Borneo Road Runner

Congratulation to dear friends of mine on incorporation of their new company, Borneo Road Runner (BRR). As promised, here I am helping her promote BRR. Well, I intended to do so a few days ago but got preoccupied with work, work and work. * sigh* Need to clear some pending task and the IN /OUT / KIV tray before I go off. Hehehe.... I’m going to KL over the weekend with my family. Planned to meet-up with old friends, Just and KadusMama during my stay there. :)

Okay, back on track. BRR is a 100% Bumiputra company, business is run by two superwomen :) . BRR provides a number of interesting inbound tour packages. Here are some of the packages available:-

[1] Homestay Mitabang, Kiulu:-

Day trip / 2D1N / 3D2N, 4D3N and Longstay packages are available.

· Experience the Livelihood and Live Style of subsistence farmers via Mindahu (Going to farm), Momutanom (Cultivation of cash crops), Mongumoh (Cultivating paddy), Momutung (tapping rubber trees), Picking tropical fruits, Fish catching-the traditional methods

· Appreciate the local Culture and Art – admire the traditional musical instruments and handicraft, participate in cultural dance, enjoy traditional massage and herbal medicine

· Nature Conservation Adventure - Go jungle trekking, mountain/hill climbing, river bathing, fish feeding, experience the grasshoppers/frogs medley on the night tour

· Team Building Adventure (Borneo Bamboo Explorace)- Experience the 6Ms- : Mongogos tie/ assemble bamboo raft), Mamangkar (bamboo rafting) , Mongiad (untie/disassemble bamboo raft) , Manampatau (bamboo swim) , Manangkus (bamboo pole run) and Mamarampanau (bamboo stilts walk/run)

[2] Homestay Tambunan :-

~ 2D1N Package (RM120/pax, Min 30 pax.)
~ 3D2N Package (RM240/pax, Min 30 pax)

These activities can be incorporated to the Homestay programs: -
· Planting or Harvesting in Rice Fields
· Traditional Rice Wine Making
· Riding buffalo
· Traditional Cooking
· Harvesting Forest Vegetables
· Visit Local Markets
· Visit Local Bamboo Factory
· Jungle Trekking
· Observing worlds largest flower, the Rafflesia
· Swimming in cool mountain streams
· Traditional music & dance performances

[3] KK City Tour with Lok Kawi Wildlife Park

~ RM 180 per person (Malaysian), Min. 10 pax
~ RM250 per person (Non-Malaysian), Min. 5 pax
~ Rates are inclusive of Transfer, Entrance, Guide Fee and Lunch.

Activities include:-

Visit to some famous landmark in the city, the Sabah State Museum and its Heritage
Atkinson Clock Tower on Signal Hill, Tun Mustapha Tower and the Lok Kawi Wildlife

[4] KK City Tour with Monsopiad Cultural Village

~ RM250 per person, Min. 3 pax
~ Rates are inclusive of Transfer, Entrance, Guide Fee and Lunch.

Activities include:-

Visit to some famous landmark in the city, the Sabah State Museum and its Heritage
Village, Atkinson Clock Tower on Signal Hill, Tun Mustapha Tower and Monsopiad Cultural
Village in Penampang

These packages are perfect for anybody who wishes to gain insight on the culture and history of Sabah's indigenous people. If you have friends who are coming over for a visit, why not recommend one of the Homestay Package and let them experienced a unique Homestay away from Home. It’ll make their stay here even more memorable * wink*

For further info, feel free to contact The Road Runners @ 013-554 8823/016-844 4478 OR visit their office at No. F-1-20, Lot 20, Level 1, Block F, Plaza Tanjung Aru, Mustapha Road, Tanjung Aru, 88100 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

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Wishing on a star...

Got this Birthday Wishes tag from Nessa. This early revelation should give some idea on what to give me on my birthday this year *wink* Like Nessa, I am also a Leo’s girl, which means my birthday is not due until August…hehe...plenty of time for anyone to help me achieve my dreams…LOL!

The rules to comply with:-
1. Make a list of what you want on your birthday
2. The list should be 10 numbers
3. Post the image of this award in your posting
4. Give it to 10 friends of yours

Jeng, jeng, jeng…here are my 2009 birthday wishes:-

1. Trim down the ugly bulges
2. Shed some kilos
3. Get a new watch
4. Make more $$$, grab more assignments
5. Get a new car
6. Win the jackpot
7. Get a salary increment
8. Get healthier skin
9. Go holiday in Bali – all expenses paid *grin*
10. Achieve all my wishes above….LOL!

I gladly pass this tag to Mouren, ChocMintGirl, NinieJane, Nadia, Mell_f, Memeljoan, Phil, AnnieMing, SumandakofRanau and Greg Chai. *smile*

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Flier, flier, go away...

Arrgh!!! Don’t know about you, but I definitely HATE them so very much! It seems that the distributor is everywhere. You parked your car at any parking space then 20 minutes later; you’ll find a few of these craps stuck on the wiper, door handle and/or your car windows. I hate it even more if it rain. These pieces of papers will get soaked and plastered on your windshield. Imagine if you don’t have an umbrella handy, you’ll probably get yourself soaked as well when removing the damn papers. * roll eyes *

As our office is located in a shoplot, we do don’t have a private parking. Making us most vulnerable to these fliers distributor. We’ll get about 3 pieces of fliers daily, all sort of them, car sale, short-courses, order form from some direct-selling company…macam-macam la. But the craps we received the most are those of licensed money-lender/loan shark or better known as Along.

To add to our irritation, they even put these fliers into our office mailbox. Hmm, since our mailbox is just near the staircase, anybody suka-suka drop anything into it! Cis! Therefore, our mailbox is never empty...LOL! Everyday there is at least one “mail” from Along proudly spreading the words on how easy and how fast their services are. *sigh*

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To give or not to give?

This morning, after I send hubby to airport, (yep, he’s going out-station again :( ), I made a quick stop at the tamu. Since it is still early, I decided to look for something for breakfast.

As I was browsing the many stalls selling variety of kuihs, somebody touched my shoulder. It caught me by surprise. I turned around immediately and came face to face with this messy guy! “Kak, bagi 1 Ringgit ?" he said with his palm opened. Hmm, he was one of the “kaki botol" gang. Almost everyday, he is seen with the rest of his drunkard gang member lying on the vacant hawker stall on non-tamu day or simply lying on the pavement…intoxicated. On some occasion, some stray cat joined in their drinking session. Hahaha..of course la the cat don’t drink alcohol but they were eyeing hopefully for the ‘pusas’ (accompanying food) leftover…ermm, I have no idea how to explain ‘pusas’ in English or Malay…hehe..

Before I got the chance to react, the stall owner shoo-ed him away. So, off he went to try his lucky on other ppl. * sigh* Honestly, I felt sorry for this guy. He is not crazy, only that he is not smart, IQ below average. Well, I was going to give him something if he didn’t scurry-off. But, for sure I was NOT going to give him money. Instead I would prefer to give him food. If give him money, he will definitely spend it on alcohol. However, the aunty (stall owner) said not to be too generous with these ppl (drunkard). “Amoi, jangan bagi apa-apa, kalau suda bagi 1 kali, nanti lain kali dia minta kau lagi balik-balik o…” True enough but part of me was feeling guilty for not being able to give him something to eat.

It seem that his mom has given-up on him. A few years back, he was decently dressed, helping his elderly mom to sell vegetables. He even help the other hawkers to carry pail of water and unloading goods, in exchange, he’ll get some money as a token. After he befriended the drunkards, never again I saw him helping out at his mother’s stall. I guess, his mother was too old to care for him that she just let him be. He is seen in his same dirty clothes everyday.

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Clean kitchen, healthy inhabitants

Psst, how often do you clean your kitchen? Hehe…I admit that cleaning the kitchen is the one household chore that I dreaded. I often leave the task to my domestic helper. However, I do turun padang juga la in the weekend. It is very important too ensure the hygiene of our kitchen as this where we prepare our daily food. We don’t want our meal to be contaminated do we?

Therefore, it is suffice to say that most women took pride in having a clean and tidy kitchen. Having a kitchen in tip-top condition will sure make our nosy neighbour’s eyes green with envy thus lifting our mood to make special, delicious meal for our loved ones everyday. Plus, it will sure make our mom in law happy too.

In any kitchen, the sink is one of the central fixtures and always sees a lot of action. It is used both in preparing food and for cleaning up after each meal. So important it is that it can affect the whole look of our kitchen in both positive and negative way. Therefore, in choosing a sink, both durability and attractiveness are important qualities that need to be taken into account besides the size, in width and depth. don’t want to buy one that does not fit your kitchen perfectly.

Although there are various finishing of kitchen sinks available in the market, many people still prefer stainless steel sinks. I am one of them. The reason being, this type of sink is easy to clean! *smile*

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Yangon - Part 2

Since the ancient time, Myanmar is famous for its beautiful and precious gemstones- sapphire, jade, citrine, lapis lazuli, ruby etc. These precious stones are perfect for jewelry making. Everyone who has the opportunity to visit the country should grab one or two. The prices are quite low and the quality is excellent. Of course la, hubby bought home souvenir... *wink-wink*

Hehe..he didn’t buy any jewelry whatsoever. Instead, he bought a gemstones painting..err, rather a picture with a soothing scenery. A waterfall with lots of green background. It is made of jade (green), citrine (yellow), sapphire (blue), peridot (pale green), ruby (red), spinel (pink), onyx (black), quartz (white), zircon (brown), amethyst (violet) and fossil wood (orange). The price, USD30. Hmm, a perfect picture for the living room. For the time being, it is still lying on the table, have not frame it yet … hahahaha...This one is really captivating. Oh my, just how many jade did they use to create this?! It is a large picture, so hubby only snap part of it and bcos of the quantity of jade used, time spent to materialize this pic…the price is not cheap, only USD350. *wink * It is so beautiful, don’t you agree?
I’m sure there are other shops selling gemstones picture, but hubby bought it from this particular shop, SHNE Yanadar in Bogyoke Market. Ready-framed pictures are also available but are too bulky to be hand-carried into the plane. Here are some other pictures that are equally fascinating.

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Yangon - Part 1

Yey! Hubby is back from Myanmar. His latest project required him to stay there for 3 weeks. Since most of his time was spent offshore, hubby only managed to jalan-jalan in Yangon City for a short while. It is summer time in Myanmar now. The temperature was as hot as 43 Celcius. The temperature di tengah-tengah laut, tida payah cakap la….
The market is more or less similar to our own open-market aka tamu. Hawkers selling their goods under the sky, some with under the canopy of a large umbrella. The buildings look quite old.
At the sidewalk, these hawkers are selling some tid-bits. In Pic #1, some looks like fried tofu pierced like satay; while in Pic #2, looks like some poultry intestines on the table. Hehe..hubby didn’t dare to try…

Despite being the country’s largest city and the most important commercial hub, Yangon’s infrastructure is relatively undeveloped compare to major cities in SEA. Amidst the city, beggars-children and adults alike is everywhere. The motherly heart of mine wept when I saw this picture.
The child looks no older than 18mths yet she is already wandering on the street, begging for food. Hubby was touched by this sight. He gave the poor child some fruits to eat. Upon receiving them, hubby thought that this mal-nourished child would consume them immediately but no. She carefully tucks away the fruits in her mother’s shirt. The mother was already lying down on the pavement; simply too tired to walk or too hungry…who knows.

Looking at the child, I am deeply grateful that our children are blessed with all the necessities-sufficient food, clothes, shelter and good education. We don’t see our children begging for food in our street. Even the PTI’s kids who loiter in our street begging for money are in better condition.

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Friday the 13th

Look at the calendar. Today is Friday the 13th - the unluckiest day on the calendar. Bad things are supposed to happen on this day….

All the stuff about Friday the 13th , or just the number 13 itself, being an evil or unlucky number originated from the West. It has had its fair share of scary support. Thanks to Hollywood horror movies like Friday the 13th, The 13th Ghost, The Thirteenth Floor etc; some of us become skeptical about this particular day. Btw, the popular horror video game,
Resident Evil 5 is scheduled to release today in North America and Europe.

Hm, so strong is the fear of this number that ppl in some places numbered the floors, rooms and houses with 12A or others instead of 13. But still ppl are wary of them. It is no surprise that rooms/houses/apartment units of such number are hard to sell or rent out. In UPM, there is Kolej 12 and Kolej 14 but no Kolej 13…I wonder why?

Found these scary Friday the 13th myth on the Net :-

~ If you cut your hair on Friday the 13th, someone in your family will die

~ A child born on Friday the 13th will be unlucky for life

~ If a funeral procession passes you on Friday the 13th, you will be the next to die

Me, myself has had a frightening experience on Friday the 13th October, 2000. Wrote about it here.For me, it is more of a coincidence. We (housemate and I) should have been at our home having the Rosary. It was our turn that day; instead we postponed it to another day and went to the friends’ house. We just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Well, it is up to us whether we believe this superstition or otherwise. Personally, I think bad things can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime. So, it is best to be cautious all the time, do not do anything that might compromise our well-being. *wink*

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Makan-makan di hujung minggu

Spent my weekend with makan-makan activity. Hehe…two of my aunties celebrated their birthday and invited all close relatives to share the joy with them. Aunt #1 (my late Dad’s side) had some makan-makan at her residence on Sunday night. On the next day, also makan-makan at Aunt #2 (Mom’s sis) residence. So, there goes my diet..haha. I have been ignoring the weight scale these few days…*wink* tida berani menghadapi kenyataan bah…haha

Aunt #2 ordered 50pcs of homemade hinompuka for her guests. So, mom was up as early as 4.30am to prepare the ingredients and cook the hinompuka. Hinompuka is one of our traditional kuihs. It is made of glutinous (pulut hitam) rice flour mix with plain rice flour, coconut milk/santan and sugar. It was wrap in banana leaf and steamed inside a large pot for a full one hour or as soon as the firewoods were burned to ashes. Hmm, it will be a lot easier to steam them on the gas stove, no need to do frequent check on the fire but mom prefers it done the old way, i.e using the traditional stove aka sagang in Kadazan.

As mom’s hinompuka was quite large in size, they were cut into half. Hehe…takut urang tida dapat kasi habis makan…LOL. As usual, mom’s hinompuka was a hit among the guests, towards the evening when we left, there were only a few pieces left on the table. :)

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Yey! It's Friday!

Friday is here again. It’ll be a long weekend for us. We’ll get an extra off day on Monday in conjunction with Maulidur Rasul.

Okay, previously I wrote about the things that I craved for during my pregnancy in here (insert link). One of those thing is the ‘pisang susu’. Since some of you are curious about it, this is what it looks like. To Carmelliny and Nick Phillips, this should be able to satisfy your curiosity..hehe…
Well, what can I say, it looks like pisang/banana la… :) I don’t remember ever seeing them in West Malaysia but here, you can get it anywhere. Banyak bah kana jual saana tamu….This bunch cost me RM1.50…a bit pricey compare to yesteryears. Last time, we can get a bunch like this for only RM1.00. Nowadays, all goods have become pricey..* sigh*

So, you guys have any plans for the weekend yet? Apart from paying my cuz a visit, most likely I will stay at home. Not in the mood to go hang kai due to the unpredictable weather. For the past few days, it was blazing hot in the morning but in the afternoon…its raining pulak. Rugi saja cuci kereta…petang kotor lagi balik….cis!

Anyway, have a nice day and enjoy your weekend everyone! To all Muslim friends, Selamat Menyambut Maulidur Rasul.

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Weekend project

Hehe...should have post this a few days ago...but I was too malas to do so. The streamyx at home is a bit slow and the sadest part, the streamyx connection in the office is out... due to out-standing bills. It has been 3 days now. You can imagine la how boring it is without internet? *sigh* Blame it all to the Acc. Dept in KL. My goodness, how could they forgot or negelected to pay the phone bill??! Mind you, this is not the first time. Hmm, I'm not in the mood to rant about this.

Okay, this post is about the project that we did last weekend. Mom had been talking about utilizing the leftovers cement before it become over-exposed and wasted for quite some time. She wants to pave the ground near the drain. The initial plan was to have hubby do the job but since hubby was out-station again, there was a changed of plan.

Last Saturday, we – mom, maid & I decided to test our ‘power’ and skills on the job. Luckily, the kids next door came over to keep my daughter company. Ah, she was so happy to have some friends to play with, so no clingy baby for the day. :)

We started working on it in the morning. Well, the paving was no problem but the mixing part was testing our physical. There was a lot of physical strength involved in mixing the cement, rocks, sand and water. It was the hardest part I would say. It was my first time doing such work.

So, how’s the outcome? Well, our ‘work of art’ was far from perfect. It couldn’t hold a candle against the job done by experts….hahaha. Nevertheless, I’m quite satisfied with it…because we did it all by ourselves. Bulih la kampung-kampung...

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A knight's ride

Are you a fan of the Knight Rider? It’s the show with the guy with the supercar. Okay, I am not really a fan of the show but I have to agree that his car is supercool. Won’t be surprise if it becomes the subject of many boys’ dream…haha

Well, the latest version of the Knight Rider is back to our screen again with a new knight behind the wheel (David Hasselhoff is too old for the part now *smile *) and a new generation of the Knight Industries Three Thousand (KITT).

The latest KITT is a gorgeous Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR. It is equipped with state-of-the-art external protection system and high-tech gadgets with a sophisticated weapon system. It has the ability to change its exterior colors and transform into a truck, a police car, a van and even a pink Mustang! Yup, pink, of all colors. * smile*

Hehe… I won’t fantasize of having a car like that, though I don't mind to hitch a ride on it. If I were to buy a New Ford car, the Ford Fusion would be just nice *smile *. I think it looks sexy and its spacious cabin is sure to accommodate the whole family adequately.

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I used to work in a law firm as a legal secretary. My job scope includes typing, typing and typing. Yes, I did the typing on all kind of legal documents, eg. Affidavits, Writ of Summons, correspondences to clients and/or to other legal firms and so on, with my boss sitting beside me dictating the each and every words/sentences. Being a lawyer, he valued his time very much, “Time is gold” he said, so writing down a draft is a waste of time. * Sigh * It is impossible to catch-up at his speed!

During my tenant, I came across various kinds of civil cases as my boss does not take crime cases. One particular case that I remembered was this client; a well-known businessman who was suing his neighbour for causing damages to his brick wall/embankment. They tried to resolve the dispute via arbitration but obviously, all efforts failed.

Good thing that our client is a rich man for the cost of retaining a good lawyer like my former boss would be too much to bear. Trust me, many case end-up sitting in our dear ol' Mahkamah Kota Kinabalu system for a few years before it is finalized. There will be a lot of hearings involved and these process needs money. But not all of us are rich.

So, where can we find the money to bear all the costs? If only we have a lawsuit loan , then the financial burden may not be as heavy to shoulder. This loan can provide the cash we needed while our case is in progress. offers various type of funding/loan such as the Plaintiff Funding, Structured Funding, Attorney Funding and Commercial Funding. The process is quite simple. First, we need to fill-up a form, then somebody from the Management will contact us the soonest possible. Well, we can always contact them if we can't bear the wait. *wink* After reviewing our case, we'll get our fund within 24 hours. Whoa, that is probably the fastest turnaround period. Too good to be true? Well, it is supported by testimonials of others who have had the benefit. There's more, we only pay if we win. Ah, if only we have it here in Sabah, misti ramai peminat ni... * smile*

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