Curly-wirly hair...

As I mentioned in my last post, we moved to a nearby budget hotel on our last night in KL. We stayed at the Replica Inn Bukit Bintang. In terms of location, it is strategic, within walking distance to major shopping centers. Walk out the door and there you are, Chinese food everywhere. Non-halal some more *wink*.

True to its “no-frills-just-thrills” philosophy, the room is equipped with only the basic necessities. There was no kettle in the room. You can help yourself with hot and cold water from the water dispenser in the corridor outside the room. The room rates suits well with what they offered. I have no complain about the premise /room cleanliness.

But there is something that I am NOT satisfied about. I’m not going to rant about how noisy the traffic was or how hard it was to catch some good sleep, okay *smile*.

It is the hygiene of the bathroom towels that I want to share. Upon check-in, there were three fresh, white, cleaned towel stacked on the bathroom rack. Well, at least it appears to be clean. But when I took one of it and looked a bit closer….Eeuwwww..can’t believe what I just saw on one of the towel! I almost threw it on the floor! Lucky I didn’t use it right away, otherwise……*faint*

There it was, stuck in between the thread, a curly-wirly hair. Not the hair on top of your head, mind you. It’s the hair down there. IT WAS A PUBIC HAIR!!! OMG!!! Now, you tell me, disgusting or not??!! I was too disgusted to snap a pic of it. Furthermore, I think it’ll be a bit obscene and inappropriate to post the pic here.

After what I saw, I was phobia to use all the towels. I put aside the ‘dirty’ towel and have a thorough check at the other two. Only used it after satisfied with its hygiene, no hidden ‘treasure’ on it. But still it is hard to forget the earlier incident. In fact, the hair incident made me paranoid that the bed sheets and blanket might contain somebody’s pubic hair… uwekks!!!


OMG... banyak ka? haha..teribble and disgusting.. you should complaint to the hotel management.

yaks.. yiii... yew.. huahua.. i dun know wut to say.. better dont use it kan.. takut ada jangkitan ntah apa2 ni..yiii...

eeww....that is why when last time,i still working,whenever i went to o/station,will bring my own hand towel...don't trust the hotel!! mimang tu kalau hotel bajet..

Ouchhhh!! Silakak jg tu! But, susah jg mau complaint kan...

Nora ~ satu ja bah tp tu pun cukup suda buat kita geli...uweks. Klu complaint, paling2 pun drg minta sori & ganti towel ja tu. :)

Nadia ~ ya bah Nadia..fobia bah trus sia mo guna towel hotel ni.

MummyZuan ~ ya lor. i'll bear it in mind, nx time travel misti bring own towel. Menyesal kami pindah p tu hotel o...

Just ~ Tu la Just..cilaka butul kan. Kami malas p complaint, tu towel kami guna bikin alas kaki d luar toile sj. Klu komplen pun paling2 pun dia kasi towel baru sj tu...

Hahaha. Kana kasi jd alas kaki ba trus!! Tu la sia kan kalau p mana2 kan kalau stay hotel pun mmg bw towel sendiri jg!

hehe..kami bawa towel utk van-van sj bah tu ari. Lain kali misti bw towel utk sendiri jg..;)

OMG!!! hahaha Sia pantang nampak benda2 macam tu..!! punya bikin geli!!!

eee...bikin geli yg amat sangat bah Ty. Smpi skrg asal sj sia teringat tu incident..trus sia kegelian bah..

How much a night? I stayed at Bintang Warisan RM125, quite nice. Nova is more expensive but yucks! Not worth it!

LOL! I'd have thrown all the towels away, walked to one of the nearby shops and buy some new ones of my own ...

STP ~ We took d deluxe room @ rm148++..

NickPhillips ~ LOL! geli ok!! i'd change places in an instant if i were you haha..

Maybe the housekeeper punya curly hair - the rambut kepala..hehehe

tida la Jes, rambut yg saaana bah...

Hi N. Tq for dropping by. :)

Yaks...I never use hotel tower. My mom warn me on that too.

chegu Carol ~ mimang pun..grosss sangat2!

LittleInbox ~ ya lor, nx time beer bring/use own towel..:)

Aiks...geli lar.....i better check carefully b4 using hotel towel now!

eeeewwww... that's gross! I use to bring my own towel juga but cam malas sdh ni skarang but when I read ur post, hmmm... membawa lah nampaknya len kali ni... hehehe...

Sa ingat ko punya post ni pasal ko ksh keriting rambut ko... lols

OMG.. ni teruk gila ni... yep.. ngamlah tu.. jadi alas kaki.

if it happen on a higher class hotel, sure I bomb them... still no excuse. this is just terrible.


Jess ~ yes Jess, pls do so..

Man-D ~ hehe..lain kali sia pun mo bawa sendri pny towel o..tida yakin suda sia sm towel hotel ni...:).

Lol...misleading juga tajuk dia ni kan...hehe...

PapaJ ~ ya bah,so terrible. nx time tida mo lg stay sana...:)