Caring for the environment

We do not inherit the Earth from our Forefathers; we borrowed it from our Children” It is an ancient Native American proverb that I first heard from one of my lecturer back in the Uni, Prof Ahmad Makmom, if I’m not mistaken. This proverb really opened up my eyes towards caring for and appreciating Mother Earth.

Call me naïve or ignorant or anything, but I didn’t know or care much about the environment before I went to the Uni. In fact, I didn’t really know what drove me to enlist the Environment in my choice of study :). It wasn’t my first option for sure. When I was offered the course, I was like “Huh? Apalah mau study pasal environment ni? Can I find work after I finished my study? “ But I accepted it anyway…thinking, I can always switch to other course if this one doesn’t suit me…never mind la if I wasted one semester...

But, after one sem, I found that the course was NOT boring after all. In fact, it was the opposite. It was interesting. So the issue of switching to other field of study no longer exists. I was glad that I accepted the offer. I enjoyed my study! Of course, there are subjects that I dislike, but what to do? Have to take also, compulsory ma…*roll eyes*

Studying the environment, both in theory and practical, really gave me a chance to know more about the environment, the issues related to it and the mitigation measures to minimize the damage etc. It inspired me to be more aware and caring towards the environment. I guess, I will always be grateful for taking up the course. Even though now I no longer work in environment-related field, I can still show my support in creating a better environment to live in. Never mind la if it is only a small, tiny gesture, e.g. bringing my own reusable grocery bag, recycling used paper or plastic bags or switching off the lights/fan if it is not in use. Hehe...our support should be continuous, not only once or twice a year during the Earth Day or Earth Hour . *smile*

In case, you don already know :) . I’ll gladly reiterate here that today is Earth Day. The organizer of the first Earth Day, Earth Day Network launched the Green Generation Campaign, a 2-year initiative that will culminate in the 40th year anniversary of Earth Day in 2010. The main focus of this campaign is towards renewable energy-solar, wind and geothermal to preserve the resources for the next generation.

Plus, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Malaysia) has embarked on a campaign to bag 40,000 signatures in support of preserving the beleaguered turtle eggs, seeking support to regulate laws o ban the sale and consumption of turtle eggs nationwide and establish comprehensive and holistic federal legislation to conserve marine turtles. The signing-up for the campaign starts today until September 30. So, have you pledge that you won’t eat turtle eggs anymore? Well, I already did mine…not that I eat them anyway..hehe… :)


hai mama mia kalau nak beli handmade hairclip yg comel2 bleh jenguk tempat saya yer... salam perkenalan!

turtle eggs are not for me too... macam teda makanan lain lagi urang mo mkn kan? good that u r doing something, i myself pun sedang pelan2 mo buat lifestyle changes... :)

man is limited when it comes to caring for the invironment.

Meron totoo at sincere to save the planet, meron namang hindi talaga, bahala system, ex is our ilog pasig in Manila.

haaay, dami pa tayong matututunan bago mabago ang mundo....

Jijah ~ Hi,salam perkenalan. Nti sya jenguk ok...:)

Lontugi ~ itu la kan..nda paham mcm mana dorang bulih mkn telur penyu...Bha, sama2 la kita buat changes in our lifestyle k...:)

Francesca ~ Thx for dropping-by. Indeed, not many ppl care sincerely for the environment..

:) i dont understand tagalog, but tq for your comment ya!

Morning mama Mia,

Yes that quote open my eyes too. As a start, I didnt use plastic anymore, and recylce...:)

MMamia, si Francesca bilang :

(Memang betul dan tulus untukk menyelamatkan bumi, tidak ternilai harganya. contoh sistem pengairan sungai kami di Manila)

yang last tu " yalah - much more before we learn to change the world"

sa tau sikit2 ja ni -

Nora ~ ya bah Nora, dalam betul bah maksud tu proverb...

Kong ~ wah..bulih tahan jg ko mentranslate tagalog ar. Tengkiu..:)