Food, Mom and Gift…

As expected, the power cut-off happened again. Luckily, it happened during lunch time. Therefore, I don’t have to go through another free sauna session…hehe…

Instead of having lunch at the coffee shop downstairs like usual, I braved the scorching midday sun. Having the same food, same taste for a week straight will sure make anyone sick, no matter how good it taste. Since it is the only kedai makan in my office area and I was discouraged by the blazing sun, I forced myself to consumed the same food! Sedih oh kan?! :)

Hmmm, how good it is if I could go home and enjoys mom’s cooking. Doesn’t matter la if lunch means steamed, plain white rice with kangkung belacan and salted fish and a pinch of nonsom (pickled) bambangan *drool*. Don’t know about you, but I certainly, don’t mind having these dishes for my daily meals. * smile*

Hey,Mother's Day is Coming Up! If you are still looking for ideas on the perfect gift for your mom, you are not alone…:). Hopefully, we’ll found the right gift before that special day. *wink*

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yummm... walaupun sy bukan peminat ikan.. tapi kalau ikan masin ahh.. makan sama nasi yang panas2 pun sodap.. buli makan sampai dua piring lagi tu... haha

ya ba .. sya pun nda tau oo mau bg apa.. emm.. :)

Too bad, I'll be away this coming Mother's Day. Got to tell mom "ganti balik" when I'm home. :)

hehehe..last time waktu saya keja,pun slalu ni boring makan tempat sama..last2 masak sendiri dr umah ni..sedap lagi..

Sab ~ ya butul tu Sab, ikan masin mmg sodap...:)

Nadia ~ tu la, klu bg benda yg sama sj tiap2 thn mcm boring pulak kan...hehe

LittleInbox ~ ya lor..

MummyZuan ~ ya bah, tp kadang2 malas bah mau masak...hehe..

Wah kalian suma bikin aku punya air liur jaga2 blood preasure korang naik kio...sebab ikan masin ni masin hahahahaha

Now u'r talking about mom's recipe..just now, my children said, they missed their grand-ma chicken porridge ;)

I told them, tomorrow, we will buy the chicken and send to grandma's house and beg her to cook it for us hehehe

I tot my area saja kena tu power cut-off. Adala jg bermandi peluh abt food, ya oh..btul jg, no matter how sadap the food kalu hari2 makan yg itu2 jg..pandai boring ni...

maybe jewelries for the mother's day gift?? go to maybe ada idea di sana

hi mia, sorry mencelah di kalangan komen2 ini...wah, cerita pasal makan aaa...errr, apa emel ko tu? sa mo invite baca blog sa kasi restrict sdh tu

Via ~ hehe..Tq for the reminder on the blood pressure. :)

IbgProper ~ haha Phil, i'm sure u don't need to beg bah kan? u all only have to ask,then she will surely cook it for you...hehe

Adora ~ hehe..Adora, bkn ko sj yg mandi peluh bah. Klu sia telampau boring mkn masakan kedai, sia tapau ja dr ruma...jimat & sedap lg.

Ida ~ Tq for the suggestion. I'll visit to get some idea. Tq

Memel ~ komen sj bah Mel, jgn malu2. My emel,