One fine day, Supermummy dropped-by and left a comment - “Nominate yourself for The First Supermummy Amazing Blogger Award (SABA)!” How nice of her… :) As usual, I always return a visit to any visitors on my blog. I went on to check-out her blog and I decided to try my luck. Yup, I, Mama Mia nominated myself shamelessly…hehe…Kinda like, masuk bakul angkat sendiri…;P

Yesterday, I got another visit from Supermummy and …I’m in the list. Mama Mia is in the running for the first SABA. Who knows? Lady Luck might just happen to be on my side. *smile* Of course, I can’t do it on my own. That’s why I’m asking you a favor. PLS VOTE FOR ME. Click on the SABA icon on top of my sidebar and your vote is cast. It’s that simple… :)

Hmm, I would be lying if I say I do not wish to win any of those fabulous prizes. Of course, I would lurrve to bag home one of the prize..hehe. It’ll sure make the upcoming Mother’s Day even more memorable to me. *smile*

Btw, the clicks counting have started yesterday, but it’s not too late to give your support as the counting will continue until 30 April 2009. So, what are you waiting for? Exercise your fingers, click on the SABA icon! Hehe...thank you guys! Muahhhs…


Macamana mo vote? Just click the banner ka? I've done that. Good luck kio!

sudah sy vote mia..hehehe 3 kali lagi..

IbgProper & Ida Athanazir ~ Tq very much for your support! :)

Mummy Zuan ~ wah..smpi 3x lg tu...hehe...bagus,bagus! Tq very much :)

Good luck Mia! Done for u!

i dah vote.. good luck yer.. =)

Surely will vote for you Mia. but how? just click at the Vote Link kaitu?

MOB, Just & Nurhayati ~ Tq all for your support!

Nora ~ ya Nora, klik saja tu icon ...:) Tq

i've already voted... masi sempat ba kan sampai 30th april juga.. hehehe gud luck

Tq Sab for voting! ;)