My CNY story...

Holidays are over, now back to work. I’ve resume work on last Friday while others were still enjoying their holiday. :)

CNY this year was celebrated in moderation. On the eve, while daughter was sleeping, I was testing my luck on gambling…hehe. What else but my fav game, the “Ketam-ketam”, to kill-off some time while waiting for the clock to strike midnight. If you’re wondering, I didn’t lose ya… but didn’t win much either…balik pokok saja urang bilang. Hahaha…

I woke daughter up just before midnight. I was afraid that she’d get shocked with the loud sound of firecrackers and fireworks. When midnight strikes, the neighbourhood was showered by fireworks and the ear-deafening sound of the bodilan. Daughter enjoyed watching the fireworks. She even refused to have her ears covered when the bodilan erupted! Nasib baik la she didn’t ask to go nearer as we watch the bodilan show from inside the house.

Open house was held on 1st day of CNY, only attended by close relatives and friends. Invited some friends from KK but they couldn’t make it. Probably have their own plan…besa lah time cuti-cuti ni kan. We didn’t go to any house either. Nevertheless, daughter still managed to collect some angpows…hehe…. Obviously, all the aunties and uncles couldn’t resist this adorable sight, some more when this lil’ girl greeted them the “Gong Xi, Gong Xi” gesture accompanied by a wide grin. :)
A pair of “Lion” came to perform the Lion Dance in the afternoon. There was not a single fireworks sound at the lawn. The guys in the house already used-up all of them the night before, out of stock suda!

On the 2nd day, hubby’s uncle was getting married. The mass was held in SFX Keningau. Reception was held at the groom’s residence…just 5 minutes drive from my in-laws’ place. The theme was green and yellow. Even the pair of "lion" were clad in both colours, as requested by the man of the house aka FIL's uncle (Not sure what is the most appropriate term to call him? Little help here pls.)

Hmm, I wasn’t aware of this theme until the day before. Apa lagi…last minit shopping la! Luckily, we managed to find this lovely dress for daughter at Milimewa, only RM13.50. It’s a bit too long for her but MIL had no time to alter…pakai saja trus selepas cuci. Don’t count on my sewing skill ya, it is very poor. Am only good at fixing loose button. LOL.
Oh, we sort of broke one of the family traditions this year. Instead of taking group photo in the house, SIL came up with the idea to have a photo session at the studio. So, on the 3rd day, off went the whole family to a nearby studio. After the session ended, we drove back to KK. Took a quick shower and off we went to nephew’s birthday party. What an exhausting day it was. Daughter fell asleep as soon as she hit the pillow. * smile *

So, that’s how I spent my CNY holidays. It’s tiring but we all had a good time and that’s all that count! :)


Astaga hehe.. macam lebih kurang oo baju si mia sama baju yang sia saja-saja beli di CKS Dongonggon hari tu. Saja mau survey apa barang mau beli untuk si Dian, then sia ternampak baju tu, warna pun lebih kurang. Harga dalam RM15++ hehe..

Anyway..Happy CNY for you and family kio. may this year bring a lots of luck and happiness.

ermmm...i think ah, we could have bumped on each other at the wedding. i really think we went to the same wedding...the groom has long hair, right?

if its correct, i was there. the groom's sister is my former teacher. we've been friends with the rest of the siblings since high school though.

ive posted some pictures taken at the wdg in my CNY's entry. :)

wait a your hubby's surname is Fung? hmmmm.....*curious*

Your CNY schedule looks fully booked.

I only spend my CNY leave at my mum's house, didn't go any where

Nora ~ hehe...cantik bah tu baju, harga pun berpatutan...:)

Chegu Carol ~ hi chegu. Yup, my hubby's surname is Fung. I think I saw u there chatting wt the groom's sis, tapi segan la sia mo p tegur :)

Lg pun, bz sia mo bubut anak, balik2 mo p dekat tu singa. U
probably saw me chasing after her.

Will visit your blog soon.

Never mind la not going anywhere Jess, as long as u had fun wt your family :)

Wah enjoy betul oh kamu..

Cute betul ur daughter pakai tu red cheongsam (cheongsam bah tu kan?)

KIUTNYAAAA!!!!! your baby pakai baju cina dia.. :) ko nda pakai cheongsam mia??
Banyak si Van collect angpau??

IbgProper ~ hehe..plg enjoy main ketam-ketam bah.

Tq for the compliment. Kami mo cari dia cheogsam bah tp teda yg ngam size. Sumua besar2, so terpaksa la kasi pakai dia Sam Fu..:) Nex yr la baru pakai cheongsam.

Kadus ~ aisey, kalu sia berjaya menghilangkan lemaks d tummy, mo la sia pakai cheongsam Ty.

Ada la bah juga, tp inda la byk :)

yay.. pya cute.. eeee... napa ba kmu ni bikin sya jeles mo ada anak...huahua.... ble cubit pipi ka tu anak ko? hihi.. :)

Kris&Nadia ~ hehe...bah apa lagi, start la memproses skrg. Nti sia tlg ko cubit pipi dia kio :)

I hardly heard much firecrackers where I live, maybe everyone kedekut oredi ... LOL!

cute nya si baby..siapa gia nama dia tu?

NickPhilips ~ haha..cut cost.

belle ~ vanessa bah nama dia tu..:)

Aduiii.. cumilnya c Van2 pakai cheongsam... sia pun cari2 ba kalau ada utk my lil Yon. But, dia masih kicil ba pulak tu.. not many choice.. heheh...

Mmg limited tu choice utk baby..kalu 1 yr above baru la byk.Bah, nx yr bulih suda c Yon ko bergaya tu...hehe...