Let's go green (2)

Yes, I changed my template again. I was satisfy with the earlier one but it was already used by Joyce. Macam inda berapa siok bah kan kalu guna template yang sama...hehe.

So, I decided to go hunting
here again for a new one. As soon as I saw this template, I fell in love with it . I want it so badly...* grin*, never mind la if I need to mekanik on the HTML code. * sigh* I not good at this thingy ya, it took me half a day to adjust the code. Hehe...thank God our server is still out. Plenty of time for me to do some trial and error.

Okay, that's it for today. I had enough of these code. I'll work on it again tomorrow as there are still some items that are out of order.


Tahniah template baru! I laik the soothing green color. A bit besar for my small 17 inch monitor, I mean sia kana scroll but tia apa la :)

I 'laik' ur new green template Mia... mcm sia pun excited pulak mau change mine... hehehe...

Nessa ~ Tq..Pelan2 la ko scroll kio..kasi exercise jari-jemari...hihi...

Jess ~ yup, the greenery is really refreshing :)

Just ~ hehe...aik bkn ko baru tukar yours ka? :)

wah!!! cantik!!! I likeeee...terus segar mata meningu blog ko nie

wah, you betul betul went green la :D Green is my favorite color by the way :D

Kadus ~ santik o kan ni template Ty..

NickPhilips ~ Yes sir...green = refreshing :)

This one is better!

Btw, your post bah kan...pamcm mo buat tu 'read more...' yg at the end of your post tu.. just in case my post telampau panjang so can just leave like that...

Tengkiu Adora. Err, sia pun inda tau pa mcm mo bikin tu, suda sedia ada dlm template bah. Ko try la google cari tips pa mcm mo kasi masuk tu 'read more'. Siou kio..tida dpt tlg ko.