Thank God Monday is over. I’m referring to the working hours ya *wink*. How’s your day? Mine was the usual, typical Monday, work, work and some more work *roll eyes* How NOT exciting!!!

As I was typing, I can’t help but nice it was if I was home right now, catching an afternoon nap like Mew-Mew here?
This is one of my pet cats in his daily routine. He spends most of his time sleeping on the sofa… sampai my mum use her old sarung to cover it to avoid the furs sticking on the cushion.Normally, Mew-Mew would curl himself into a ball but yesterday he did a different sleeping position. It was funny to find him all stretch-out, truly enjoying the moment…until my little girl woke him with the squeaking sound of her rubber ducky. LOL! Kesian si Mew-Mew..takajut bah dia dingar tu bunyi... Now where did my little Vanessa get that wicked idea? Well, she got it from her mommy! LOL!


so cute si mew mew sleep...he he. I am sure cats are the same in their habit...sangat manja like my cat si chao ann...bulu si mew mew sama si chao ann sumunie sama oh...

kalau miau sy tidur begitu,sy main2 sd sama perut dia oo..tapi sayang my miau tu besar perut,nda bulih tidur begitu XD

kiutttttt....sia pernah ada kucing warna mcm ni juga Mama Mia. Nama dia c Battle star...ndak tau la pula napa sia kasi nama dia mcm akhirnya dia 'lari' ikut boipren...hahahahahahaha
p/s Sia ni pets lover...tu la tikus pun sia pandai 'simpati' kalu kana kasi racun...uh!

hehe..i see, u hv a chinese cat..

Mell_f ~ misti kucing ko ni kuat mkn, tu la psl perit dia besar...:)

MOB ~ tu nama Battlestar bah, dramaticnya..ingatkan kucing jantan, betina rupanya...:)

sia tia suka kasi racun tikus, klu mati susah mau cari lg tu bangkai..bgs scare them off wt cats..btw, si Mew-mew ni my mum's fav cat bah Mouren