Have you seen her ?

I stumbled upon this poster pasted on a pillar outside a photo shop in Donggongon yesterday evening. No, I don’t have any relation to this girl. I am merely helping to spread the words. Who knows one of us may know the whereabouts of this missing girl.
In case, the pic failed to give a clear info, I’d taken the liberty to repeat what was written on it. According to the poster, the girl, Stella @ Isabell went missing on the night of 20th March. The number to call is : 014-953 5017. There was no name of the contact person though.

If you can see, below the word “LOST” , there was $2000 written. Hmm, am not too sure about the reward though as it appears to be deliberately added by somebody with itchy fingers?

So, if you have seen this girl or have any info that may help to locate her, kindly call the contact number. Am sure her parents/family will be grateful for your assistance….:)


have this come out on DE?
mcm lately byk kes hilang2 ni kan....ishhh, makes you worry to walk alone on the street oh...mana lah tau palis2

God bless this girl!!

I saw the same news in DE yesterday.

ada juga yang gatal tangan kan, harap famili dia dapat cari budak ni

Ok jg ba kasi spread d blog kan? Mana la tau. Kalau d sini, along yg lekat gmbr & IC urg mau tagih utang!!

haiya.. takut la gini, jalan2 pun pandai ilang..

..may God bless dia tapi muka dia serrem gitu deh..like the korean ghost plak..siou but no offend kio

:( Hope she will returns home safely!!

How old is she Mia?.. looks quite matured already kan?. in KL banyak kes macam ni, but sadly in some case the girls actualy run/ hide with a boyfriend while the parents worried sick about her.

Well, I hope this one is not.

CheguCarol ~ yup, it was out in the DE..6 Apr's issue. Better not walk alone on d street la...apa lg klu malam..palis2

NinieJane ~ yes, hopefully she's safe.

Mell_f ~ sia tida perasan pulak..:) Mell

GregChai ~ itu la..suka2 sj pigi tambah tu reward..hopefully,his girl will be found in safe condition.

Just ~ ya lo Just. d sini, bulum lg sia pernah nmpk along kasi taruh gmbr urg yg berhutang...:)

AnnieMing ~ ya bah, mmg bikin takut.

MummyZuan ~ no komen la on her looks..:) God bless her, whereever she may be.

KadusMama ~ harap2 gitu la.

Nora ~ She's 15, a school drop-out. Not sure la what really happen..but hopefully she didn't ran away with some bf..kesian her parents...

Harap2 dia 'sedar'...mana tau kalu dia kena 'tiup2' oleh BF dia... Palis2...God bless her

ya bah kan Hahangai Avanus..kdg2 BF ni bknnya bulih pecaya sangat kan..palis2 la. God bless her

gosh, hope she's fine... wherever she maybe...

Kadazan girl kah? Sigh.. kenapa lah banyak kes begini ni. :(

1. Harap2 masih hidup
2. Harap2 paling teruk pun lari ikut BF nanti pandai baliklah tu bila BF kasi tinggal.
3. Harap2 bukan pasal ah long. Sebab ni lagi bahaya.

To the parents, harap bersabar dan berdoa saja ada good news. Sedih juga kena orang sendiri ni. :(


Lontugi ~ hope so...

PapaJ ~ ya, Kadazan girl from Kg Nambazan, Penampang. Harapan sia pun sama mcm harapan ko juga PapaJ Semoga dia selamat wherever she might be..