No electricity...again.

Yup, that's what happened here in Penampang. Not once but twice you know. The 1st time happened at 11:30am...almost noon time. Opened the door and windows to let some air in, outside the sun is can imagine how hot and stuffy the air that got into the office. Luckily, it lasted for 30 minutes, not 3 hrs like last time. *sigh* Turned out that the power failure didn't just happened in here only but other place as far as Sipitang.
The 2nd one happened at 4.20pm, lasted for 40 minutes. Honestly, I was hoping this one may last a little bit longer...say until 5.30pm like that. Why? So that I can go off early and stop-by at the tamu...looking for vege and fruits to buy. Hehehe...if boss call, asking why I left early, I'll just blame the electricity. See, I'll got my script ready in mind...only that it didn't turn out as planned. Hmm..I'll reserved it for next time...*wink-wink*.