That’s what I’m feeling now. Monday is supposed to be a busy day but not today. Well, at least for me la. I am bored. Nothing to do in the office. While colleagues in PJ are enjoying their replacement holiday for Thaipusam, here in Sabah, it’s working like usual. No half day for Chap Go Meh either. But strange, even with so much free time…I’m not in the mood to blog-hop. So, to prevent me from dozing-off to la-la land, I typed this quikie post. * wink*

How’s your weekend? Mine was fine. On Saturday, I went to our ex-3B1 reunion. * sigh* Looks like I have to re-schedule the post to tomorrow. Actually, I already finished typing it but darn, I forgot to download the pic from camera. Cis! Hmm…tida syiok bah bercerita teda gambar ni…felt like lost saja. Hehe…picture says a thousand words bah urang bilang.

Yesterday, I took mom to visit my Aunty house in Kg. Maang. It’s been a while since the two sisters met each other. Bila suda berjumpa, banyak la story mo share…..Spent 3 hours there but it felt like only a few minutes. I had an enjoyable time too, chatting with cousins like nobody’s business. Even daughter had great time…bonding with her cousins

Notice the little copycat, trying to imitate her cuz,Terry's action. :)

P/s: Happy Chap Go Meh to all !


Mama mia, happy chap goh mei!! one day if im the next-PM, i;ll give the whole world a day-off!! eh, whole malaysian..hehe

take care mama mia

Ololooooo Punya kiut si Van immitating..hehe

Happy belated chap goh mei :)

Ninie ~ bah kalu gitu, sia sukung ko 100% kalu ko btanding jwtn PM :)

Kadus ~ bikin gerigitan bah dia tu...:)

Mell_f ~ Happy belated chap goh mei to u too :)

I don't have the change to celebrate my chap goh meh, I finish my week end in taking care my sick daughter.

Jess ~ Sorry to hear that, hope she is feeling well oredi.:)