Can go home early…

Fasting month has started for our Muslim friends. Therefore, the Mgmt of our company has shortened the working hours by 1 hour, so that Muslim employees have enough time to prepare for breaking of fast aka sungkai. (Hmm, don’t know exactly the origin of this word; maybe it’s Bajau or Brunei? ) So nice of the bosses, EVERYBODY is allowed to go off at 4.30pm. Yippeee, we, the non-Muslim can tumpang dua kaki…can go off early also. * grin*

To all Muslim friends, Selamat Berpuasa !


wah! bestnya!! jeles nie..sini kalau masa puasa memang jam oh! aiya!! lagi lah malas!!
Untung kamu kan bulih balik awal..hehehee

hi!thanks for dropping by at my blog ;) n nice yer boss, kasi balik awal..we pulak, only d muslim staff :(

Sia kena kasi blk awal pun tp still ko jg lebih awal stgh jam dr sia... Mcmana ni boss??!!!

hehe..segan jg sia mo balik awal, pukul 5 jg bah baru balik...