Is this the sign ??

Went out for lunch today and I did the silliest thing, again…I forgot to bring along the office’s keys. I locked them inside the office. Argghh…what was I thinking. Well, this is the 2nd time I locked in my keys inside. Hmm…is this the sign that I’m getting older? Getting forgetful? Nope not….I’m not that old yet. Am I ? Common, am not even 30 yet…

This time I was lucky again bcos my colleague who is supposed to fly to KL today was still at home. I have to call him and asked him to come with his keys. Luckily, he doesn’t live that far. Worse, what if he was already on the plane. Matai la….Can’t imagine what I’m going to do. Probably knock down the know, like the cops in the TV…Ceh! Bagus kalau kuat kan…!

By the way, my other colleague can’t help either. He was on leave today. He and family were already heading to Labuan via Menumbuk. The 1st incident, he was already on his way to help the other colleague in the installation of new computers in KWSP when I called him. I felt bad and guilty bcos he had to drive all the way back here again..thanks to my carelessness. That time fuel price is still high you know… :(

You guys got any remedy or tips on how to curb this forgetfulness thingy?! Share-share la with me…

Anyway, its weekend again. Have a nice weekend with your loved ones. Me got to attend 2 weddings…wedding season is in town in conjunction with the school holiday. :) Every weekend got invitation.

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Christmas carol 2008...

This was e-mailed by a friend. Hmm..what do you think? Its a reminder for us to spend our money wisely, cut-off our spending on unnecessary things and save some for emergency use.
[Sing to the music of Santa Claus is coming to town.]

You'd better watch out
You'd better not cry
You'd better keep cash
I'm telling you why:
Recession is coming to town.

It's hitting you once,
It's hitting you twice
It doesn't care if you've been careful and wi se
Recession is coming to town

It's worthless if you've got shares
It's worthless if you've got bonds
It's safe when you've got cash in hand
So keep cash for goodness sake, HEY

You'd better watch out
You'd better not cry
You'd better keep cash
I'm telling you why:
Recession is coming to town!

Finance products are confusing
Finance products are so vague
The banks make you bear the cost of risk
So keep out for goodness sake, OH

You'd better watch out
You'd better not cry
You'd better keep cash
I'm telling you why:
Recession is coming to town.

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Bought a pack of 6 PAMA Instant Rice Vermicelli on my way back my surpirise it cost RM5.70! Biar betul ni...takajut bah si MamaMia. At first I thought my worn-out spec was playing trick on me. So I took a good, closer look...and yup, no tricks, it really cost RM5.70. Adeii...mahalnya suda pula ni barang!

As I was getting ready to go off yesterday ,out of the blue, mom called to buy a few on my way back. So, I stopped by at this sundry shop to grab a few, quite popular due to its strategic location. Near the bus terminal to the kampungs. Its been a while since I last bought one..lost track of the price already. Last time it cost around RM4.80 -RM5.00 for half a dozen. Now the loose packet is sold at RM0.95 each.... it used to be RM0.80.

Mom's a fan of this particular instant mihun soup. It taste nice...the soup of course :). The mihun itself, taste like ...mihun la. The deliciousness of the soup must be contributed by the high amount of MSG in the seasoning powder. I know its not nutritious at all, some more not good for health. That's why I seldom buy or eat it. If I don't buy them, takut pulak my mum merajuk :p. Anyway, I always told her only to have it once in a while. I only use half of the seasoning powder, of course, its not so tasty but I'll add in some fishballs and tomatoes to improve the taste. Hehe...

On the other hand, I noticed that the goods sold in this particular shop are quite pricey. A few months back, due to the price hike in petrol, the price of goods also increased. But now after the price of petrol had decrease, most probably will decrease again sooner ,the tauke should have reduced the price of goods also. But sad, that didn't happened. Except for the rice, prices of other goods still remained on the high side. How come?!

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..and the winner is…

Team HK, Vince and Sam. They were the first to arrive at the last pit stop in the beautiful island of Phuket, Thailand and become the officially winners of TARA Season 3. They bagged home the prize money of USD100,000. Congratulations boys! Sure am glad to see them win instead of the annoying G. If the Team Philippines won, G will definitely do that dance of his and be grinning from ear to ear. Ahh…can’t bear to see that!

Our team, Tania and Ida was in the 3rd place. If only they managed to get on the same flight (Dubai-Bangkok) with the rest, it may turnout to be a different story at the end. Nevertheless, I’m proud of them. Once they were at the last spot but had successfully made their way back. Bravo! Whoever managed to finish a race like this, dubbed the toughest race ever, deserved a big applause, regardless whether they win or not. It’s a lifetime achievement!

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Tonight is the night….

Yup, toninght we'll know who will arrive first at the last pit stop for the race around the world. Tonight is the finale of the Amazing Race Asia 3! I'm all excited already, can't wait to see who will bag home the Grand Prize and be USD100,000 richer. Will it be our very own Tania & Ida? Team Philippines, Geoff and Tisha? Or will it be the Hong Kong buddies, Vince and Sam?
Hmm, despite all the excitement, I'm also sad at the same time bcos after this, no more race to be anticipated every Thursday nite. Have to wait for the Season 4 which is such a long wait lagi…:(

Whatever it is, there’s no way I’m going to miss tonight’s episode. I’ll be ready in front of the TV just before it starts. Don’t wanna miss a thing on this last adventure. Haha

All the best to Ida & Tania…hopefully lady luck is at their side tonight!

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Monday ,free and easy…

It’s been raining on and off outside. Now, it’s sunny pulak. Ah…the unpredictable weather. It’s damn cold in the office and not much to do. Yup, you read it right. It’s Monday and not much to do! It’s one of the free and easy Monday that comes only once in a blue moon… *grin* Must be my lucky day!

Started my reading on another James Patterson book, The 5th Horseman while listening to my fav songs on my playlist. Feeling a lil’ bit envy eh? There is more…:p .

I’m also enjoying the kuih cempedak I bought during lunch time. I happened to passed-by a stall when my sensitive nose caught the aromatic smell of the kuih cempedak. Arrgh..can’t help it, got to buy some..I lurrvee them so much! Now my minum petang is almost perfect…all I need is a mug of hot Nescafe to go with my cold kuih cempedak. * A slap on the forehead* Aiseyman, no coffee pulak…a mug of Milo will do la! My other colleagues are also doing their own activity. * wink*

In case you’re wondering how my boss react to this? Hehe…he’s not around all the time. He doesn’t know. He can’t see either. He’s in KL… That’s what I like about my job, no boss bossing around, no office politic.

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Panic at the shopping mall...

Yesterday, hubby and I went jalan-jalan at Centre Point. Its been a while since our last visit. Hubby was looking for a new pair of sandal/slipper. His old one already worn-out. Its hard to find the one that is both comfy and with affordable price. Hush Puppies was very comfy BUT pricey cancel lor. We end up checking out all the shoes shop available in the building...*LOL*
All of a sudden, teda ribut, teda angin, some security guard rushed to the upper floor...much to the surprise of the shoppers...we were no exception. Hmm...must be a pick-pocket caught in the act I thought. A few minutes later, the security guards was dragging a teenage of the many that loiters in the mall. In a blink, the escalator was crowded with teenagers. The boy in custody was shouting to another boy.I guess it must be a gang fight. Guards were trying to control the situation, asking the crowd to leave but in vain.

In the midst of the chaos, hubby sempat lagi snap these pics from my Hp camera before going on with our objective...looking for his sandal that is. Hehehe... Just look at the crowd, despite the guards intruction to leave, they did exactly the opposite!

After trudging into all the shoe shop, finally hubby settled for a pair of Kangaroo sandal. Itu pun after banyak kali fikir. The price is within the budget but the sandal was not as comfy as Hush Puppies...tapi bulih la.

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How to write resignation letter?

Hate your job that you wanna quit? Are you honest enough to tender a resignation letter or rather a memo just like these ? Any boss will faint reading them…LOL. On the other hand, a letter like this will earn you a place in their memory. You’ll be remembered forever by your boss, err… ex-boss *wink *
memo 1
memo 2
memo 3

Have a nice weekend folks! :)

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Ouch! It hurts...

Spent the whole weekend at home, having quality time with daughter. I patiently layan all her antics which include playing with her toy piano, running around, supervising her at the stairs, stopping her from grabbing the cat’s tail etc. It’s tiring especially the carrying her around, all 10kg…*sigh * Hopefully I burned some calories along the way…LOL. A look at her happy face and a flash of her magic smile make the tiredness go away. I guess, this is the factors that make a mother can endure all the pain and suffering…some time beyond our imagination.
Okay, back on track. While having happy-happy time, out of a sudden daughter started biting my left shoulder. Ouch! Told her politely to stop doing so bcos it hurts…she gave me that innocent smile and stopped but only for a while. Then the second, third and few more bites follows…she didn’t stop despite my warning until I left her alone at the couch. Said I’m going away bcos daughter don’t want her mommy anymore that she began to cry and scrambled down the couch to get her mommy. Ah…this tactic always work…after that no more bites.. but she refused to be put down lah pulak…afraid mommy’ll leave her. Aiyaa…* a slap on the forehead *

Biting is often associated with tooth coming out, making the gum all itchy. This is most probably what daughter going through right now since her saliva is drooling like tap water again. But in the same time, I’m afraid the biting will become a habit. She often bites her grandma on the arms and shoulders as well. Kesian her grandma…since she is diabetic, the bite marks will turn into bruise and takes a few days or sometime a week long before it disappear. Forget the teeter, daughter's interest in it has long gone.

So, all the experienced mommy or daddy out there…got any useful tips on how to curb the biting and/or clingy problem? Please share them. Me, trying to curb it at an early age bcos bad habit die hard.

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Cry baby and Cinnamon story...

Daughter Vanessa was all cry baby when she was carried by our local Sabahan artist, Abu Bakar Ellah aka Ampal. He was the guest artist during the Fund Raising Dinner for the Annual Pesta Koningau (Pesta Kayu Manis @ Cinnamon Festival) on 25 October at the Dewan Masyarakat. We were there bcos hubby’s Auntie whose in the organizing committee had sponsored a table for no excuse not to come ...hehe
I guess Ampal just couldn’t resist but carry this cute little sumandak of mine…*LOL* But obviously, daughter is not a fan of Ampal...hehe. He entertained the diners with his jokes and belted out a song from his latest album. I wasn’t really paying attention though as daughter was getting cranky…so we left. It was passed her bed time already. Leaving behind our Lucky Draw Tickets for my SIL to claim the prize…in case we got lucky this time, BUT nope, we didn’t. Seriously, I NEVER won any prize in any lucky draw before…hmmm wonder why??!

The annual Pesta Koningau is a three-days event, starting today until 09 Nov. I guess I’ll miss it out again this year. The activities include agriculture exhibition, handicratf, cinnamon products, traditional dance performance and fireworks display…sounds interesting enough. The hightlight of the festival is the crowning of the new Beauty Queen, the Ratu Pesta Koningau. During the Dinner, all the contestants were introduced…but it was kinda odd because there was a contestant from Sipitang. As far as I know, Sipitang is another district and it is far, far away from Keningau…

I was also enlightened that Keningau District is once the largest producer of cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum) in Sabah. I never knew this…hubby never told me either. The name, Keningau itself originated from Koningau, a popular term among the Hokkien community and was derived from the plant that is endemic in the district. After World War II, the British renamed the district Keningau.

Couldn’t help noticing, nowadays we celebrate all sort of festival in Sabah annually. Besides the Kaamatan Festival and Cinnamon Festival, there are also Kudat’s Coconut Festival (Pesta Kelapa), Kota Marudu’s Maize Festival (Pesta Jagung) and Kuala Penyu’s Sago Festival (Pesta Rumbia).
Have a nice weekend ya!

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Been unwell since sleep was disturbed by this excruciating pain in the stomach, diarrhoea and gastric…went to see the Doc and was given some medicines and one day medical leave yesterday. Diarrhea = frequent visit to the loo…bencinya!! Doc said, maybe I salah makan…which is so true bcos the day before I had been eating out…breakfast , lunch and dinner. Spicy and sour food some more…nah, ini la akibatnya!! Who else to blame but me, yours truly.

This morning, stomach still upset…but have to go to work *sigh* . As the day progresses, I’m feelin’ a lil bit better. Thank God I’m responding well to the meds.

Since our internal auditor from KL is coming tomorrow, have to ensure all documents are ready. Got to do some office cleaning as well before leaving for home this evening.

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