Hot Monday

In fact, it was a VERY HOT in the office. There was power failure in the area as early as 8.30am. Called SESB to find out the duration of it but nobody was answering…hmm probably they were bombarded by hundred/thousand other callers. *grin* Am not surprise if they were avoiding the calls. Found out today, that it was due to SESB decision to shed the load on power supply thus affecting several parts of the State. Electricity is a hot topic today on the Daily Express

I spent half of yesterday feeling sooo bored and sleepy. Got nothing to do, well, even if I have load of work, still am not too sure if I want to do it. With the heat, poor ventilation and poor lighting…no mood to do work la. No googling over the Net, no chatting on YM. What to do leh? Pulled a chair near a window at pantry, and started reading a new book, read about 30 pages then I started feeling sleepy again. Ah, got to find another way to kill-off some time. Hmm…can’t leave the office though, if nobody is answering the phone, the HQ people may complaint pulak. Colleagues were out attending calls. O yes, I remembered SIL. We started to exchange sms. Confiding each other's boredom. She’s on her 1 week school break, home alone watching TV…others already went off to work. At least, I can reduce my boredom. Unfortunately, my relief was short lived. Hp started beeping, low battery. Aiyoh *a slap forehead*, forgot to recharge the batt last night. Dammit!

But still, I have pen and I started to write yesterday’s post. Hehe...Despite the heat, it was a peaceful day for me, no new case, no phone calls from HQ, otherwise have to repeat the same script “No electricity here “ a few times… boringnya!

Thank God, electricity came at approximately 12.20pm. * sigh with relief* After braving the “sauna” for nearly 4 hours, feeling the cool air from the air-cond on my skin was so refreshing indeed….suddenly I felt alive again… *smile *


4 jam teda karen!! Doii... Kan best buli balik rmh time tu... kekeke...

wah!! kalau kami tu..4 jam teda electric...suma cabut lari already from office..including the boss!! hahaha!!

just & kadusmama ~ tu la bah kan..klu bulih pulang lama suda sia pulang. Ari ni terpadam karan lg bah, nasib baik skijap ja

gila tu hr 1...4 jam teda karen... kalu yg tengahari kan bagus... heheeh buli plg ruma awal..ini pagi la pula.. *katara malas keja * :P

diabilang ~ tu la bah, bikin panas kan..