4D3N - Part 1

Now I’m back in the office and in the blogsphere as well. Hehe...I'll be blog-hopping soon, watch-out ya! This post was supposed to came up yesterday but was unable to do so as there were a few out-standing works waiting for me during my absence. *sigh*

I was back in town on last Tuesday but only came back to work yesterday. It was a good thing that I took an extra leave on April Fool’s Day as daughter Vanessa was having a mild fever. Her fever started on the last day we’re in KL. As the day goes by, her fever subsided. Thank God! But she was very cranky and grumpy and extra manja. Sikit-sikit mommy, sikit-sikit daddy....aduii..

Just as I expected, she has become too attached to mommy and daddy. This morning, she was okay a bit compared to yesterday. It was almost impossible to leave for work. She was crying her heart out….whining for her mommy and daddy. Btw, now at 18mths, she can pronounce “mommy”, “daddy” fluently :), no more "meh" or "deh". Another milestone reached. It breaks my heart to see/hear her crying, but still, we need to go work L. Does that make me a bad mommy? :(

Okay, here’s some story on our trip. On 28/03, we arrived with Air Asia at LCCT, 10 minutes ahead of schedule. My BFF, Chenli & fiancé were supposed to fetch us at the airport. When after 5 minutes looking out for each other at the arrival hall, we’re still unable to find each other. I had a bad feeling that there was something wrong somewhere. Just as I thought, we were at two different locations. She & fiancé were waiting for us at Subang Airport! * sigh* Miscommunication.

Waiting for them to get to LCCT was obviously not a good idea due to the distance and traffic jam. Therefore, we took the Air Asia Skybus @ RM9 to KL Sentral instead. The ride was so boring that we all fell asleep as soon as the bus started to move. Oh, the cool breeze from the air-cond definitely expedites the process of dozing-off to la-la land! Hehehe...

Chenli & fiancé picked us at KL Sentral and sent us to Radius International Hotel. Our room was situated on the 14h flr with a view of the city. After having dinner, we all waited patiently for the clock to strike 8.30pm, the Earth Hour. From the dark of our room, we were able to see that the major shopping complexes and hotels had their lights-off for Mother Earth e.g. the JW Marriott, the Royale Bintang, Lot 10, Starhill, Low Yat Plaza, Berjaya Times Square etc. The hawkers stalls along Jalan Alor was operating like usual…probably they didn’t want to take the risk of losing business or worse have their goods stolen…hehe…

The next day, buffet breakfast was served at 7.30am to 10.30am. We were quite excited to see what they have to offer. Well, there were varieties of food served to suits everybody’s taste. There were fried kuey teow, nasi lemak, bread, bun, egg omelets, Coco Crunch Cereal, coffee, tea, juices, fruits etc. Well, the food was edible but the fried kuey teow at one of the stall out there was a lot better. :)

We spent the entire day, jalan-jalan. Our first stop was the Berjaya Times Square. Hehe..it was more of window-shopping than shopping itself. But I did grab a shorts and tops and a few books by James Patterson and Steve Berry at the Borders Book Store. I’m a book fetish…if only I have all the money; I would probably end-up buying the whole rack of mystery/adventure books!

We were joined by Chenli and fiancé later in the afternoon. Our second stop was Sg. Wang Plaza. Here, we bought some more clothes, T-shirt and dress for daughter. I was checking-out the shoe stores for a pair of sandals but my search was halted when daughter became grumpy. Ah, that’s the cue to end the day’s activity. After having dinner at one of the kedai kopi along Jalan Alor, we headed back to the hotel. We were all exhausted from the jalan-jalan that we fell asleep as soon as we hit the pillows. :)


:) sioknyaaaa bah kan bejumpa..! sudah sia post gambar kita tu..
Ok sudah si Van dari fever dia??

How is Vanessa now? Hope she is ok oredi. Gitulah bah klu anak kecil demam... extra manja tu hehehe but i think it can help them heal faster. Wah, sioknya kamurang jalan2 sana KL. Last time sya pi KL is before i was transfered to Keningau.. back in 2005, for a seminar at Nikko Hotel. I stayed at Royale Bintang. The food there was nice tho.. The room rate was also reasonable. Now there must be many changes in Bukit Bintang :D Emm... macam mana juga kamu bulih miscommunicate tu? Pya jauh lagi tu hehehe....

so kesian ur daughter kena fever... lucky she only kena after u're back from KL. klu tidak... susah juga mo bejalan2 kan?

hi mia...best wo kamurang dapat gather2 lagi...

hope u enjoy yr stay in penisular.. did u eat puas puas?

ya bah Ty...sayang sikijap sj dpt jumpa. Lain kali misti mo masa yg lama baru puas hati.

Nasib baik ok suda Van-van..

Ornest ~ Baik suda Van-van dr fever. Manja pun tida brapa suda. hehe...

Wah, lama suda tu. Sia pun ni la first time sia visit KL after grad,2004 mangkali tu. Tia ingat suda...talampau lama suda. Hehe...

Psl miscomm tu mmg menghairankan..tp no point la tuduh-menuduh sepa silap ingat, yg penting terjumpa jg lapas tu. hehe..

Unduii.. kesian c van2 demam. Kepenatan and kesejukan kali dia kena bw jalan 'sana' tu. Betul jg ckp c Mimi tu. Nasib baik jg sampai KK baru demam. Kalau nda, susah jg mau jalan2 d KL. Sdh la bkn selalu kan...

Mimi ~ Thx for dropping by Mimi. Ya bah..if dia sakit time smpi Kl, mmg segala plan mo jalan2 terpaksa dilupakan...:)

MummyZuan ~ mmg best tp inda sukup masa bah. Tp klu 1 hari 1 mlm pun masi jg tida abis crita mah...hahaha...

reanaclaire ~ yup. abt the makan2 thingy,i've been avoiding the weight scale since i came back. hehe...

wah best ni cuti-cuti Malaysia :D

skg nie musim sakit lah.banyak yg sakit skg..

I see, that's why you all have the mini blogger gathering. :)

hi mama mia..hehe..siok ko jalan2 jg kan....cute ur daughter...buli booking ka..haha..

support 60EH jg ka..haha..sia da kapal terbang p KL tu masa o..haha

added u in my blog list..cheers!

Just ~ itu la bah Just..now dia ok suda dr demam tp skrg batuk2 pulak..

GregChai ~ ya lor..bercuti d dlm negara sendri la ni..bulum mampu lg mo p luar negara...:)

Carmelliny ~ maybe bcos of the weather yg sgt panas bah skrg ni..ramai yg sakit..

LittleInbox ~ hehe...siok bah jumpa kawan lama ni...

Wel ~ hehe..tq. booking utk sepa? your son?

support 60EH? itu suda semestinya..hari2 pun kmi support. time tidur we off suma lampu tp emergency light masi on la...talampau gelap pula klu teda lampu :)

added u in my bloglist too.