Get paid for blogging

Your blog is more than 30 days old? You update your blog regularly? Why not turn your favourite pass time into quick money generator? Don’t you just love to have the extra cash to go shopping on eBay? Well, I certainly love both...blogging and shopping. Then again, who doesn’t? :)

Okay, there are quite a number of get-paid-for-blogging site out there. One of them is Blogvertise. This is where thousands of Advertisers looks for bloggers like you and me to help promote their products and services. We only need to talk about them in our post/entry in 100 words or more.

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The registration process is quick and easy, no fuss whatsoever. Once we registered an account, we’ll then need to add our blogs for review and approval. However, it is the sole discretion of the Blogvertise Administrator to whether approve or disapprove our blog for any reason. :)


salam kunjungan balas dari sy mama insyirah :)

Ok juga ni Blogsvertise masa sia join last year. Banyak assignments dia. But lately macam kureng seja :( Mungkin sbb ramai suda bloggers jadi members... itu kek pun kicik suda... hehe

Hmmmm....setakat nie, sia nda pernah dapat ops dari blogsvertise..!!! padahal 1 year sudah sia join..ekeke

I've been with Blogsvetise for a long while now. They used to have loads of assignments and these days I get nothing at all ... siggghhh ...

CatlinaFly ~ hehe...tq for dropping-by.

Nessa ~ sia baru mo try nasib ni Nessa. Mangkali itu la bah sebab dia tu...yg lain pun kureng juga assignments.

KadusMama ~ iya TY? try nasib sj bah ni...untung2 ada la ops...:)

NickPhillips ~ Nessa said, the cake is getting smaller as the number of member is growing...:)