Natural teething pain remedy

Daughter Vanessa is cutting-tooth again. Looks like she’ll be getting her first molars anytime soon. Because of their large size and double edge, they are twice as hard to cut as incisors. Hence, the discomfort is at least twice as much as with other teethes. Kesian her…I can imagine how painful it is. :(

She was down with fever for 3 days, loss her appetite to eat and drink her milk, woke-up frequently at night, crying … :( Difficult for both of us to get some sleep at night. Had to give her paracetamol syrup to relief the pain. I don’t want rely too much on paracetamol though.

I thought of rubbing the popular topical ointment, Bonjela on her gums but this scares me. My Mom, as always, asked around for natural remedies. One of her friend, suggested to use this plant, niinipon . Ah, that’s the common name in Kadazan. If this plant has any other name, I absolutely have no idea what…. :)

Niinipon on the left. Don't know the name of the plant on the right, but the plant is diuretic. Good for cleansing the urinary system, so I was told.

The aunty swears by it. According to her, niinipon is effective and she has always used it on her children (when they were young) and grandchildren. Luckily, this plant can be found easily. There are plenty at our backyard.

Thank God Vanessa is feeling much better now. The fever is gone; appetite is improving progressively and less waking-up a night. I’m not too sure how effective the niinipon is but Vanessa’s mood has improved, not so cranky anymore. :) She enjoys biting chilled watermelon chunk. The cool juice soothes her gums. So we let her enjoy it but NOT without supervision.

Okay, here’s some info on how to process the niinipon, if you want to experiment with it. Pull the whole plant (with roots intact). Wash it. Put into a mug and pour in hot water. Leave it soaked for a minute. The water will turn into pale yellowish color and it tastes a bit fishy. Remember, do not let it over-soaked. It’ll make the water taste bitter. Take out and discard the plant. Let the water cool to lukewarm before drinking. Continue drinking a few times. :)

Have you ever heard of necklace as teething remedy? This is one interesting teething remedy I found in the Net. A necklace made from the bark of an elder tree (Sambucus nigra) can relieve teething pain among children. What’s elder tree in BM ?? hehe....

But on top of all, love is the best teething remedy! Shower your child with lotsa love and attention, introducing a new experience can also help distract him/her from the teething pain. *smile*


Di mana la sia mau cari Niinipon sini KL tu Mia?? Hahaha.. Sia minta pos laju la sama ko nanti. Haha.. Nice info nyway..

You know what..sia jeles tgk ko stayed with your mum bcos yr mum slalu ada best solution kalu ada apa2 hal mcm toothing ni...yg paling best guna 'konsep' kadazan lagi tu...uhhh.....

oh my mom has lots of this planted on her herb garden. kalau ko tinguk kan, mcm rumput2 biasa saja but if we go and jalan2 on it, gerenti kena teriak my mom ni....

Elder Tree : Puun Komohoingan : pohon orang-orang tua hahaha ??? :D
I'not sure if my mum ever told me about the ninipon plant but i'm sure she knows about it benefit. Goodlah to hear si Vanessa ok oready after consuming the ninipon. I will use this remedy if my kids onipanan one day :)

wow, great info!!

sakit gigi paling digeruni... eee.. sakitnya. kesian dia.

oloh!! kesiannnn...Hope Van ok already..!
Nasib both my anak teda probs masa tumbuh gigi..teda feeling langsung nie..hahaha sia pun nda tau dorang tumbuh gigi bah..
Lain kali kalau sakit lagi kan..ko kasi sejuk kain dalam freezer, nanti kasi taruh di gigi yang mau tumbuh tu..kurang sikit sakit dia..

Just ~ hehe..klu ko p Dataran Merdeka pun tida jumpa ni tumbuhan Just. Kalu ko mo minta, kastau ja kio..bisa diatur bah tu.:)

MOB ~ ya bah Mouren, itu la advantage klu tinggal sm urang tua & tinggal di kampung lg tu..:)Am really grateful to have my mom staying with us. :)

CheguCarol ~ wah, your mom got herbs garden lagi..bagus,bagus. Sepa la bah sangka yg 'rumput biasa' ni bulih bikin ubat kan..skrg tau suda la...:)

Ornest ~ interesting juga ko pny literally translation ni Ornest. bah jgn lupa test power Ninipon bila tanak ko onipanan kio..:)

Ida ~ Memang sakit gigi sangat digeruni. Org dewasa pun setengah mati kalau sakit gighi, apa lagi budak2...

KadusMama ~ Bagusnya anak2 ko teda teething pain. Ada juga sia terbaca ni tips psl kasi sejuk kain dlm freezer..Tq ar Ty for sharing this tip.

Wah good info Mia, I should be ready when Dian ada teething problem. But, same as Just juga, mana mau cari ninipon sini hehehe.... kau pos laju la kio hehe.