Shopping for a good cause

There was this tall and slim lady queuing at the cashier counter. She was two persons in front. I don’t know her but I know that she is going shopping this weekend for yoga clothes. How did I know about her plan? Well, I heard her talking about it on her mobile. Hey, I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but it was impossible not to listen. :) She was talking loud enough for the entire queue to hear. Some people just can’t tone down their volume, can they? :)

I was tempted to tell her about Oprah Store, you know but nah, I minded my own business…hehe.. From the name itself, Oprah Store, you can tell that the store has something to do with Oprah. Yup, Oprah as in the rich and famous talk show host, Oprah Winfrey. She owns the store. It is a specially store full of merchandise that represents the style and taste this celebrity celebrates and shares on her talk show and her magazines. It has diversified products that include souvenir items such as selected South African arts and crafts, loungewear, sleepwear, basics, O baby, yoga and exercise clothing, men’s clothing and more. There certainly is something for everyone. :)

As we know, Oprah is a celebrity with a big-heart. Therefore, 100% of the profits from the sale of Angel Network apparel will go to Oprah’s Angel Network. Same goes with the profits from the sale of Leadership Academy apparel, 100% of it will benefit The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Foundation. So, every time you buy apparel in these two lines, you are actually helping the needy. Now that’s what I call shopping for a good cause. :)

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A bubbly song ...

No desperate call from the Acc Dept today. Ahh, finally, they get my message crystal clear. Now that I’m done re-arranging, tidying-up old files and entering new data into the system, I can relax a bit. :)

You have already heard this song numerous times but I’ll share it anyway. I’m no big fan of Michael Buble but I love this upbeat number. A bubbly (no pun intended) song like this will cheer up anyone having sour mood. :) Oh, love the video too. Enjoy!

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It's urgent! You must find them!!

Last weeks, one of our account officer at HQ e-mailed a long list of reference numbers to every branch’s admin staff, together with a cute little note asking us to find ALL of them and send back to them IMMEDIATELY because they need those supporting documents for billing purpose. “Good, finally, they are going to pay our vendors/agents on time. No need for us to find excuses for the delay in payment”, I thought.

But, when I look through the list…I was stunned. My head started to throb short after. Most of the supporting documents they requested are old documents, dated back in 2006! And it is now 2010. Can you believe it? It took them 3 years to realize that they can’t bill the customer without the complete document! Really smart!

Being a good employee, I looked into each of the old files available. I only found a few of the documents they requested. I’d even ask our appointed agents in Tawau, Sandakan and Labuan to send to us if there is any document with them. To cut the story short, I’d sent what I found to the person-in-charge, complete with a message, “I’ve checked ALL our files here and also with our agents, and these are ALL I got. There is NO COPY OR RECORD of the others.” Two days later, I received an e-mail reply, “Please find the others. This is urgent! We MUST have the other documents ASAP” Yeah, right. “Should you need any assistance, please let us know. We will send somebody to help. ” Aiyo…which part of “There is NO COPY OR RECORD of the others” that you don’t understand?! LOL…want to send somebody to help some more....hahaha… Unbelievable! How to find if there is nothing to find??! *slap forehead*

“Dearest person-in-charge, it is good that you offer assistance but the thing is, there is NO RECORD to be found. If that will make you feel better, go ahead; send us your search team ASAP. You can even send the whole department. We sure can use some extra hands in tidying up our store room.” Oh yes, I really feel like replying with these sarcastic lines. But I didn’t. I don’t want to create more fuss…heheNanti kena cop berlagak, mau tunjuk pandai …So what I did was replied them politely, that even with the extra help, the chances of finding those missing documents are as good as zero. If they want to send somebody, then it’s up to them.

Honestly, I did my best to help. I’d even call-up an ex-colleague (the longest serving staff in KK) who’d left the company 6 months ago, to find out if there was a file on the 2006 documents. (All the us left here had only join the company in 2008.) I didn’t blame him when he said he doesn’t remember. :) “Kenapa sekarang baru sibuk-sibuk diorang mencari? Kenapa bukan dari dulu lagi? Kalau diorang suruh cari awal-awal, maybe bulih dapat lagi.” Yes, exactly. Well, what can I say, they are too busy to look into it that the neglected until now? *roll eyes*

Lack of manpower to check those documents? Most unlikely. Our head office has a large number of staff in the Account Dept but it is so obvious that they (not all of them though) did not do their job properly. I mean, if they did, they should have found out the lack of document on the spot, right? Why wait 3 years later to look for them? *sigh* If only they had done their job at the first place, we won’t face this situation.

Todate, we (branch staff) still get desperate call from the Acc. Dept urging us to send the other out-standing doc by the end of this month. But like I said, I’ve done my best. I don’t know where else to find those missing document. If they are not satisfied with my effort, they can complain to the top level. I don’t care!

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New kitchen sink anyone?

*sigh* If only I had bought my favourite 4D number in the last week’s draw, I would have had the money to do some minor remodeling for my kitchen. I would have replaced my existing kitchen sink too. My existing sink has been performing its duty loyally for a good 5 years now.

Having one of MR Direct’s undermount stainless steel sink would be an additional joy. For your info, MR Direct sells the best quality of kitchen sinks at low prices. Serious, they can do that because they have their own factory. *smile* All their sinks are made of cold rolled high quality 304 stainless steel complete with brushed finish. The brushed finish is good in masking any scratches that result from normal everyday use. Another good thing about MR Direct is they offer same day shipping so that we, the excited customer will get our new sink in a short time. Good quality, low price, same day shipping…all good reason why we should get one from MR Direct. *wink*

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Everything okay except…

…for this stubborn cough! *roll eyes* Hopefully, it will be gone completely by tomorrow. This cough is really annoying. How can it not be? I was engaged in a conversation then suddenly my throat goes uncontrollably itchy. I had to excuse myself and ask to continue the conversation later. *blush* Embarrassing. Dalam banyak-banyak masa , time tu juga la bah dia mau tunjuk taring..cilaka punya batuk!

I skipped the cough meds because it make me feel drowsy. If I’m at home then I don’t mind but not here in the office…hehe.. Well, I found this interesting cough remedy. Guaranty no light-headed and drowsiness effect! The answer is – dark chocolate. Theobromine, a component of chocolate, has been demonstrated to relieve coughing by a group of British Researchers. An ounce or two of dark chocolate is okay but not too much because chocolate is high on sugar contents.

Okay, I'm going to give it a try. Now, lets see if it is effective. Nyam..nyam..nyamm...feeling better already. *smile*

* P/s : You can read more about chocolate as cough remedy here. :)

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Lets take a stroll

I was helping Mom to find the pruning saw in the store room yesterday. Vanessa wanted to help too, so I let her. Before long, she went excited, “Mommy! Mommy! What is that?” while pointing at her old strollers which are leaning against the wall. They have been there for quite sometime, collecting dust. *smile* One of them was bought by us and the other was a gift from my then boss and colleague.

Speaking of strollers, I know of this great place you can buy one, offers full line of baby strollers of various brands and types, single, double and triple strollers, jogging strollers as well as the increasingly popular, all terrain strollers. The latter type of stroller is known for being highly durable with a suspension system and air-filled tires to handle your off-road adventure while also giving your child a smooth ride. However, they are usually heavier and more bulky than classic jogging strollers. Even if it is folded, it may still not be as compact as the classic jogging strollers.

*smile* Should you be lost in all the options, take a stroll through their Stroller Information. You’ll find free info on brands, stroller reviews and buying guides. Another point to visit

Thinking of adding some accessories to your stroller? Good idea but make sure they fit well. Some stroller accessories are great but may not fit perfectly. So it is wise to go for the Universal Stroller Accessories. They consist of, well, everything, from protective covers for rain, sun and bugs, to stroller seat liners, strap covers, baby head support and changing kits. Equipped your stroller with the right accessory, then both you and your little one are ready for most weather event! Yeay!

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Feeling a little bit unwell :(

I just came back from the clinic with 2 packs of medication for flu and cough. It’s been raining everyday the whole week. Yesterday, it rained from morning to late evening. Luckily its not heavy downpours or else, some places may be flooded. I had to iron my kid's clothes to dry them.

Hmm, I may have had some raindrops on my head yesterday afternoon that I end up with having this cold and cough. It was difficult to get a good sleep last night with this runny nose and nasty cough. My throat hurts every time I cough. I was also shivering under the blanket. According to the doctor, I do not have a fever. Boy, am I relief to hear that. Okay, that’s all for today. I am taking my meds and get catch a nap (the cough meds cause drowsiness). Have a nice day, peeps!

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Adventure romantica in Italy

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Dr Oetker. All opinions are 100% mine.

“Hi girlfriend, you and hubby got any romantic plan for Valentine?” I laughed out loud when I read this SMS from my friend. Whoa…Valentine’s Day is a month away and you are already asking about my plan, I said. Well, I do have a plan. And, its romantic. *wink* Hubby and I are going to Italy to enjoy an eleven-days wine tour, complete with romantic meals, sightseeing and a lot more! Er, girlfriend, you might want to close that jaw before a fly zoom-in. Seriously? No. It is only wishful thinking. *smile*

Hey, the eleven-day Italian wine tour, meals and sightseeing are true, you know. It is the Grand Prize to be won in the Dr Oetker Adventure Romantica Contest. It also includes return economy airfare for two to Italy, hotel accommodation, one winery tour and pocket money of $1,500 CND. Feeling excited? Well, first of all, you have to be a Canadian to participate in this contest…hehe.. To my fellow Canadian bloggers and readers, listen up. Become a Savoury Moment member now and get a bonus PIN to enter this contest right away! Having done that, you are in the running for the Grand Prize. *smile*

Hmm, besides the Grand Prize offered, there are other 100,008 Instant Win Prizes to be won. 100,000 Ristorante Pizza Coupon, 5 “Ristorante for a Year” that includes 52 FREE Dr Oetker prize pack and 24 bottles of custom labeled wine, and 3 tours for two at a local winery/vineyard near your residence. See, these prizes are equally attractive. Oh, this awesome contest ends on February 15, 2010. Buona fortuna!

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Break-in attempt

When we (colleagues and I) arrived at the office this morning, this is what greeted us. Our grill was damaged and the padlock gone! Based on the condition of the grill, I say that the burglar(s) had struggled to pry it open but somehow did not succeed in his attempt. How fortunate for us…phew
Thank God that our grill is strong enough to hold the burglar(s). Had he/they manage to wreck the grill, all the desktops and notebooks (company’s assets as well as customers’) were long gone by then. The chances of recovery are as good as zero.

I was the last person to leave the office yesterday. As usual, before I leave, I’ll make sure every door and grills are locked. All padlocks are in place and the alarm system activated. When I left, there was nothing or nobody suspicious lurking around.

Of all the grills, only the one at our main door was tampered. No sign of forced-entry on the ground and first floor. This is the first break-in attempt since we moved our office here a few years back. Hmm…not a good start for a new year.

Okay, since there was nothing stolen, Boss said there is no need to lodge a police report. As instant security measure, we are to replace the padlocks and most likely, we will install CCTV at the main door and near the staircase ASAP.

Above all that, I thank Him that the incident happened after I left. God knows what the burglar(s) is/are capable of. I rather not go further with that thought. And from now on, I will leave the office together with the others. Whatever unfinished tasks, they just have to wait until tomorrow.

*Update *
After discussion with the directors, Boss decided to lodge a police report. Hopefully, the police will patrol the area more frequent.

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The reasons behind ...

We’re in the second week of January already but .. oh gosh, I’ve only manage to post one entry. Hmm…so far, not so good. *sigh* Awal-awal lagi, I have failed one of my 2010 resolution, i.e. to update my blog regularly with 2-3 post a week. Susah ini macam…nda bulih jadi ni tau…hehe..

No, my friends, I did not lose my passion for blogging, nor am I sick or something. It just that I’m having this 'mental block' … again.* sigh* Believe me, I did try to come up with a post...but each time, I only get as far as a sentence or two, then…blank. *sigh* Hopefully, this mental block is only temporary.

Well, it doesn’t seem fair to put the entire blame to this ‘mental block’ alone…hehe.. My MIA in the blogosphere has also something to do with these new 'buddies’ of mine. I bought them as Christmas gift to yours truly…hehe.. I have finished reading nearly all of them; only left with Steve Berry’s.
Oh, if you don’t already know this. Times is having their Biggest Book Fair from 7 – 24th January, 10:30am – 10pm at the main concourse of Suria Sabah Shopping Mall. They are offering up to 70% discount! Omigod! My mind keeps telling me to head that way ASAP..hahahaa…

Didn’t I ever tell you that I’m such a bookworm? I always have a weakness for books…especially mysteries and thrillers. Reading them make me feel as if I am doing the investigation myself, examining the evidence, doing deductions and all that. Good exercise for the brain. Hence, that was probably the main reason that I enjoyed watching Sherlock Holmes, the movie. And yes, the fact that it contains a lot of funny scenes also makes it an entertaining movie to watch. But whatever the reason was, it definitely had nothing to do with the lead actors, i.e. Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law. I am not a fan of neither. *grin*

Alright, having said that I love doing my own deductions and stuff like that, it doesn’t mean I do not have the urge to peek at the last page of a book…LOL. Oh yeah, the urge is always there…hehe...Anyhow, it is always fulfilling to know that it was indeed the person you suspected that turns out to be the perpetrator in the end. Yay! A real satisfaction!

So, just how good is my detective skill? Well, here’s a clue - not even close to Mr Holmes. *LOL* Let’s just say that I am not always right. I have my fair share of rights and wrongs. But still, I love detective/mystery books! Can't get enough of them. *smile*

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Back to normal

We are in the 4th day of 2010 already. Everybody is back to work. Schooling kids and their parents are back to their routine of waking up very early. This morning, when I drive passed one of the kindergartens; I saw many cars ( more than the usual) parked at the compound. They got to be the parents' cars. Parents whose accompanying their kids on their first day of school. Three more years and I will get to experience the same. *smile*

Oh, yes, I was going to post about my New Year celebration. Well, it was not much of a celebration actually though there was something different this year. *wink* Hubby and I, didn’t stay home waiting for the countdown like previous years.

Okay, on 31 Dec, after work, hubby and I had our dinner, candle light dinner at a fancy restaurant in town. Drinking champagne….hahahaha…just kidding! No candle light dinner, ya! It was just having dinner at a normal, Restoran 818 with some 10 other patrons. *smile* After that, we were off to Growball Cineplex Centre Point to watch the 9.45pm show of Sherlock Holmes. We enjoyed the movie. Will definitely watch the, there will be a sequel, right? Based on how it ends, I bet there will be a sequel. :)

The movie ended just before midnight. Hubby thought of going to Jesselton Point to get the feel of the Ultimate Borneo Music Blast Xperience, Stompin’ Sabah. But knowing that the place, road and parking space were already congested by then, we both agree that there’s no point of going there. However, we did get the chance to watch the fireworks. It was a beautiful sight indeed.

Okay, since I wasn’t home when 2010 was ushered in, I missed the ‘music’ and fireworks at my kampung. Yup, I missed the sounds of singkokobongon and gong , which according to Mom, "masih macam dulu-dulu juga bah." :)

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