Now and Then

Finally, we had our ex-3B1 reunion last Saturday morning. Well, a mini reunion is more appropriate for it. Out of 7 original 3B1 members, only 4 of us made it. The other 3 couldn’t make it due to various reason, ManD was working, Bet was not feeling well and Elly is in Tawau. Our last reunion with full attendance was on 2007 during Just’s wedding reception.

So, the 4 of us met at Tg. Aru, Rahayu Café as suggested by Just. It was an express reunion actually. Just was flying back to KL that afternoon. There was sooo much to talk about but so little time to spend. Nevertheless, we managed to update each other on life and works with motherhood as the main focus…hehe….

The reunion went well except for some uneasy feeling. There was this apek who was pacing to and fro silently at the sidewalk. At one time, he came over to our table and took a look at our faces! Phew..we were so relieved when he left and went back to the sidewalk. No doubt he was looking for somebody. But obviously, there was something wrong with him. Got a PHD (Permanent Head Damage) maybe...

We took quite some time staring at the menu, don’t know what to order. Hehe…At last we ordered the same, roti canai with leong fun susu and air jagung for iLLa. She also ordered a bowl of tomyam soup, just to try how good (or bad) it was. So, the verdict on the food? The taste was so-so but still edible la. The café was quite comfy though, and wifi is available.

Now : (L-R) Just, me, iLLa & Sab

Then : (L-R) Elly, Bet, me, Just, ManD, iLLa & Sab


Meeting with old buddies do brings some memories! I just love this kind of story - 'reunions'

Hi Mama mia,

The Air Jagung at Rahayu cafe tu delicious kan hehe..

I know Priscilla :) Her family is a well-known of tauke mee sup in Inobong hehehe

Wuii, bestnya ada reunion! :D Sia punya reunion suda berpuluh tahun suda... lebih 15 tahun mangkali.

Mouren ~ ya bah...:)

Nora ~ err i think so, bcos my friend didn't complain abt it. :)

InobongProper ~ ya lor, lama suda bisnes mee sup dorang tu kan..:)

Nessa ~ wah. lamanya susah bah mo arrange reunion kalu semua suda bz dgn family & keja masing2...

Naaa.. c Mia sdh kasi upload the story and the pic... bagus2!! Kekeke...

Just ~ ee gumuk suda kita o kan...c iLLa juga yg maintain...:)
Sayang yg lain inda dpt join, kalu tida lagi best kan...

Illa blm kawin ba Mia.. tu yg maintain. Kita tunggu lepas dia kawin... heheeh...

haha...ya bah kan Just. ;)

PHD (permanent head damage) LOL!

Old pic masih nampak fresh and vulnerable. Latest pic nampak mature and strong suda..sioknya reunion. I wish I can have one with my old buddies too some time.