Halloween, All Saints' Day & All Souls' Day

Ah…weekend is approaching and another month has ended. On this date, several countries of the Western World, most commonly the US, Canada, Ireland, Puerto Rico, New Zealand, UK and parts of Down Under are celebrating Halloween. Activities of the day include trick-or-treat, ghost tours, bonfires, costume parties, visiting haunted attractions, carving jack-o’-lantern (the most prominent symbol of Halloween…:p), reading scary stories and watching horror movies. I found this particular pic very cute…*smile*
Today is also the the eve of All Saints’ Day. For us, the Roman Catholic Christians, we’ll be celebrating the All Saints’ Day tomorrow. It is the day when the Church commemorates the glories of Heaven and all the saints, known and unknown.
The following day, will be the All Souls’ Day. It is a day for rememberance for friends and loved ones who have passed away. It also reminds us of our obligations to live holy lives and that there will be purification of the souls of those destined for Heaven.

Like the previous years, my family & I will go to church and visit my late father’s and also other departed relatives’ grave. May their soul rest in peace.

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The Pink Sisterhood

Got this tag from my friend Yati a few days ago. But only done it today and tomorrow is the last day of October already. Thousand apologies ya.. :) Never mind la if the Breast Cancer Awareness Month is over soon, us, women still need to be aware of this disease every single day...

The 5 simple rules to follow:-

1. Firstly, you need to copy the logo into your blog. ~
2. Secondly, add a link to the person who shared it with you. ~ Done.
3. Nominate at least 7 other bloggers ~ I
won't tag anyone cos its not fair for them to do this tag in such a short notice.
4. Add links to these blogs on your blog - 1.
Fara, 2. massy 3. Noy 4. DorisJ 5. Seventh 6. Story mory 7. Neneth,8. Mama Mia
5. Lastly, leave a message for your nominee on their blog that they've been tagged. ~ Not applicable.

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Wedding Anniversary

Last night, hubby and I celebrated our 2nd Wedding Anniversary by dining out at Brass Monkey Café & Bar at Lintas Plaza. Hubby was craving for steak. It was our first time there.

King Kong Steak

We both order the Dinner Set. Hubby had the King Kong Steak with Black Pepper Sauce cooked to perfection well done. Hey, don’t freak-out ya…it’s not King Kong meat! It’s only the term used to refer to the steak size, I guess. Besides King Kong, they also have the Queen Kong Steak.

BBQ Spring Chicken

Me, on the other hand, ordered the BBQ Spring Chicken, also with Black Pepper Sauce. Hehe..we’re a fan of black pepper sauce!

Fresh Salad and Mushroom Soup..yummylicious!

Our dinner set include, a bowl of Fresh Salad and Mushroom Soup, Fried Ice Cream and Bread Pudding for desserts. There were at least five varieties of desserts to choose from but these two were the most alluring. The drinks choices were very impressive as well, juices and a wide variety of wine. We had the Watermelon Juice and Iced Lemon Tea plus the Skyjuice. Skyjuice is FOC by the way…:)
Fried Ice Cream

Bread Pudding...very sweet.

The BBQ Chicken was a bit too spicy for me. If only I knew the chicken was already spicy, I’ll go for the Mushroom Sauce instead. Normally, I can tolerate well to hot and spicy food..but not last night.

Overall, the environment, open air style Café is nice, the Steak was great and the Soup was yummy. But not the BBQ Chicken. For me, the Nando’s Hot Peri-Peri Chicken taste better. Whatever it is, we still went home with a full stomach.

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring along my camera. Cis!!! So have to rely on my handphone camera lor. So, pardon the poor quality of the pics ya..

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Good Samaritan

This incident happened a few weeks ago. As hubby and I drove by this particular road in Penampang, we saw this poor man lying at the roadside under the morning sun. At first, we just passed by, like the other drivers as we were in a rush to meet somebody. Hoping that someone will stop-by, but nope, nobody bothered to do so. Me in the car, felt so guilty..the guilt was so over-whelming that I persuaded hubby to go back and check the poor man if he is okay. The man seemed to be fast asleep and we didn’t dare to wake him up. Mana la tau he mengamuk pulak suddenly…or worse, so terkejut that he might run to the middle of the road. Eee…touch wood. Don’t want to take that risk! So, we made a U-turn and went to the nearest Police Station (PS).

It was my first time at a PS…never before in my life I sat a foot in any PS…*grin* After leaving our name, contact no., and the man location, off we went to our meeting. Let the police take care of the poor man. I was very happy that we have done a good deed that day. *smile*

Oh yes, I forgot to mentioned, 30 minutes earlier, we saw this same man walking outside a coffee shop…with his dirty clothes..looks like a security guard uniform and some injury on his face, from the way he walked, I guess he probably had enjoyed some montoku earlier…and its not even noon time yet! Cis, buat malu urang kita saja….

An hour later, when we were on our way back, the man was no longer at the roadside. Instead, he has shifted to another spot, outside somebody’s gate. Don’t know la what happened in between, either he refused to be sent home by the police or the police didn’t do their job. Anyway, he was a lot more safer at the new spot…not to mentioned that it was more comfortable too as it was shaded by a tree. I didn’t manage to snap a pic though. So, like that la the story of two Good Samaritan…. :)

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12 months, 2 weeks, 3 days

Daughter Vanessa is officially 12 months old on 05th October. Hehe…looks like I kept postponing this post. Apa-apa pun here it is. Despite being a chubby baby, I must say that daughter develops quite fast, compare to both her cousins that are of same age.

Here, I proudly present her achievement:-

~ weight = 9.67kg, height = 82cm
~ able to walk without support …hmm, not perfectly but yeah, she can walk and now start to run as well :)
~ can climb on the sofa and tackle the stairs…giving us headache..
~ babbles a lot …some time it sounds like – Da-da-da or Ta-ta-ta ; other time, I can't make out of it, I just don't understand baby talk
~ join in the laugh…her laughter sounds so cute that it make us laugh even more…
~ can put her toys inside the box when asked…after a minute or two, one by one it’ll be scattered back on the floor...*sigh*
~ imitate action eg answering the HP (she’ll put anything in her hand onto her ear and pretend it's a HP), whistling (for her, 'ooo-ooo" only la ...), changing the TV channel (she suka-suka press the button, some time ngam juga the channel)
~ imitate sounds eg Grandma coughing, the angsa/goose sound…
~ understands simple requests eg hold out toys, giving a kiss, wave bye-bye, clap her hands & main mata

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Wah, only 5 days absent , I felt like a year already…how I miss my blog! Been quite busy lately with work and personal errands. When I finally got some free time yesterday, my PC at home malfunctioned pulak..Ceh! How frustrating! Grrr….

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was preoccupied with an assignment. Hmm, it’s not exactly my own, I was “helping” a friend’s friend to do her assignment. The assignment was on the Principles of Microeconomics. Well, since my friend said it required only basic knowledge and reference book will be provided, plus having taken Economics as an additional subject in SPM ; I accepted it with arms wide open, after only a quick glance at the questions. When I started to go through the questions properly…I was mong cha-cha, my brain went blank…no idea at all on how to answer it. Adeiii! * A slap on the forehead* I was already considering to return it ..but in the end, I did exactly the opposite. I decided to give it a try…haha

BESIDES some basics, e.g the law of supply and demand, market equilibrium, price elasticity, cost etc; one ALSO need a firm understanding on the concepts and the applications in order to answer the questions. *sigh* So for 4 days, I struggled between works and spent my spare time in the office studying and refreshing my rusty memory..(my last encounter with Economics was in 1st Semester at Uni… that was 5 years ago…LOL) trying to come up with the best and comprehensive answers. I was getting paid to do this assignment, and somebody’s grade is depending on it, so it was right for me to give it my best, not cincai-cincai. Otherwise, no more chances to cari makan in the future *grin *

After straining my brain cells for days, finally I managed to finish the final write-up. I was quite satisfied with the output. As agreed, I passed it over safely to my friend aka my agent last Friday so that she can then hand it over to the rightful owner. All the effort, time and energy spent, minus commission for friend (for getting this assignment)….is worth the fee I’ll be getting…probably at the month-end. * wink-wink * can buy something for myself…a new pair of shoes or a handbag perhaps…:p

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Borneo International Marathon

The inaugural Borneo International Marathon 2008 was held in KK City on October 12. The marathon was divided into 5 categories – Full Marathon (1 Borneo – Tanjung Aru), Half Marathon,21km (Likas Sports Stadium-Tanjung Aru), 10km (Likas Sports Stadium-Flyover KK Plaza), Kids 800m & 400m.

Hubby participated in the 10km Run. It kicked-off at 6:00am. So early you said? Hmm, the Full Marathon kicked-off as early as 4:30am!!! Runners must arrive at the Stadium by 4:00am..its still dark at 4 in the morning.

Despite the last minute prep… 2 weeks training/jogging around the track in Likas Sport Complex, hubby managed to reach the finishing line in 1¼ hours. Within the time frame ya :p…. Way to go dear! Hubby lucky no. was J111. Too bad I was unable to be there.
Hubby at finishing line with 2 of his colleaguesFree newspaper

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Inexpensive car security...

Still in busy mode today. *Sigh* Besides being a typical Monday with loads of work, I also got an assignment to do. Need to handover it by Friday. Matai la...got brain-jammed pulak ni .*sigh * The clock is ticking, somebody's grade is at stake....got to finish this assignment ASAP.

In the meantime, here’s something to ponder. It may be useful for those who has problem with car theft. Psst, Kobie maybe you and colleagues can try this to avoid those car theft kan…;p










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Have you seen this ball?

This particular orange fur ball name is Mojako. It’s one of the Japanese anime dubbed in Bahasa. It was aired in our TV 3 or NTV 7, quite a long time ago, perhaps 10 years ago I guess. Back then, I was already in my secondary school and I still love to watch cartoon…*LOL*. Until now, I still watch cartoon occasionally. Why I love Mojako so much?? Most probably bcos he’s sooo cute, plus, the theme song sound so cheeky and full of fun. Despite the fact that it’s in Japanese and I don’t understand a word of it, nothing can stop me from loving it. *LOL *
As I remember, Mojako together with his siblings, are aliens stranded in planet Earth after their spaceship crashed-landed on Earth. They were befriended by two young boys and together; they look for their way to their aliens’ homeland. Hmm..I don’t remember if they made it or not. Don’t even remember when the show ended. :(

Just like Doraemon, Mojako is special too…he has the power to suck-in wind and be inflated, like a balloon. He’s even cuter in this shape I tell you. But when he came in contact with water, he’ll get flatten, soo flat that he can be blown by wind.

Hmmm…how I miss Mojako & gang and their adventure. What about you then, do you have your favourite anime? Here’s the theme song for your listening pleasure…or rather my listening pleasure. Muahahaha…. moja moja!

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Busy, busy, busy...

Just as I anticipated, most of the KL staff is back from their Raya leave. So today, I am in busy mode. It’s been hectic since this morning, no peace at all. I was bombarded by calls from them, asking latest updates on some out-standing cases. A few colleagues even dialed the wrong number, dialed our office no. instead of Kuching’s office no. Co-workers in Sandakan and Tawau help add to my busy-ness also. Thanks guys….* roll eyes*

Got this pic from http://www.shutterstock.com

All this busy-ness is related to EON updating their SAP system, ALL branches nationwide at a time ya. In turn, we need to dispatch our techs to attend to it pronto. Whichever not attended today, have to get it rescheduled to tomorrow, to the day after tomorrow etc…

Only now, I’m able to relax a bit but still need got a handful task to clear. Now I’m having this throbbing headache (courtesy of the bombarding calls). The nape of my neck is also aching… for sitting too long facing the computer. Hmm…despite being busy, I managed to drop one or two comment on some blog during lunch hour. Hehe…sempat juga bah.

I guess, I’ll end my day with pain in my head and neck…

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Monday blues...

After a long break, I woke up this morning with super lazy feeling and a blurry mind. I was like..Huh?! Why wake up so early today?? Aiseyman, today is Monday already, got to work bah pulak. *sigh* Eventually, I managed to drag myself from the bed.

Surprisingly… but gratefully, today is not as busy as I expected, only some documents need to finalized and double-checked. Thank God, I’ve prepared them before the break. Today, tinggal sign, seal, deliver. Bersusah-susah dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian, right?! It’s peaceful in the office today, no KL staff fussing this and that. Perhaps, they are still on leave.

As I mentioned in my last post, my holiday schedule is quite tight…Well, it is. BUT it didn’t turn out as I expected. Hmm…a lot of changes here and there. First of all, I only attended one open-house on the 1st Raya. The host, hubby’s colleague was very generous with all the delicious food (rendang, ayam masak merah, serunding daging etc) and drinks served. However, I’m a little bit dissappointed bcos all the kuihs are modern type (almond/chocolate cookies, fruit cakes, carrot cakes)…my favourite batang buruk was nowhere to be seen.

On 2nd day of Raya, didn’t attend any open-house as MIL summoned us to go back to Keningau. She insist to do daughter Vanessa’s 1st birthday party there on 3rd Oct. Initially, we planned to do it in KK but had to postponed as most friends and relatives were unable to make it.
Next day, we rushed back to KK as we need to attend cuz daughter’s birthday party. Niece, Bethany was also celebrating her 1st birthday. We reached Atlantis Restaurant, Bundusan an hour late. Nasib baik the party is still on going. When it’s time to distribute the goody bags, all the children went out of control, all swarmed cuz hubby at one time. Not long, cuz’s hubby surrendered and left the goodies on the podium. LOL …The children masing-masing berebut, takut kehabisan bah. When the function is over, they berebut again, this time for the balloon decorated on the ceiling. After that, we’re supposed to attend hubby’s friend garden wedding at Lembah Impian Resort, but we’re too exhausted to go.

However, we attended their reception at KDCA Hall yesterday. It was a nice one, although not many guests attended. The setting was quite interesting and a bit different from other weddings, the lights were dimmed, so the backdrop with all the blue lights really stood-out. I should have snapped some pics and let them do the talking. But I didn’t…am too occupied with daughter’s antics. She wants to explore he whole dewan…excited that she can walk already *sigh * The 3-piece band was good too…they belted some popular songs in harmony accompanied by acoustic guitars and the upright bass. It sure was an evening to remember. And of course, as well as the Sumazau, the Poco-Poco dance was also performed.

Congratulations to the bride and groom, Didi & Jojo!! :)

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