Bunga-bunga cinta...

With Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, all the florists around the globe are busy putting up flowers for sale on that special day. Flowers are selling like hot cakes at this time. Good business for the florists *smile *.

To all the boyfriends and husbands out there, sure hope you guys already made your booking early. *grin* For those who haven’t, what are you waiting for? Go find the right flower for your love. You can get them in the traditionally way, i.e. go to the nearest florist, or you can order via the phone, or simply buy them online. They can deliver it for free.

Trust me guys, don’t want until the eleventh hour, because by the time, most flowers are already sold out! You don’t want to upset your lady right, especially on this beautiful day? Flowers never fail to please a girl’s heart, well, unless of course, she’s allergic to them. Hehe... While most of the women out there prefer rose; me, on the other hand, will appreciate gerbera more. I don’t need a bouquet; a single stalk will do. Hehe…this is a hint to dear hubby….* wink* Itu pun kalau dia ada masa tingu blog sia la… :)


i love gerberas too! ever since i read cleo bah tu...

Hehehe... Drpd beli bunga kan mia, baik sia minta choc, kenyang lg!! How not romatic I am!! Hehehh...

Chegu ~ Hehe Chegu, sama la kita...

Just ~ bah jaga2 ko Just, nti bertambah kilogram o...hihi...

happy Valentine Mommy...hehe!

Happy valentine's to you!

Happy Valentine's Day :D

halu there mama-mia, lama sa nda visit ur blog, sa kasi restrict ba my blog due to some problm, can I have ur email? thanks n hv a nice vday :)

hehe.. huby ko dapat juga tu hint ka??.. da dia bagi jg? patut bf sa baca ba ni huhuhuhu hehehhee

Happy belated Valentine's Day to you all kio, Kengkaru Kong, Greg & Phil.

Kobie ~ ya bah kobie, rindu sud asia mo melawat blog ko. Aniway, this is my emel : elmia.mia08@gmail.com

Ninie ~ Huh...kalu dia ada baca pun dia x dpt bagi sia, dia o/station d Brunei bah...:)

Happy Valentine to you and your family...))