Anime Nodame Cantabile

Hey, you guys watch anime? Well, I do. There’s a new anime series coming up on Animax, Nodame Cantabile. It is available from Monday to Friday at 7.30pm, starting tonight. Judging from the synopsis, I think this one has an interesting story line.

This comedy is about two persons who found love amid the classical music. Shinichi Chiaki, a top student in a music academy aims to be a conductor and has a phobia of flying. Megumi Noda (Nodame) is a messy yet talented pianist who falls in love with him. Along the way to success and happiness, they struggled to overcome their fears. Oh, I’m all excited to catch the debut tonight.

Well, I won’t say that I am a die-hard fan of anime but I do click on to Animax Channel 715 from time to time. I simply enjoy anime with cute characters and an interesting story line. Hmm..there are probably thousands of anime fans out there that are eager to talk about this topic. Yeah, if you’re a fan of something, you can talk and talk about it for ages. Never drained out of ideas for it. *smile*

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Wah! U also like watch anime ka?? Heheheee..sama la kita ni. I can spend my whole day watch anime yg sy donlod..Kdg2 blh skip meals lg oh..

wow... minat anime ka? aiseymen ni kasi kwn budak2 tgk anime ka ni? hihi.. sedihnya sya blum ada astro d rumah sewa..huahua.. nanti la beli tv lu.. :) cheers

Adora ~ wah smpi skip meals ko Adora..peminat fanatic ko ni. :) Sia inda la smpi begitu...

Kris&Nadia ~ hehe...anak sia bulum lg pandai tingu Tv bah. tp anime baru d Animax ni mcm interesting bah. Nasib baik ada ulangan ni ari, x sempat tingu smlm..hihi...

hi mama mia... visiting uuu hehehe

Well, if I can pry the remote control out of my kids hands maybe I could try and catch the show ... LOL!

I'm not really a fan of anime, my kids love it though.