Of TV and food...

If you get a chance, would you like to be on TV? Well, I do. I don’t mean like being an actress or model or something…but just to be seen nationwide on TV would be enough. I’m not that desperate, okay. I am just curious. How would it feel to see myself on TV? Would I look different? Yeah...those sorts of things…hehe…

My wish would have came true last month if only I comply to RTM’s #1 rule of ‘Strictly no showing of legs”. I blew-up the chance of a lifetime by wearing a knee-length skirt that day. I could have worn long pants on that day if only I’ve known earlier of such a chance. Nobody to blame but myself..hehe… I didn’t ask further when Cousin A told us that there will be a group of West Malaysian coming during the gathering. I should have asked who they were… Oh, the prohibition also applies on the guys. Hehe...kesian la angkol-angkol / kazen mazen lelaki yang pakai seluar pendek…mau pigi magagung pun tida boleh. Punah harapan diorang mau masuk TV.

I only found out about them being RTM TV1 crew for their magazine-style program called Panorama. Uncle B (Mom’s big bro) house has been chosen by as the location for the shooting of a short documentary on our Kadazan Dusun traditional food and culture. There was no exact date on when this particular episode will be aired but according to the director, give or take, 3 months after the day of shooting. That means the episode will be scheduled to air sometime in July.

Okay, I hardly watch the shows on TV1. Why? Let’s just say that the shows on other channels are more interesting. (No offends). But for this particular episode, I’ll make an exemption. I am excited on the idea of watching familiar faces, people I know personally on TV.

These are some of our traditional food/dish that I have taken that day. Some of them are
rarely served nowadays.

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Outing at the beach

Vanessa has been pestering about playing with her new toy (a kite), since her dad presented it to her a week ago. It was an ‘ole-ole’ (souvenir) hubby brought back from his month long work in Terengganu. The little girl was fascinated with the bright colours of the kite, shaped like a fish.

Hubby’s around. The weather’s terrific. A perfect day to spend quality time at Tanjung Aru Beach. So off we went to the beach last Saturday. The trip was supposed to happen on the Easter Sunday but something came up that we had to postpone it. Nasib baik my little girl tida merajukhehe

We purposely opted to go to the Third Beach as it was less crowded there. Easier to fly the kite without the worry of bumping to other people. For those who are not familiar with Tanjung Aru Beach, the beach is divided into three main sections, the First Beach (near Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Resort), Second Beach (the main beach where restaurants and food stalls are located) and the Third Beach.

This part of the beach is a bit secluded but accessible by car. Obviously, the bumpy road is not a problem since it has its fair share of visitors, families as well as bride & groom-to-be. There were two couples doing their wedding photoshoots that day. We stayed until the sunset was over. It has been a while since I last watch the sunset at Tanjung Aru Beach. The sight is as beautiful as ever. :) It is always a pleasure to watch the sun disappears below the horizon.

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Haven’t been blogging lately…

Hello, people! :) I am still alive and kicking! I haven’t updated my blog and visited yours for days. I am sorry my friends…jangan la marah atau kecil hati ye…I will visit you soon. *wink*

Last Monday, April 5th, Vanessa started her playschool. Since she is less manja with Hubby, we came to a mutual agreement that Hubby will accompany her on her first day. According to Hubby, it took Vanessa a few minutes to warm up with the teachers and the other kids. When I sneaked into her school half an hour later, Vanessa has already joined in the fun. Happily singing nursery rhymes and playing with her new friends. :) As advised by the teachers, Hubby and I left the school.

I called the school an hour later and was informed by her teacher that Vanessa cried for a few minutes when she realized that her dad was no longer there. But after they pujuk her, she stopped crying and resume her activities with her friends *relief* Hehe… We were worried that Vanessa might throw tantrums and we would have to stay with her through the day. Jadi sebagai langkah berjaga-jaga, Hubby took the day off.

Vanessa is still adjusting to her new routine of waking up early in the morning and wearing a uniform. She still cries when we drop her off every morning but so far, she seems to enjoy going to school. “Siok pigi sikul oh… ada nyanyi-nyanyi.…(o)gumu kawan (School’s fun…got singing…a lot of friends )” was her answer when asked about her day. Hopefully, school will continue to be fun for her. :)

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