Hunting for a car

How’s your weekend? Mine was okay. On Saturday, we went to look around, surveying a few car dealer in town. Went as far as Menggatal Town. We were looking for Toyota Hilux SR to be exact. Since it’s an old edition, it is only available in used car dealer. Hehehe…not for us lah, we were simply helping FIL to gather info. * sigh* How I wish we were hunting for a new car for US instead. wont happen in this year or next year. Got 2 more years to settle the bank loan of my old Kancil. Now can dream only lor… * smile * Eventually, we will need a more spacious one as family car. For now, my dear old Kancil can still accommodate us.

Okay, FIL needs a better, “stronger” estate car. To transport his workers (OMs), fertilizers and the oil palm bunches to the factory. Existing one still useable but being an old car, maybe its time for him to retire after serving for maybe 20 years or more (not too sure). The road to oil palm estate/kebun is not so friendly. It is bumpy with potholes here and there. Often the case, if our car got “sick”, we, the owner also got sick. Having to bear all the maintenance, repair or buy spare parts…poket mana yang tida sakit!

After checking-out a few car dealer, we finally found one at Inanam that probably “ngam” for FIL needs, met the specs that he wants. It is a 2003 edition but in good condition. According to the salesman, it belonged to one Datuk’s son. We left after fixing an appointment for FIL to view the car on the next day. Looks like Mr Salesman will have to open his shop just for FIL & the gang (MIL, BIL & GF) tomorrow. Anything also can mah for potential customer… * grin *

Then off we went to my cuz house. Niece was dying to meet Vanessa for the first time. Been asking me to come mansau there a few times. They never met since niece was based in Tawau Hospital, she’s a nurse by the way. Now she is based in QEH. Like usual, Van2 wasn’t friendly at first, got a bit intimidated. But after a while, she enjoy being carried around by niece. Smile and laugh some more…* grin*

Before going home, we got some baby Tilapia’s for our small pond at the backyard. Just started rearing Tilapia’s 2 weeks ago, such a waste leaving the pond dry and empty. So, why not put some fishes inside…


Sunday’s meeting with salesman went smoothly. FIL & the gang loves the car, they agreed to purchase it. Paid the down payment up front. Now awaiting for the bank’s approval, expected to be get it within this week. Most likely, FIL & gang will have to make another trip to KK and enjoy a ride on new car on the way back. *smile *


Agreeeeeeeeee with you!! Satu kali kerita sakit, habis poket pun sakit!! macam susah mau ada kerita kan..but no car pun susah juga..*sigh* time ikan ko besar sudah, belanja sia makan ah..hehehee

Piara Tilapia??? Huhhh... Rajin jg kamurang aaa... ;p

kadusmama ~ wakaka..bulih bah kalu kau. tp.... blum tau lg hidup atau nda tu..kolam simen bah

just~ hehehe...baru mo testing2 ja ni..sayang bah tu kolam terbiar gitu ja