Halloween Costumes of my dream...

Whoaa…it’s only January and I’m already writing about Halloween. No worries, this aunty had not gone crazy yet. Only ate and drank too much during the CNY ..hahaha…

Anyway, despite all the celebration that we have here in Malaysia, Halloween is the one celebration that we’ll never get to celebrate. It must be fun to dress-up like anybody or anything you like without being dubbed as lunatic. Hmm…IF I have a chance to experience the joy of Halloween, here’s what I have in mind.

I always wanted to be a doctor when I was small but I don’t have the brain to be one. So, to be able to dress-up like a doctor on Halloween pun jadilah. Finding a doctor costume is as easy as eating kacang putih. The lab coat looks a little bit plain though. Got to have a stethoscope and a hospital clip board to spice things up. *wink*

IF I can go back in time and be a kid once again, I will definitely go to back to my Primary School years. Why?? Simple reason i.e. Revenge. Okay, that time, I was not as good as the other kids at Math. Our stern Math teacher, Miss Lee (Whoaa...I still remember her name until now!) always punished me. The punishment hurts! I will ask my parents to buy me the skeleton costume. Once I’m in my costume, I’ll go to Miss Lee’s house and knock politely on her doors. BOO!!! I’ll scare the hell out of her when she opens the door. Ah, that would be a sweet revenge for striking me with the cane and making me stand on the tabletop, just because I couldn’t memorize the Multiplication Table (sifir). * evil grin*

All the items e.g costumes, accessories, decoration and make-up are available at Halloween Costume. There’s a wide range of outfit for everybody to choose from. A truly one-stop Halloween costume store, I would say!


ya.. heran jugak sia, awal juga si Mama Mia ni cerita pasal Halloween 0.o

bah peace!

neway, I never celebrated halloween ^.^, I wonder what it's like -.-"

hehe..jan ko heran. Ni post utk cari makan ni.