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If you happen to be enjoying your meal or favourite snacks/drinks right now, pls read this post some other time.

Oh no, this post has nothing to with this...hehehe...Okay, I’m sure many of us despise the act of spitting in public area. Unfortunately, there are ppl who spit as they please. Yuck!!! Disgusting habit!!

One fine evening, as I normally do when it was hubby’s turn to use the car, I would catch a minibus home (hehe..van sapu aka pirate van bah to be exact). I was lucky to be the first passenger that day and I get to choose where I want to sit. At first I wanted to sit at the first row near the door, easy to get-off mah, no need to squeeze your way through other passenger. Somehow, I changed my mind. A few minutes later, this guy boarded the van and sat at the 2nd row. As usual, the van driver will leave the door wide open until all the seats are fully occupied.

Suddenly, I heard a ‘pttui! ‘ and splat! The guy’s spit hit the pavement…eeuuuuwww!! “Palui punya urang!!” I swore under my breath. I was so very glad that I’d switch place. I wouldn’t want a happy-spitter sitting behind me. The thought of his tempias may hit my shirt was enough to make me cringe. I dare not imagine the worse – What if he has contagious airborne disease? What if his spit does not make it to the pavement and landed on my sleeve or the van’s floor instead? My stomach started to churn at these horrible thoughts. Nasib baik la I was not eating or drinking anything or else…I’ll leave that part to your imagination…hehehe…

Not long after that, a girl took the seat in front of Mr Happy Spitter. Okay, maybe this guy will stop his spitting, I thought. Well, I thought wrong. *sigh* He spitted again… and again as if he owns the ground. Memang tiada kesedaran sivik bah tu urang. Or probably, he doesn’t give a damn on hygiene because Sabah is not his home country.

Anyway, the girl was equally disgusted as I am at the unsightly episodes that she quit looking out the opened door. I silently prayed that no tempias hit any part of her. Mr Happy Spitter only stopped his uncivilized behaviour when the door closed and the van started moving. Thank God for that.

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3-Day Super Sale is on!

A week ago, a friend and I were talking about traveling out of Malaysia for the first time. Yup, we have never travel oversea before. And well, well, well, what do you know? Today, I got this news that Accorhotels.com is having a promotion.

Now, this is definitely an amazing promotion that any avid traveler should not miss out. Accor Hotels 3-Day Super Sale Asia Pacific promotions runs from 27 October to 30 October. The bookings are valid for stays between December 2009 to April 2010. How nice of you, Accor to coincide this Super Sale with the low-air fares across Asia Pacific promotion. :)

There are one million hotel rooms available for online booking at rates as low as US$30 per night. These rooms are available in Thailand, Korea, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Fiji, Indonesia, Taiwan, India and Bali. But please note that different rates apply for Accor’s various brands, namely: Sofitel, Pullman, Grand Mercure, Novotel, Mercure, All Seasons and Ibis Hotels.

Psst..my friend, how about we make that trip to Bandung come true? Let's 'officiate' our passport for the first time next year? We’ll go shopping and stay at Novotel Bandung. *smile*


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No water...

That’s what we are experiencing in my kampung now. The water supply was stopped on purpose because of a burst in one of the main pipe near the roadside.

This is the second incident since last Sunday. First, the burst was at a different section, now another section pulak. The whole kampung will end up with no tap water for at least 12 hours. Hopefully, everybody are better prepared this time, unlike the first incident, where we were caught off-guard and did not manage to save any water. The big pail of water we saved for emergency consumption almost insufficient. Nasib baiklah we have the two drums full of rain water. Normally, mom use it to water her plants, tapi time-time darurat, guna saja la especially in the toilet department..hehehe

The first section.
The second section.

You see, not everybody in my kampung has a water storage tank ready, so when an unexpected incident like this happen, you can imagine betapa sengsaranya tiada air paip. Definitely have to invest on one the soonest possible. Mana la tau, another different section may burst again in the near future. Al maklum sajalah paip-paip kerajaan ni kebanyakkannya suda tua dan berkarat. IF there is any plan to replace it, I am not aware of it. :)

Hmm, I just hope that the aunty whose house is located on a hilltop has managed to save some water. Just 2 days ago, she was complaining that after the burst was repaired, the water pressure is not strong enough to go up there. She and her family have to fetch a few gallons of water from the nearby river. Well, it’s a big river, plenty of water for everyone but the water quality? Not fit. Even for bathing purpose. In a hot day afternoon, a herd of kerbaus can be found soaking in it. And God knows what else are there beneath the murky water. Some ppl claim to have seen crocodile in that river and even caught baby crocodile in their fish trap. Yikes!

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Show your love to your family

When we are still around, we can show our love in thousand ways. But, how about when we move to the other side? I’m sure that every one of us has had this thought. :)

There are a few types of life insurance. The most basic is called term insurance . It is a low-cost insurance that only pays benefits if the insured dies during specified period of time. Well, most probably, we can’t enjoy it in our lifetime but at least, we can take care of our family’s financial well-being after we’re gone.

If you happen to be looking for term life insurance quotes right now, you can do it the quickest and most convenient way. Online! Just fill-in a form and wait for the committed team of people at ReliaQuote to revert to you with life insurance quotes from dozens of top-rated insurance companies. You may find one that suits your need. :)

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21 guns

It was a hectic day in the office yesterday. A colleague’s mistake had led one customer to lodge a complaint to the top ppl. Not long after that…. drama unfold…a lot of blaming happen, denial here and there. *sigh* Better not talk about it and spoil my mood today. :) Hopefully, all of us in the office learned something from the incident and won’t repeat the same stupid mistake.

Today is a new day. So, here I am listening to this new hit, 21 Guns from Green Day while doing my work. In the meantime, sempat juga post this entry..hahaha. I love this song. Its from their latest album 21st Century Breakdown. I’m not really a fan of the band but more of a fan of their songs. Not all but some. Songs that are not too loud for eardrum. Confuse? Never mind, just layan this song la. :)

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An optical illusion? NOT.

Being a bespectacled mom to a toddler is never an easy task. My old pair of glasses was battered with multiple scratches, not to mention it arms were repeatedly spread opened by force by my curious little monster. I bet the poor thing will want to scream out it’s agony at the abuse…hehe

One day, I decided to resign my old glasses since it was too battered to be fixed. You may call me a stingy person but prescribed glasses are quite expensive these days. Hmm, I guess, I am not the only one who would utilize their eyeglasses to its full extent. Wear it until it is worn-out and could no longer serve the purpose as an aid to our eyesight. LOL.

Anyway, even at discounted price, my new pair of glasses still cost me RM380 (that’s about $100)! For me, that price is not cheap. If only I came to know that we can actually buy prescribed glasses online, it could have save me a lot. $8 Rx eyeglasses ??? I almost cried when I saw the price. And that’s not all. When I saw the wide choices of frames, shapes, and colours available, I wanted to cry out even louder! Whuaaa…. With their low price, I think I can afford to own multiple pair of glasses. It would be fun to wear different ones everyday. Now, these are my favorite high fashion eyeglasses . Believe me; it’s not easy for me to make up my mind. *grin*

I'm crazy about half-rim frames! :)

You may think that this is too good to be true. But, this amazing online optical store is for real. But if you still have any doubts, perhaps you should read How You Can Start Spending Smart . *smile*

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Vanessa’s 2nd birthday

Vanessa’s 2nd birthday falls on 05 Oct, but we celebrated it a day earlier. It was a cozy and merry event attended by close relatives and neighbours. As we are a small household, we do not have enough manpower to do all the cooking. We catered the main dishes from Kedai Makan & Minum Ching Fah. Mom’s cooked her sup soko (bamboo shoots soup) and hubby did the vegetable.

:) An aunty officiating the makan-makan session after the food blessing. The dishes (L –R): White rice; Deep Fried Chicken with Sesame Seeds; Sweet & Sour Fish ; Japanese Toufu with Salted Beans; Pork Chop in Stout Sauce & Baby Kalian vege. (In the pot) Sup Soko; Watermelon and Chilled Orange syrup drinks.

So what did I do? Hehe…I baked the birthday girl 2 cakes. Just the simple Vanilla Butter Cake and Pandan Butter Cake. Instead of buying one from the bakery, I was determined to bake them and decorate them as well. Begitu la semangatnya si Mama Mia…..hahaha…. I baked the cakes the night before and made the buttercream icing the next morning. In the process of doing all this, hubby had to bring Vanessa jalan-jalan di kedai. Otherwise, it there’s no way I can manage. LOL.

The cakes turn out a-ok. But in the end, it was hubby who got really excited to do the frosting and decorating. So, let him be. I did get to test my skill though. As you can see, we both need a lot of practice. LOL.

I had the kids gathered around to sing the Happy Birthday song. As she's too young to sing, Vanessa just clapped her hands. But when it was time to blew-out the candles, she chickened out pulak. Eventually, the other kids were more than happy to help her..hehe..

The verdict on the cakes? Finger lickin' good! (Or maybe I was a bit exaggerating there…hehe..) Anyway, both cakes were wiped-clean by the guests…no left over for tomorrow. :)

The event ended at about 6pm. And we all retreated to bed as early as 9pm. No humming any nursery rhymes that night cos the birthday girl fell asleep as soon as she hit the pillow. :)

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The First Lady’s choice

Since her inauguration in January, fashion critics has had their eyes fixed on the America’s First Lady, Michelle Obama’s choice of ensemble. I am no fashion expert, but I do find her fashion sense interesting, especially in her choice of colours. Her choice is not limited to just plain black and other earthy colours but also to vibrant colours like red, yellow, and purple and printed apparel. Definitely not a boring sight to look at. *smile*

It is no surprise that in no time, she has earned herself a place among the Hollywood celebrities as a fashion trend setter. Everybody wants what she’s wearing. Thus, after she reveals that she’s wearing J.Crew in the Tonight Show, everybody goes on a shopping frenzy at their stores. The J.Crew people must have been laughing all their way to the bank! :)

And how could anyone forget that photo - the First Lady wearing a pair of shorts in public! An extremely rare sight, which caused millions raising their eye-brows. :) But, personally, I don’t think that’s the only reason behind their reaction. The other reason must be that striking Ultra-Violet Neon Plasteramic toy watch she’s sporting on her left wrist. It is simply too hard to be missed! :) Now that the watch has been made famous by the First Lady, Toy Watch is going to make it big this fall and Christmas, according to NBC. Psst! Anybody want to give me a toywatch as a Chritsmas gift this year? *grin*

Okay, if you are a follower of Michelle Obama’s fashion, you would not want to miss a chance to get her look. Go check out AOL Beauty & Style , pronto!

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“ Mommy’s girl not cute anymore.”

:( Sorry guys for not posting any entry lately. Since ALL (boss, colleagues and works) are back in full force, no more goyang kaki in the office…hehehe. Somehow, I managed to have a little spare time today to do this overdue post. I meant to post it yesterday but unable to do so because...paham-paham la.. * smile*

Okay, back to the main topic. Vanessa’s exact words were, “ Ala..tanak mami tida kiu (kiut) suda.” Just look at the long thin line on her face. :(

Last Tuesday morning, Vanessa was so grumpy. Crying and screaming when hubby and I were driving off to work. L So kesian to see her like that but we have to leave her at home. So, to comfort her, my helper let her play at the lawn. The Kakak must have had her eyes off Vanessa’s for a while that she didn’t see the little girl going under the thorny lime (limau nipis/kohopis) tree to grab the dangling fruits. Not only did Vanessa end up with the lime but also a scrape on the epidermis. Thank God it was not her eyeball that was struck by the thorn!

That’s how it happened, according to my helper. *sigh* I am not saying that the Kakak is not doing her job, because I know, it is hard to predict what toddler may do. I am merely voicing out my frustration on her carelessness. My helper is a hardworking person. I am thankful that we have her staying with us. Even my little girl is happy with her. But if she can be a little bit more alert, I will be even happier. Last time, Vanessa was nearly
bitten by the neighbor’s dog while under her care.

Okay, what was done is done. Even if I scold her like mad pun we can’t reverse what had happened. Once again, I warn the Kakak to be more cautious and alert to Vanessa’s movement. We may just not be this lucky next time.

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