No electricity...again.

Yup, that's what happened here in Penampang. Not once but twice you know. The 1st time happened at 11:30am...almost noon time. Opened the door and windows to let some air in, outside the sun is can imagine how hot and stuffy the air that got into the office. Luckily, it lasted for 30 minutes, not 3 hrs like last time. *sigh* Turned out that the power failure didn't just happened in here only but other place as far as Sipitang.
The 2nd one happened at 4.20pm, lasted for 40 minutes. Honestly, I was hoping this one may last a little bit longer...say until 5.30pm like that. Why? So that I can go off early and stop-by at the tamu...looking for vege and fruits to buy. Hehehe...if boss call, asking why I left early, I'll just blame the electricity. See, I'll got my script ready in mind...only that it didn't turn out as planned. Hmm..I'll reserved it for next time...*wink-wink*.

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The best thing in life is free

That’s exactly what a friend said to me once, and I couldn’t agree more. Having my own daughter and watching her grows, learning new skills each day is indeed the best thing that ever happen to me…(besides tying the knot * blush * ). Better still, I don’t have to spend a cent to see them. Doubt it if any amount of money can buy this sort of experience. All the mommies out there, don’t you agree with me?

Seems like only yesterday that we brought her home from the hospital. Now she's 10 mths, 3 weeks and 2 days old. Looks more like a toddler than a baby. From just that simple cooing sound, she now babbles a lot. Sometime it sounds like da-da, ta-ta…other times, she’ll shout just to get my attention.

Now sitting isn’t enough anymore, she always pulls herself up to standing position. Cruising in her baby cot, sometime without holding on to something. Even try to climb the coffee table and sofa. She can wave bye-bye and play patty-cake. Stretched out her arms when she wants a lift. She glide her walker under the dining table in a blink.

Of course, being a baby, there are times that she is being super cranky. Throws tantrums when we took away the TV remote from her, refuses to be seated, throws away all her toys, cries in a high-pitched voice, cling on my waist all the time... The hair pulling, nose/eyes poking, face slapping, pinching and chewing do get on my nerves sometime. When this happened, I’ll try my very best to stop her, saying “No” in the most authoritative tone and serious face la kunun...she’ll pause and flashes me that smile..that MAGIC SMILE… the smile that melt my heart away. It makes me feel high, it make me forget all the negativity *sigh * There’s nothing like a baby’s smile. It sure can turn a hardened parental heart into a pool of sentimental slush in an instant. The spontaneous giggles and laughers are even more addictive than those delicious chocolate. * sigh*

Suddenly, I feel blessed for having such a beautiful baby and being able to experience all these.

P/s: Congratulations to a dear friend of mine, Jc who had gave birth to a baby girl yesterday. Welcome to MOTHERHOOD girl.

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Double celebration...

Attended 2 weddings over the weekend. Luckily not on the same day. Otherwise, have to rush. Don’t wanna miss either one though.
Mildy & Sabrina’s Wedding ~ 23/08/08

Their big day was on Saturday. Holy matrimony was held at Stella Maris Church, Tg Aru @10am. This time we made it on time, with 2 lovely ladies as our passenger, iLla & eLLy. The wedding march just started when we arrived. * smile * Yey, another couple began their journey thru life as married couple. Congratulations to Sab & Mildy. Both Bride and Groom were my classmates in the secondary.

We proceeded to their wedding reception at KDCA after that. It was a joint reception, so the guests were numerous. Quite a number of ex-Michaelians and ex-UPMers showed up. It sort of like killing two birds with one stone pulak, not only we're able to share the newlyweds’ joy, met some old friends also. Got a chance to catch up on each others life, traded gossips…*wink-wink* . Want some more of the newlywed’s pics? Check-out Man-D and Benny Liew blogs for best results. Perhaps they have uploaded them by now.
The newlyweds’ did a duet on Endless Love. Groom also belted out an evergreen song…Sorry, forgot the title. It must have been a heartfelt performance, as the Bride got all teary-eyed. There was one particular performance that was equally interesting…a dance by a three-some kids accompaned by an up-beat tune. Hmm…most of us never saw nor heard of it, so we were like “Huh??! What's that? " Seems like they were simply moving their body on stage like worm, as a friend referred to it. Whatever it is, it sure was a hit among the young children, under the age of 10 I guess. Many of them gathered in front of the stage, gawking. Later on, we found out that the dance was called Shuffle. Hmm…maybe we were out dated already.

Rogy & Natasha’s Wedding ~24/08/08

Their reception was held at Atlantis Seafood Restaurant, Penampang @ 6pm. Hmm…fast becoming a popular venue for reception. Once again, we made it on the dot. Congratulations to Rogy & wife, Natasha. Rogy was my classmate since Form One. Finally, somebody managed to tame the bad boy. *smile
Again, their wedding turned out to be a mini reunion for us, ex-Michaelians. Only managed to snap a few, baby Vanessa was in one of her not-so-co-operative mood. Can only sit still for a few sec. After that, want to cling on me, grab everything on the table, attempt to pull the table cloth… *sigh * Me didn’t concentrate watching the newlyweds slide shows. Too occupied with Vanessa’s antics. My friend’s, Kivik daughter, Carmen also the same …Both of us have to go along with daughters’ antics, checking out every corner, walking around the hall…otherwise, lagi susah if they cry …

We left at 9pm, its bed time for the two lil’ princess.

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Household Chores Hate List

Got this Tag from KadusMama.

Rules of the game :-

1. List down the household chores that you hate plus the reason you hated it.
2. Copy image provided & tag others as many as you wish
3. Add your blog link to the domesticated diva linky love
4. Leave a comment at Stripe and Yellow to be added to the master list and you're done

Well, these are the chores that made their way to my Hate List. Sure got plenty others, but these will do:-

[1] Removing oily stains ~ from the frying pan. Bcos it's so sticky and stubborn. Hated it since…the 1st day I learned how to fry. Sometime, hubby will do the cleaning if he’s around. * grin*

[2] Sweeping ~ got a sensitive nose, all the dust will make me sneeze for the whole day. Achooo!

[3] Cleaning dusty window/shelves ~ same reason as above. Plus, you’ll never get rid of it no matter how often you clean it. It’ll be back as soon as you start cleaning the next section.

[4] Washing clothes ~ those that can be machine-washed, not a problem. It’s those with the “Hand-Wash Only” label that I’m talking about. Always tried to avoid buying these type of clothes, but if no choice what to do lah.

[5] Mopping ~ Tiring work. Mop the floor, change the water in the pail = get water from the bathroom downstairs, carry it again upstairs. Repeat the whole process 3x. You say tired or not?

[6] Cooking ~ Don’t really hate cooking itself but it is “ WHAT TO COOK? “ that I hate. My talent in cooking is just fair enough, hubby is better at it. If I’m in a good mood, I’ll cook (simple recipe only). Otherwise, just cook rice only and tapau some dish from Kedai Makan Ah Chong. If hubby volunteer to be the chef, it’s even better. * grin*

[7] Folding the T-shirts ~ Imagine, you fold it nicely, put one on top of the other, suddenly somebody decided to wear the one at the bottom, grabbed it right away, leaving all the others on top crumpled. Have to fold them again. *Roll eyes *
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I'll pass the Tag to Kal, let see her list.

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LCW story continue...

Ooppsss..correction yah, actually, it was NOT the FIRST silver, instead it was the 2nd. In the Atlanta Olympics 1996, Yap Kim Hock-Cheah Soon Kit pair won us silver medal also. However, it was the 1st silver in the men single category.

Looks like, LCW sure made Penang proud. They will award him with the Darjah Setia Pangkuan Negeri (DSPN) on Aug 30. After that, LCW will be officially called Datuk Lee Chong Wei, joining statemate, Malaysia’s squash queen, Nicol David. Hmm…Datuks at such young age. Wonder if they fancy being called Datuk everywhere they go?!

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Somebody is getting RM300,000 richer tonite

Yes, that somebody is none other than our badminton hero, Lee Chong Wei. He will be presented with the RM300,000 cheque reward in a special function tonight at his hometown Penang. Plus, Chong Wei will also receive pension for life of RM3K/month. All bcos he won us the first ever SILVER medal at the on-going Beijing Olympic Games. Yey, clap and cheers for the man! Silver is not so bad what...see how many of our sportsmen / women came home empty handed. According to him, he’ll use the money to buy a house for his parents and live together with them in the house. Goood boy…

Chong Wei shows his medal to the PM as Youth & Sport Minister and BAM President look on.

We will still see him in action again at the next game in London Olympics 2012. Got another 4 years for him to do serious training and improve his performance. Who knows he might be able to redeem his loss and bring home Malaysia’s first GOLD medal.

Maybe we don’t have to wait that long to see him battling Super Dan again, maybe they’ll meet at the Guangzhou Asian Games in 2010.

Well, let us keep our finger cross and hope for the best for him. Jia you (3x)!

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Hot Monday

In fact, it was a VERY HOT in the office. There was power failure in the area as early as 8.30am. Called SESB to find out the duration of it but nobody was answering…hmm probably they were bombarded by hundred/thousand other callers. *grin* Am not surprise if they were avoiding the calls. Found out today, that it was due to SESB decision to shed the load on power supply thus affecting several parts of the State. Electricity is a hot topic today on the Daily Express

I spent half of yesterday feeling sooo bored and sleepy. Got nothing to do, well, even if I have load of work, still am not too sure if I want to do it. With the heat, poor ventilation and poor lighting…no mood to do work la. No googling over the Net, no chatting on YM. What to do leh? Pulled a chair near a window at pantry, and started reading a new book, read about 30 pages then I started feeling sleepy again. Ah, got to find another way to kill-off some time. Hmm…can’t leave the office though, if nobody is answering the phone, the HQ people may complaint pulak. Colleagues were out attending calls. O yes, I remembered SIL. We started to exchange sms. Confiding each other's boredom. She’s on her 1 week school break, home alone watching TV…others already went off to work. At least, I can reduce my boredom. Unfortunately, my relief was short lived. Hp started beeping, low battery. Aiyoh *a slap forehead*, forgot to recharge the batt last night. Dammit!

But still, I have pen and I started to write yesterday’s post. Hehe...Despite the heat, it was a peaceful day for me, no new case, no phone calls from HQ, otherwise have to repeat the same script “No electricity here “ a few times… boringnya!

Thank God, electricity came at approximately 12.20pm. * sigh with relief* After braving the “sauna” for nearly 4 hours, feeling the cool air from the air-cond on my skin was so refreshing indeed….suddenly I felt alive again… *smile *

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Hunting for a car

How’s your weekend? Mine was okay. On Saturday, we went to look around, surveying a few car dealer in town. Went as far as Menggatal Town. We were looking for Toyota Hilux SR to be exact. Since it’s an old edition, it is only available in used car dealer. Hehehe…not for us lah, we were simply helping FIL to gather info. * sigh* How I wish we were hunting for a new car for US instead. wont happen in this year or next year. Got 2 more years to settle the bank loan of my old Kancil. Now can dream only lor… * smile * Eventually, we will need a more spacious one as family car. For now, my dear old Kancil can still accommodate us.

Okay, FIL needs a better, “stronger” estate car. To transport his workers (OMs), fertilizers and the oil palm bunches to the factory. Existing one still useable but being an old car, maybe its time for him to retire after serving for maybe 20 years or more (not too sure). The road to oil palm estate/kebun is not so friendly. It is bumpy with potholes here and there. Often the case, if our car got “sick”, we, the owner also got sick. Having to bear all the maintenance, repair or buy spare parts…poket mana yang tida sakit!

After checking-out a few car dealer, we finally found one at Inanam that probably “ngam” for FIL needs, met the specs that he wants. It is a 2003 edition but in good condition. According to the salesman, it belonged to one Datuk’s son. We left after fixing an appointment for FIL to view the car on the next day. Looks like Mr Salesman will have to open his shop just for FIL & the gang (MIL, BIL & GF) tomorrow. Anything also can mah for potential customer… * grin *

Then off we went to my cuz house. Niece was dying to meet Vanessa for the first time. Been asking me to come mansau there a few times. They never met since niece was based in Tawau Hospital, she’s a nurse by the way. Now she is based in QEH. Like usual, Van2 wasn’t friendly at first, got a bit intimidated. But after a while, she enjoy being carried around by niece. Smile and laugh some more…* grin*

Before going home, we got some baby Tilapia’s for our small pond at the backyard. Just started rearing Tilapia’s 2 weeks ago, such a waste leaving the pond dry and empty. So, why not put some fishes inside…


Sunday’s meeting with salesman went smoothly. FIL & the gang loves the car, they agreed to purchase it. Paid the down payment up front. Now awaiting for the bank’s approval, expected to be get it within this week. Most likely, FIL & gang will have to make another trip to KK and enjoy a ride on new car on the way back. *smile *

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Break No Bones

No worries, nobody’s getting smacked on the head!! It’s only the title of a book I read, written by Katie Reichs, one of New York Times Bestseller. It’s about a forensic anthropologist, Temperance Brennan, working on a murder case. Oh yeah, there is a TV series, Bones that is created by her.

To solve a murder, of course it involved a lot of investigations, fact-findings with the help of science. These of course, may disinterest some people, but NOT me. I’m an avid fan of investigation stories. NEVER missed an episode of all the three CSI series. While most women enjoy ROMANCE/LOVE stories, I prefer investigation/mysteries, be it a book or TV series. BUT, my interest is NOT LIMITED to investigation series only okay, I am also devoted to the Ugly Betty series. Occasionally, I watch Desperate Housewives, House and Crayon Sin Chan also.

Back on track, it’s been a while since I last read a book. (When was yours? ) The last time I read a book was last year, when I was on leave, nearer to my Expected Due Date. Wah, that was almost a year ago. I borrowed this book from the library, some time in mid of July. I was so bored in the office, needed something to kill-off some time. That time I haven’t started blogging yet. *grin*

Anyway, FINALLY, I managed to finish reading it today. Yeah, after 1 month, and got the return date renewed twice *grin * But, this book is not as good as the others by her. My opinion lah. Its kinda boring, lack of thrill, didn’t really set my adrenaline pumping. In fact, it made me sleepy. Hmm… so I did some “speed reading”…yes, read a few lines, jumped to another page, skipped a few pages * wink-wink*. Maybe it is not the storyline after all, maybe it’s HOW I read it. I’ve been reading on and off, read a few pages and stopped, and came back to it again…after a couple of DAYS, mind you. *grin * By the time I came back to it, I have completely forgotten what happened in the previous page. Have to flip through the earlier pages again to recap. Hehehe

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I've done the Tag from Just:-

[1] 3 names that’s in your mind ~ vanessa, poyoyong, chebong

[2] 3 things you are wearing right now ~ underwear, blouse, slack

[3] 3 things you can’t live without. ~ internet, money, water

[4] Have you ever been given a rose? ~ yup, but am not fond of roses actually. A stalk of gerbera will make my day. *sweet smile*

[5] Do you believe that everyone has a soul mate? ~ yup, everybody deserve to have one

[6] Have you ever had a heartbroken? ~ yup

[7] Your thoughts of online or long-distance relationship? ~ strong commitment & trust between both parties

[8] Have you ever seen a friend as more than a friend? ~ long time ago…

[9] Do you believe on the statement “once a cheater always a cheater”? ~ no comment.

[10] How many kids do you want to have? ~ 3 will be just nice

[11] Do you believe you only love once? ~ yup, all married couple surely hope that they will spend their whole life with their spouse.

[12] Are you and your ex(s) friends? ~ err...guess so.

[13] At what age did you start liking the opposite sex? ~ 12, I guess

[14] Do you like anyone right now? ~ No one in particular…

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Mourning Monday

Yes,that’s right! No typo and nothing wrong with your vision either. It was a typical Monday yesterday. I was preoccupied with work, and then suddenly I got a call from mum. She relayed a terrible, shocking news that left me broken-hearted and devastated for the rest of the day. *cry* Towards the evening, it rained heavily…as if mourning my loss ...*cry again* Hubby was also shocked when I told him that our beloved pet dog, CHEBONG has left us at such young age, 10 months in Dog Years .

Our Chebong was a hybrid dog, Dachshund + kampung breed. Very short legs, short hair, short snout and small ears.

I don’t remember when exactly these pics were taken, but probably when he’s 1 or 2 months old. I don’t have his grown-up pics though. He was born a few days after I delivered Vanessa. Maybe it is true after all that if we photographed our pet, it will shortened their life span...just like Urang Ranau mentioned in one of her older post. Anyway, look at how cute and adorable he is was…see I’m still referring to him in present tense. Just this morning, hubby called out his name before he realized that Chebong was no longer with us. *sigh* Need some time to get use to him not being around anymore. Yesterday morning, he was his usual self, playful and no sign of any illnesses, hearty appetite (finished up his meal and also the others’ meal). He must have eaten something poisonous or toxin that resulted to his sudden death, couldn’t find any other explanation.

But whatever it is, he will be TRULY, SADLY, DEEPLY MISSED BUT ALWAYS REMEMBERED by us and the neighbours. Now, I am still sad…but not as sad as yesterday. Maybe this is the reason some people never kept a pet…to avoid the heartache when their beloved pet left them *sob *

Now, in memory of Chebong, here’s are the 10 things I love about him :-

[1] cute ~ simply adorable

[2] big appetite ~ ever so helpful towards the others... to “clean” their bowl *smile*

[3] playful ~ chase after mum’s chicken with the others

[4] irresistible ~ even the cats loves to play with him

[5] outgoing ~ no shy-shy one

[6] clownish ~ never failed to make us laughed at his antic

[7] friendly ~ wont bite if his hair is stroked

[8] loud ~ some times his bark is too loud for his size

[9] curious ~ went upstairs to checkout the rooms

[10] mischievous ~ some times he took home garbage from neighbours

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My Birthday Story

Added a year to my age…Am I a year WISER?? Errk, hope so. But wiser or not, I am DEFINITELY a year OLDER and…GRATEFUL that I am still breathing.

The celebration was the same as the years before...all in MODERATION. But this year’s a little DIFFERENT.

Actually, we (hubby, baby & me) celebrated it a day earlier…went jalan2 around KK, looking around for a nice dress to wear to a friend’s upcoming wedding & makan at Secret Recipe.

Anyway, here’s the chronology of event on Aug, 04: -

MORNINGWoke up early like usual, expect hubby to wish me “Happy Birthday”…nope, no wish from him. *sad* . He drove me to work…along the way still hoping he’ll wish me…nothing also. *disappointed * Towards noon, FINALLY, got his sms (after all the hint-hint *grin*…buruk o kan! )

NOON – Got a few SURPRISES from hubby! 1st, he took the day off (thought he was going to work after dropping me at office). 2nd, he sent a bouquet of FLOWERS to my office…I came out of washroom suddenly saw an antie (with sweat on her forehead…pity her, looked all around the building for my office..) sitting in front of my table with a bouquet in her hand, smiling, waiting for me. Me, couldn’t stop smiling, grinning & blushing...Thank You Dear! Colleagues got excited too. Cheers & wishes from them…probably they just realized that its my birthday! Doh?!…(Typical of them, you expect MALE colleague can remember our birthday meh?!) 3rd, he came to fetch me home… with BABY in tow…(normally, I took the bus, due to time constraint & the distance of our office plus the traffic jam…can’t wait for hubby, otherwise, baby at home miss her mommy too much already & pity my mum also, too tired taking care of baby for 9hrs, mum not young anymore…) Luckily, I DON’T HAVE to take the bus today. IMAGINE, me with the bouquet walking to the bus stand, people staring, who knows I may bump into somebody I know…errkk,malunya! Too much attention la wey…

NIGHT - 4th, opened the fridge & there is a CAKE for me…how sweet *smile * It ought to be one sweet day for me…Baby was kuai2 during the day, no complaint from mum. Then suddenly at NIGHT , baby became SUPER CRANKY, aiyah! She wants to cling on my waist saja, cry and refuse her daddy & grandma…until I cannot do the house chores. Until 9:00pm, she’s still awake, but took her to bed also, b/fed & lulled her to sleep…sang her all the kiddies songs I know…don’t know how many times I repeated the same songs, lost count already! Eventually, we BOTH fall asleep, didn’t realize what time though. Luckily, I am on leave next day, so I’ll do the chores tomorrow. * wink-wink*

So, that was my birthday story. Stale already by now, wanted to post it earlier but can’t find the time. Busy, busy, busy.

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A Special Day

Today is Monday.
Today is August, 04.
Today is special.
Today is my birthday.

29 years ago, on this date
A healthy baby was born
With a pair of legs, hands, eyes, ears
One nose, one mouth, and a few strands of hair

She makes friends, she dated
She got engaged, she got married
She got pregnant, she gave birth
She become a mother herself

Now, with a family of her own
She journey through life
Embracing a new experience called motherhood
The ultimate challenge of a woman

No matter how young she is, no matter how old she is
In her mother’s heart, in her mother’s eyes
She is and always will be, the same baby girl
Born 29 years ago.

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Fuming Friday

Arrrghh…got to get it off my chest! I’m pretty pissed off with our agent in Labuan since yesterday. (Pls refer previous post-Tag, Q&A No.10 & 11.) Spent half of my Friday with the same feeling.

Ok, here’s the scenario of my daily task to help you understand my distress…

[1] Received call/notification from HQ on New Case (any problem related to computers…)
[2] Assigned technician/agent (for outstation cases, e.g Labuan, Tawau, Sandakan etc.) to attend the case
[3] Tech/agent attend to the case, do whatever he has to do to resolve the case, issue a Service Report (SR) after job is done, keep me posted with the progress (time in/out, SR#, action/resolution taken etc…) via phone / e-mail / fax
[4] Me, update (key in data) the system from time to time...

This one particular guy is DIFFICULT to work with. Been asking about the details from him since few days ago regarding a case which happened last Friday.(Luckily, he did manage to solve the case on the same day though. *relief* ) This is the standard answer he gave me : SR not issued yet. Nantilah. Reminded him again, he said : Nanti petang sikit. Not in office now. Until I go off at 6pm yesterday, still nothing. Even smsed to remind him before I left.

Came to office this morning, hoping that he had e-mailed me the details. Guess what??? Yup, you’re right, still nothing, nil, zero, nada…*sigh* and HQ is already urging me to update the system. In fact, been nagging me since yesterday but what can I do, don’t have the details yet. FINALLY, I got his e-mail around 10am and had the system updated promptly. * Sigh with relief*. PEACE at last.

I really, really don’t understand how this guy does his job. If it is too much for him to e-mail, then tell me over the phone sajalah. He doesn’t have to spend a cent pun, cos I’m the one calling mah. What is so difficult?! I'm NOT even asking him for the hardcopy. The details is good enough already *sigh*
It will be A LOT easier if he issued the SR when he first attended the case and get it signed by the customer on that day itself. Rather than going back for 2nd time. Dua kali kerja. If only he got it done the first time, he should be able to give the details when asked for . I can update system on time. HQ happy. Everybody happy. End of story.

This guy probably gets fed-up with me for calling him several times in a day (only during office hour ok, otherwise he’ll think I’m stalking him pulak..) can tell from his voice mah.. But what to do, he ask for it. HQ nag me, I nag him back lor… If only he is more co-operative, then we wont have to go through all this CRAP. You see, NOBODY likes being nagged, its DAMN IRRITATING!

I’ve sent e-mail about the difficulty in working with this guy to one counterpart in the HQ. Don’t know how far it gets circulated. But, according to one senior colleague, the HQ people are aware of this guy’s working style. Apparently, all the Admin before me have faced the same situation. The reason he is still retained is that we are unable to find new agent in Labuan yet. So, have to bear with him...GOD HAVE MERCY…*faint*

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