maggi Ayam with Telur Mata Lembu (Maggi Instant Noodle with Bull’s Eye Fried Egg) and hot coffee. Normally, I only ask for Roti Planta. Since the fried mee looks delicious in the menu, I decided to try it. So, my verdict for the fried noodle? Edible but…I think I’ll stick to Roti Planta next time…hehehe…I only ate a quarter of the mee before I surrendered.

Out the corner of my eyes, I saw this messy, unruly guy, asking for money from one table to another. When he finally arrived at our table…there was an unmistakable smell of alcohol in his breath. With a big grin, he held out his palm and asked for money. When we didn’t give any, he proceeded to other table. Phew! Selamat (safe)…so, we thought.

Then, a few minutes later, Mr Stinky came back again. “Kalau kamu tida bagi sia duit, sia makan la ni mi ah? Bulih ka? (If you don’t give me money, I’ll take the mee)” “Bah, ambil la. (Ok, go ahead)”. So, like that la…the remaining of my fried mee went straight down into his hungry stomach, and the sup kosong was not spared too…hehe.

My friend and I was already making eye contact, communicating telepathically, “What if he decided to join us?” There are two more vacant seats at our table. Aiyaks, die la if he does that! I was already thinking the best way to leave our table without offending him. If we pay and left quickly, he may thought we were a couple of snobbish b*tch…perempuan sombong. Who knows how he will react if he was offended? So, I had this line readied (just in case), the most diplomatic way to leave I can think of at that time, “Bah,palan-palan la ko makan kio. Suda sia bayar. (Take your time, I already paid the food)”. Well, I didn’t get to say that as he retreated to another table. LOL. Phew! If my glass wasn’t empty, he’d most probably grabbed it along too. I bet hygiene was the last thing on his mind as he did not mind eating other people’s left-over.

Since there are quite a number of people like this guy in Donggongon area, don’t be surprised if one or two came to you asking for money while you are eating. So far, I have not encountered any of those who are aggressive, not that I’m asking for it..touch wood…but just in case, do you have any idea how to not give in to their demand in the politest way? Do share it if you have any ya..Thanks :)

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The incident at KFC

Have you ever found yourself hungry but don’t know what to eat? Well, I was in that exact situation last night. So, on my way home yesterday’s evening,too malas to think, I went straight to the nearest fast food outlet, KFC. It is the one and only fast food outlet in Donggongon Town. The business must have been good for the owner that he had it close down temporarily for a major renovation. Now the newly renovated KFC Donggongon has expanded to the 1st floor.

I was anticipating a crowded place since it was the end of the month where everybody should have their salary already…hehe. When I reached there, only one 2 of the 5 table at the ground floor was occupied. My friend I had a bad experience dining at the ground floor previously. We were forced to eat our food as quick as possible and in the same time trying hard to chase away the battalion of flies with our hands. As soon as you sat down with your food, the flies will launch their attack, buzzing-in on your food, face, hands, hair. They are everywhere; some are perched quietly on the glass wall waiting for an opportunity to taste the food. Ewgh!

The management does have an equipment that was supposes to ward-off the flies. I have no idea what it’s called but it looks something like an emergency lamp and makes a sound every time a fly get closer. But the thing was only installed at the kitchen while most of them were more interested in the dining area. And the funny thing was, before the renovation, the flies’ problem was almost non-existent. People were happy to dine at the ground floor. Don’t know what’s the problem but this newly renovated outlet seems to attract both customers and flies. I think the management should invest more on the equipment to combat the flies before they scare-off their customers.

Okay, so to avoid the flies, I headed to the 1st floor after grabbing a Snack Plate. Oh my, the staircase was so narrow that there is only space for one-way traffic. If somebody with a tray is heading upstairs then the other who’s coming down will have to stick his/herself at the wall or walk sideways like a crab….hehe. The staircase was also quite steep and it will only be a matter of time that somebody would fall, so I thought. Then, a few seconds later, somebody DID fall. Oh my God! Of all the people, the unluckiest person happened to be..jeng,jeng,jeng….none other than YOURS TRULY!!! CILAKA!!! $H*T!!! I was swearing, cursing endlessly in my heart for my carelessness.KURANG ASAM!!!

I must have thought that the second last step was the last step. When I realized there was another step, it was already too late. I tripped and landed on my knees but still keeping my grip on the food tray. Ya tu dia, Mama Mia terjatuh dengan bergaya sekali..hahahaha. Besides the drink, the food was still inside the tray…only that they had extra-flavouring from the spilled orange. Coleslaw + Mirinda orange, the taste is not that bad.…hehehe..

Lucky me, there were only a group of 4 teenagers dining there. Nobody I know was present.Phew. I heard the girls let out a small cry but that was it, they didn’t bother to get their cute little a$$ off their chairs. Not that I needed any assistance but yeah, if I was an old lady or a pregnant lady, will they bother to help? Forget about the boys (most probably their boyfriends), when I glanced at their table, they were busy indulging on their food as if nothing had happen.

One of the KFC crew was quick to get to my side but not quick enough. By the time he got near, I was already standing, picking up the empty paper cup. But instead of asking if I was okay or not,“Boleh ganti bah tu minuman, nanti sia ambil baru(I’ll get you another drink)"..Huh?!! I was dumfounded because I thought he was going to ask about my condition. I almost laughed at his remark. Blessed the kid, but seriously, after you fall in public, do you still bother about your food or drink? I don’t think so. Had I laugh then, he’d probably thought something was injured in my brain too…LOL.

Thankfully, except for the bruise on my left knee and my dignity, other parts of my body were okay. Nothing the Minyak Batu (Stone Oil) ointment can’t cure. This Chinese ointment really works you know. :) Apply and rub it on the bruise then it’ll stop the bruise from further swelling. Nonetheless, the bruise still hurts but I can walk normally, don’t worry. Looking back at it, I was more embarrassed over the incident than anything else. As I was typing this, I was grinning like an idiot because the incident was well, funny. *smile*

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