Double celebration...

Attended 2 weddings over the weekend. Luckily not on the same day. Otherwise, have to rush. Don’t wanna miss either one though.
Mildy & Sabrina’s Wedding ~ 23/08/08

Their big day was on Saturday. Holy matrimony was held at Stella Maris Church, Tg Aru @10am. This time we made it on time, with 2 lovely ladies as our passenger, iLla & eLLy. The wedding march just started when we arrived. * smile * Yey, another couple began their journey thru life as married couple. Congratulations to Sab & Mildy. Both Bride and Groom were my classmates in the secondary.

We proceeded to their wedding reception at KDCA after that. It was a joint reception, so the guests were numerous. Quite a number of ex-Michaelians and ex-UPMers showed up. It sort of like killing two birds with one stone pulak, not only we're able to share the newlyweds’ joy, met some old friends also. Got a chance to catch up on each others life, traded gossips…*wink-wink* . Want some more of the newlywed’s pics? Check-out Man-D and Benny Liew blogs for best results. Perhaps they have uploaded them by now.
The newlyweds’ did a duet on Endless Love. Groom also belted out an evergreen song…Sorry, forgot the title. It must have been a heartfelt performance, as the Bride got all teary-eyed. There was one particular performance that was equally interesting…a dance by a three-some kids accompaned by an up-beat tune. Hmm…most of us never saw nor heard of it, so we were like “Huh??! What's that? " Seems like they were simply moving their body on stage like worm, as a friend referred to it. Whatever it is, it sure was a hit among the young children, under the age of 10 I guess. Many of them gathered in front of the stage, gawking. Later on, we found out that the dance was called Shuffle. Hmm…maybe we were out dated already.

Rogy & Natasha’s Wedding ~24/08/08

Their reception was held at Atlantis Seafood Restaurant, Penampang @ 6pm. Hmm…fast becoming a popular venue for reception. Once again, we made it on the dot. Congratulations to Rogy & wife, Natasha. Rogy was my classmate since Form One. Finally, somebody managed to tame the bad boy. *smile
Again, their wedding turned out to be a mini reunion for us, ex-Michaelians. Only managed to snap a few, baby Vanessa was in one of her not-so-co-operative mood. Can only sit still for a few sec. After that, want to cling on me, grab everything on the table, attempt to pull the table cloth… *sigh * Me didn’t concentrate watching the newlyweds slide shows. Too occupied with Vanessa’s antics. My friend’s, Kivik daughter, Carmen also the same …Both of us have to go along with daughters’ antics, checking out every corner, walking around the hall…otherwise, lagi susah if they cry …

We left at 9pm, its bed time for the two lil’ princess.


Romanticnya durang, berduet lg??!! Mmg rugi nda attend! Ishhh... geram sampai skrg ba!!

bah Just, harap2 u can make it to d nex wdg...Man-D, iLLa or eLly...tia tau mana 1 duluan la..hehehe..

congratss to sab! hope to see more pixs nanti..hehehe
p lah kurik2 pix dorang mio..

byk bah gmbr c dut snap tu ari dgn camera dia yg canggih. blum lg pula dia upload smpi skrg...