A Special Day

Today is Monday.
Today is August, 04.
Today is special.
Today is my birthday.

29 years ago, on this date
A healthy baby was born
With a pair of legs, hands, eyes, ears
One nose, one mouth, and a few strands of hair

She makes friends, she dated
She got engaged, she got married
She got pregnant, she gave birth
She become a mother herself

Now, with a family of her own
She journey through life
Embracing a new experience called motherhood
The ultimate challenge of a woman

No matter how young she is, no matter how old she is
In her mother’s heart, in her mother’s eyes
She is and always will be, the same baby girl
Born 29 years ago.


Simple yet compact... nice one Mia!! Still, I wanna wish u a very Happy Birthday even for the 3rd times... hehhe...

Thanx Just for the wishes & the comment... ;p

though i'm late to wish you in ur blog (sudah wish d ym ah!! hehehe), still..I want to say happy birthday to you..apa lah hadiah?? ;)

tq kadusmama! apa hadiah?? wait for my nx post ya..hehehe...