4D3N - Part 2

Woke up early in the morning of 30/03. After having breakfast (same variety of food as the day before) hubby decided to switch to another hotel nearby. Err, well, not exactly a hotel, the Replica Inn. It looks quite new and the room rate is suitable for the room/amenities they offered. But, there was one disgusting experience during our stay. Ah, that’s another story to tell. I’ll save it for the next post. *wink*

We went for an outing at the Colmar Tropicale Bukit Tinggi Resort. Good thing that Just and hubby were willing to loan their car to us for the day. Otherwise, we won’t be able to visit Colmar Tropicale. Thanks to Just & hubby.

It was a very long journey to Bukit Tinggi that we almost give-up and thought of turning back to KL in the mid journey. * sigh * We got lost! That’s why it took us half a day to reach there. I rather not talked about this sesat-sesat thingy. Bikin panas saja…

We finally reached Bukit Tinggi in the late afternoon. We only spent half an hour there. Looked around the place, snapped a few pics here and there. The place sure is beautiful. Rasa macam berada di negara urang putih pulak…hehe… Hubby thought of trying the food at one of the restaurant but I had to forget it. As it was getting late, it’ll be even harder to drive at night. I can’t bear the thought of getting lost again on the way back…*wink* Furthermore, I was late for my meet-up with Just and KadusMama.

When we reached the City Centre, it was raining mad! Almost impossible to get a good look at the signboard. Once again, we made the wrong turn. DAMN! Ntah jalan apa suda tu kami termasuk...forgot the name liao! Lucky there was not many car passing-by, hubby managed to make an illegal turn. Hopefully there was no hidden camera there…inda pasal-pasal kana saman kereta si Just. *wink*

We reached KLCC around 8 something. We parked the car near a bus-stop then walked our way to the KLCC Burger King, the venue of our mini gathering. KadusMama and Just was already munching their burgers and fries when we joined them. There are some pics and story here and here *smile*

It was the first time daughter Vanessa meeting with her mommy’s old friends. Being a friendly kid, she was not intimidated by the present of these new faces, instead she smiled cheekily to these hot mamas *smile* I know, she is at the stage where everyone is interesting. She smiles, put out her hand and wave bye-bye to strangers in the airport and commuter. Hmm, it is good that she is friendly but in the same time, we’re concern about her friendliness. Can’t help it though…tau-tau saja la kan sekarang ni banyak kes culik budak. Touch wood…

Sayang sekali that we, the blogger-mamas have only a little time to spend. Otherwise, we could have brought down the KLCC with our chat and laughs. LOL! We bid our good-byes when KadusMama’s hubby came to fetch her. Just and hubby was kind enough to send us back to the hotel. Thanks again guys!

Before depart to the airport, we went for a quick tour at the Aquaria KLCC. It was packed with ppl and kids. Some kindergarten pupils came for a visit. There was about 30-40 of kids with their teachers trying their best to keep them in order. It was not an easy job to keep these curious kids under control. That is why I never dreamed of being a kindergarten teacher! Hehe….mau urus satu budak pun susah, apa lagi berpuluh-puluh budak..pengsan!

We spent the half of our journey back to KK sleeping. The last thing I remembered was the stewardess preparing for the safety demo. When I woke-up, it was an hour before landing. LOL! Vanessa was fast asleep too due to the fever meds we gave her earlier. So, that's the story of our cuti-cuti in KL. :)


A great holiday !!..recently my friend went to bukit tinggi with her family and I had seen their photos . wow it is a great place to stay..enda dapat pigi negara org putih pun bule lah lepas gian di Bukit Tinggi...jeles saya oh...

Izou nga ah nangan nogi mimpanau..katapi aiso 'hong' boh gia..he he he

heheeee...memang kalau lama sikit kita sana KLCC tu, runtuh bangunan klcc kita buat..ekekekee
Siok kan di bukit tinggi?? macam orang puteh punya tempat saja..next time suruh si just p sana pulak..ekekee kan dia belum p lagi...

An escapade once in a while is great isn't it? :) trus sia teingat itu lagu advert Bkt Tinggi owh!

Ko kasi jeles sia aa Ty!! Tepa.. nanti sia pujuk hubby sia pigi sana bawa c Cucu sama mumy tua. Hahaha...

Mia, welcome! Aik, sampat jg kamu p tu Aquaria?? Next time ko dtg lg, kita jalan sama2 aa.. ;p

wah.. bestlah.. dapat jalan2 ;)

Wah, sioknya kamu cuti2 Malaysia! :D

Sia di sini lebih 3 tahun suda pun bulum pernah lagi pigi Bukit Tinggi sama Aquaria!

DLSumunie~ Kmi tida stay sana bcos of time contraint. Butul cakap ko tu, dpt lepas gian d Bkt Tinggi pun jadi la bah kan...

Bah, harap2 Mr Karabau @ Ox kaanu mogovit 'hong' kumaa doid diau toun diti .obuli ko noh mimpanau...:)

KadusMama ~ hehe...butul tu Ty! Pengsan la laki kita karang...: bila d Bkt Tinggi, trus perasan mcm d tmpt urg putih pulak o...hehe.

Ya c Just lg bulum pigi, harap2 dia dpt la pujuk laki dia tu...:)

MissMathew ~ yup! eh ada ka tu lagu? sia tida pernah dgr o? :)

Just ~ hehe...semoga berjaya ko memujuk laki mu.

Sempat bah Ty..;) Yup, nx time we go mommies day out la kan..:)

AnnieMing ~ ya, lama suda tida jln2 p kl bah..

Nessa ~ hehe..sama la ko sm c Just. Tp besa bah kan urg, klu tmpt dekat2 mana mo p lawat, klu yg jauh2 tu lain la...:)

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Nessa, sama la kita kan! Mungkin betul sakap c Mia tu. Bila dkt, nda mau pigi. Yg urg jauh2 dtg sini pulak beriya2 mau pigi. Hehhe..

French Village! Nice place ya! Cool weather too!

tu foto Bukit Tinggi macam luar negeri oh, ngam jadi escape dari bising-bising di bandar hehehe

Supermummy ~ Hi,Tq for dropping by. will visit your blog soonest possible :)

Jess ~ yes, it's a cool place to visit. Bcos we went during weekdays, it was not crowded wt ppl..:)

GregChai ~ mmg ngam utk escape dr bising2..sana tu aman damai sj...:)