Gardening in the morning...

Yey, daughter Vanessa is in her usual self again. She is back to her morning routine. Tailing her Grandma (Mama) at her mini vege garden…hehe. Copying her Mama every move…checking for snails, weeding and loosening the soil around the eggplant trees. Obviously, she is feeling much better now that her fever has subsided *smile*. Like any other 18mths old toddler, she was given immunizations, DPT (Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus) and OPV (Oral Polio Vaccine) during her last visit to the clinic on Wednesday.

She was in a good mood during her visit. She obeyed to stand properly on the scale and had her weight and height measured. She now weighed 10.7kg and 78cm tall. It was a totally different story during her previous visit where she refused to be measured. We had to sit her on the infant scale to weigh her and roughly estimated her height…agak-agak only la since she refused to lie or stand still… :)

This time, Vanessa was a good girl. She didn’t protest when given two drips of OPV. When the nurse asked her to open her mouth, to my surprise, she did so obediently, no fuss whatsoever. Even smile sweetly to the nurse :) . How nice of her! Unlike at home where she’ll only have her medicine after a long persuasion and the running around. Penatnya, kadang-kadang sampai habis modal bah mau pujuk baru dia surrender….hahaha….

Then came the jabbing part. I was worried right from the start. Worried that she’ll put up a struggle, run or anything to avoid that jab on the thigh. But once again, surprise, surprise! Not only did she sit kuai-kuai on my lap, she didn’t even cry out loud when she was jabbed with the DPT shot. Well, she did shed a few tears but only for a sec. She was back to smiling and waving and blowing kisses to the nurses when the whole process was over. Making all the nurses gerigitan…hahaha…Yup,that’s my little brave girl! :)

Btw, it is always good for us parents to have some knowledge on our children’s immunizations. Info Sihat is an excellent place where we can get educated about it. Info Sihat is the Health Education Division of our own Ministry of Health. Of course, the infos are not limited to children’s immunization only. At Info Sihat, there are information from A – Z on various diseases that affects both adult and children complete with the treatment/prevention measures.


Bagus nya dia..tidak menangis kana jarum...Good girl!

Atuk..sandal siapa si Vanessa pakai tu...cute...hehehehe

MOB ~ hehe...nangis jg bah tp tida la meraung..skijap ja dia nangis :)

IP ~ sepa lagi kalu bukan nenek dia punya...wakaka...suka butul dai pakai urg basar pny sandal Phil...

heheheee..punya besar selipar si van mio..nanti tejatuh pulak kalau bejalan..
Kuat bah anak perempuan nie.tahan lasak.. :)

Kuai Kuai, good girl.

cutenya dia pakai sandal nenek dia tu hehe.. it's a good thing that she's doing well..

cannot wait to hv my own child, but too many commitment bah skrg.. plus blum ada confidence mo jadi mama.. haiya.. im not sure if i cn be a good mother to my children in the future.

KadusMama~ itu la Ty, takut bah jg dia terjatuh tp dia insist jg mo pakai tu sandal..klu tida kana bagi, menangis trus bah Ty. Inesha pun tahan lasak ka Ty?

LittleBox ~ hehe..

MaduBeracun ~ nah, kana puji kiut lagi..hehe..klu dia pandai baca, misti kembang kempis hidung dia kana puji. :)

Hmm, klu too many commitment, susah jg o klu ada anak. Pelan-pelan la bah.

Psl being a good mumy,well, nobody's was born to be a good mumy. Sumua pun belajar dr pengalaman bah..:)

yo lo carmel.. good gurl oo kan :) and cute too.. very2 cute :)

Good girl!!

BTW, i voted for u for the super mummy amazing award of luck..hope we'll get something hehehe

best c cute ni kan..x takut jarum..saya takut wo nanti baby sy kena jarum ni dia nangis udah,abis gia dulu xda dia nangis..rilek ja..

oya..i vote for you...

Carmel & Nadia ~ Bagi pihak sumandak sia ni, Tq..:)

Aunty J ~ Tq for voting..ya lor,hope we get something :)

Mummy Zuan ~ hehe..harap2 baby ko inda nangis nti...

Tq for voting kio!