The best thing in life is free

That’s exactly what a friend said to me once, and I couldn’t agree more. Having my own daughter and watching her grows, learning new skills each day is indeed the best thing that ever happen to me…(besides tying the knot * blush * ). Better still, I don’t have to spend a cent to see them. Doubt it if any amount of money can buy this sort of experience. All the mommies out there, don’t you agree with me?

Seems like only yesterday that we brought her home from the hospital. Now she's 10 mths, 3 weeks and 2 days old. Looks more like a toddler than a baby. From just that simple cooing sound, she now babbles a lot. Sometime it sounds like da-da, ta-ta…other times, she’ll shout just to get my attention.

Now sitting isn’t enough anymore, she always pulls herself up to standing position. Cruising in her baby cot, sometime without holding on to something. Even try to climb the coffee table and sofa. She can wave bye-bye and play patty-cake. Stretched out her arms when she wants a lift. She glide her walker under the dining table in a blink.

Of course, being a baby, there are times that she is being super cranky. Throws tantrums when we took away the TV remote from her, refuses to be seated, throws away all her toys, cries in a high-pitched voice, cling on my waist all the time... The hair pulling, nose/eyes poking, face slapping, pinching and chewing do get on my nerves sometime. When this happened, I’ll try my very best to stop her, saying “No” in the most authoritative tone and serious face la kunun...she’ll pause and flashes me that smile..that MAGIC SMILE… the smile that melt my heart away. It makes me feel high, it make me forget all the negativity *sigh * There’s nothing like a baby’s smile. It sure can turn a hardened parental heart into a pool of sentimental slush in an instant. The spontaneous giggles and laughers are even more addictive than those delicious chocolate. * sigh*

Suddenly, I feel blessed for having such a beautiful baby and being able to experience all these.

P/s: Congratulations to a dear friend of mine, Jc who had gave birth to a baby girl yesterday. Welcome to MOTHERHOOD girl.


Tertouch pulak sia baca ko pnya post ni... Soon I'll be facing the same things as yours.. ;p

iya!! having a baby is one wonderful experience that cannout be bought by money..

Just ~ bah, nda lama lg tu..hehe..
kadusmama ~ i love being a mom...