Break No Bones

No worries, nobody’s getting smacked on the head!! It’s only the title of a book I read, written by Katie Reichs, one of New York Times Bestseller. It’s about a forensic anthropologist, Temperance Brennan, working on a murder case. Oh yeah, there is a TV series, Bones that is created by her.

To solve a murder, of course it involved a lot of investigations, fact-findings with the help of science. These of course, may disinterest some people, but NOT me. I’m an avid fan of investigation stories. NEVER missed an episode of all the three CSI series. While most women enjoy ROMANCE/LOVE stories, I prefer investigation/mysteries, be it a book or TV series. BUT, my interest is NOT LIMITED to investigation series only okay, I am also devoted to the Ugly Betty series. Occasionally, I watch Desperate Housewives, House and Crayon Sin Chan also.

Back on track, it’s been a while since I last read a book. (When was yours? ) The last time I read a book was last year, when I was on leave, nearer to my Expected Due Date. Wah, that was almost a year ago. I borrowed this book from the library, some time in mid of July. I was so bored in the office, needed something to kill-off some time. That time I haven’t started blogging yet. *grin*

Anyway, FINALLY, I managed to finish reading it today. Yeah, after 1 month, and got the return date renewed twice *grin * But, this book is not as good as the others by her. My opinion lah. Its kinda boring, lack of thrill, didn’t really set my adrenaline pumping. In fact, it made me sleepy. Hmm… so I did some “speed reading”…yes, read a few lines, jumped to another page, skipped a few pages * wink-wink*. Maybe it is not the storyline after all, maybe it’s HOW I read it. I’ve been reading on and off, read a few pages and stopped, and came back to it again…after a couple of DAYS, mind you. *grin * By the time I came back to it, I have completely forgotten what happened in the previous page. Have to flip through the earlier pages again to recap. Hehehe


The last time I read books was during my 2weeks MC on my miscarriage... I read 5 malay romance novels!! Don't think could finish an English book in 2weeks coz malas mau flip through the dictionary in case jumpa word yg susah... kikiki... ;p need dictionary la moi...hentam sj baca..main teka2 sj bah erti words dia tu...ekeke...

I really love my books..last time, i used to read few novels in a week, now....teda masa sudah, usually if i just bought the book, i will finish reading it within 3 days or sometimes 2 days, the the 2nd time read (sia baca more than 10x all my books..hehehe), 1 bulan pun nda habis..hehehee

whoaa...more than 10x??! even my fav book pun i only read 2-3x...hehehe...

Buli thn ko Ty.. baca sampai 10x??!!

Mia... sometimes, curious tul ba mau tau the exact meaning... tu yg mau flip jg tu dictionary... ;p

mio..ada tag for u to do in my blog..