I’ve been trying to type something for my post today. But I can barely make a sentence. I tried to read the paper, but it seems like ‘masuk telinga kiri, keluar telinga kanan’. After reading an article, I was like ‘Huh? What was it all about??” I can’t remember anything I read after 5 minutes. I’m having a hard time focusing. Don’t know what’s wrong with me today. Is something bothering me? I don’t think so. Then, what??? *sigh*

Hmm, it got to be the early morning blackout. I came in the office today in a cheery mood, …no Monday blues whatsoever…:). Checked my e-mail, scanned some documents…then suddenly…POOF! Every thing that operates on electric went dead! Arrrgh…no electricity again! *sigh* This frustrating incident has been occurring in Donggongon area everyday since last week. Same old story, power interruption is due to some upgrading exercise by SESB. It lasts for at least one hour. I hate blackout, the power interruption is not only bad for the electrical appliances, it is also damn irritating. Betul2 bikin panas…bcos without the air-cond, it felt like sauna in the office. Anybody want to experience sauna? Most likely here will be another blackout tomorrow. Jus drop-by around 9am. Free session some more…hehe


astaga.. mimang pun terasa sauna ja hari2..huhu tensen btul :)

Today,my ofis pula blackout pukul 3pm, punya lah bikin panas betul tu kepanasan. Entah kenapa kerap betul ni blackout happen oo.

alala,susahnya tu mau buat kerja kalo macam dalam sauna..

Patut la nmpk ko on9 jap ja hari ni Mia. Dpt sauna free pulak!! Kekeke...

Nadia & Mell ~ Betul tu.Mimang bikin panas & bikin tensen ni kepanasan..huh!

Carmel ~ ya bah, trus sia teda mood mo buat keja o..

Just ~ itu la bah Just..silaka butul!

I know what it feels like experiencing a sauna. It's been so hot over here that I'm perpetually sweating. If the electricity went off, I'll be screaming bloody murder!

Sometimes.. I do wish my opis pun .. black out :P:P.. cos.. asyik kerja ja.. sometimes.. no rest.. ish..

hehe..u better pray hard so that your ofis blackout...:) Sekali sekala bagus jg, tp klu hari2 bikin panas

hye mama..thanx for visiting my blog..btw, i cant stand heat but love cold so much...i cant stand a place without air/ no current mean *almost dead*..hehehe

Susah mau limpas tu traffik light donggongon kamarin pasal teda karen. Sya bw anak pi klinik lagi tu. Main brani ja tp hati2 juga :) Mcm lama juga black out tu kamarin, i think smpi noon... Di mana bah dorang mau upgrade tu?

NickPhillips ~ U sweating even thou the air-cond is on? Whoa, then it must be very hot over there.

Vienne ~ Thx for visiting too. Butul tu cakap ko, no air/fan = almost dead...:)

Ornest ~ alala..nasib baik ko berjaya limpas dgn jayanya. Sia pun inda tau mana dorang mo upgrade..must be dekat2 Donggongon la tu..