Fuming Friday

Arrrghh…got to get it off my chest! I’m pretty pissed off with our agent in Labuan since yesterday. (Pls refer previous post-Tag, Q&A No.10 & 11.) Spent half of my Friday with the same feeling.

Ok, here’s the scenario of my daily task to help you understand my distress…

[1] Received call/notification from HQ on New Case (any problem related to computers…)
[2] Assigned technician/agent (for outstation cases, e.g Labuan, Tawau, Sandakan etc.) to attend the case
[3] Tech/agent attend to the case, do whatever he has to do to resolve the case, issue a Service Report (SR) after job is done, keep me posted with the progress (time in/out, SR#, action/resolution taken etc…) via phone / e-mail / fax
[4] Me, update (key in data) the system from time to time...

This one particular guy is DIFFICULT to work with. Been asking about the details from him since few days ago regarding a case which happened last Friday.(Luckily, he did manage to solve the case on the same day though. *relief* ) This is the standard answer he gave me : SR not issued yet. Nantilah. Reminded him again, he said : Nanti petang sikit. Not in office now. Until I go off at 6pm yesterday, still nothing. Even smsed to remind him before I left.

Came to office this morning, hoping that he had e-mailed me the details. Guess what??? Yup, you’re right, still nothing, nil, zero, nada…*sigh* and HQ is already urging me to update the system. In fact, been nagging me since yesterday but what can I do, don’t have the details yet. FINALLY, I got his e-mail around 10am and had the system updated promptly. * Sigh with relief*. PEACE at last.

I really, really don’t understand how this guy does his job. If it is too much for him to e-mail, then tell me over the phone sajalah. He doesn’t have to spend a cent pun, cos I’m the one calling mah. What is so difficult?! I'm NOT even asking him for the hardcopy. The details is good enough already *sigh*
It will be A LOT easier if he issued the SR when he first attended the case and get it signed by the customer on that day itself. Rather than going back for 2nd time. Dua kali kerja. If only he got it done the first time, he should be able to give the details when asked for . I can update system on time. HQ happy. Everybody happy. End of story.

This guy probably gets fed-up with me for calling him several times in a day (only during office hour ok, otherwise he’ll think I’m stalking him pulak..) can tell from his voice mah.. But what to do, he ask for it. HQ nag me, I nag him back lor… If only he is more co-operative, then we wont have to go through all this CRAP. You see, NOBODY likes being nagged, its DAMN IRRITATING!

I’ve sent e-mail about the difficulty in working with this guy to one counterpart in the HQ. Don’t know how far it gets circulated. But, according to one senior colleague, the HQ people are aware of this guy’s working style. Apparently, all the Admin before me have faced the same situation. The reason he is still retained is that we are unable to find new agent in Labuan yet. So, have to bear with him...GOD HAVE MERCY…*faint*


Waa... ni kes lepas geram ni!! Besa la ba tu kan... rileks ko aa... weekend ni!! ;p

Ya bah Just,bikin panas butul tu urg. Weekend bulih la relax, tp hari2 yg seterusnya...tensen lagi balik. uuwaaa....

ok sudah?? settle already suma hal??

hari tu pny hal settle suda...tp perangai dia gitu2 jg...