Mourning Monday

Yes,that’s right! No typo and nothing wrong with your vision either. It was a typical Monday yesterday. I was preoccupied with work, and then suddenly I got a call from mum. She relayed a terrible, shocking news that left me broken-hearted and devastated for the rest of the day. *cry* Towards the evening, it rained heavily…as if mourning my loss ...*cry again* Hubby was also shocked when I told him that our beloved pet dog, CHEBONG has left us at such young age, 10 months in Dog Years .

Our Chebong was a hybrid dog, Dachshund + kampung breed. Very short legs, short hair, short snout and small ears.

I don’t remember when exactly these pics were taken, but probably when he’s 1 or 2 months old. I don’t have his grown-up pics though. He was born a few days after I delivered Vanessa. Maybe it is true after all that if we photographed our pet, it will shortened their life span...just like Urang Ranau mentioned in one of her older post. Anyway, look at how cute and adorable he is was…see I’m still referring to him in present tense. Just this morning, hubby called out his name before he realized that Chebong was no longer with us. *sigh* Need some time to get use to him not being around anymore. Yesterday morning, he was his usual self, playful and no sign of any illnesses, hearty appetite (finished up his meal and also the others’ meal). He must have eaten something poisonous or toxin that resulted to his sudden death, couldn’t find any other explanation.

But whatever it is, he will be TRULY, SADLY, DEEPLY MISSED BUT ALWAYS REMEMBERED by us and the neighbours. Now, I am still sad…but not as sad as yesterday. Maybe this is the reason some people never kept a pet…to avoid the heartache when their beloved pet left them *sob *

Now, in memory of Chebong, here’s are the 10 things I love about him :-

[1] cute ~ simply adorable

[2] big appetite ~ ever so helpful towards the others... to “clean” their bowl *smile*

[3] playful ~ chase after mum’s chicken with the others

[4] irresistible ~ even the cats loves to play with him

[5] outgoing ~ no shy-shy one

[6] clownish ~ never failed to make us laughed at his antic

[7] friendly ~ wont bite if his hair is stroked

[8] loud ~ some times his bark is too loud for his size

[9] curious ~ went upstairs to checkout the rooms

[10] mischievous ~ some times he took home garbage from neighbours


Sob sob... Emo plak sia sikijap sbb teringat my cats... specially Bulat (kami inject kasi mati dia coz luka dalaman dia teruk lps kena langgar!!) Miss Shiro too... Kena curi urg dpn blok kami!! Cilakak tul... But, at least, we know he is fine...

Ya bah Just, still sedih lg ni. Ur Shiro tia pandai pulang ruma kmu lg ka? Or u tapau sj dia balik bah...hehehe...

Ndapa la... lgpun, bnyk belanja jg kalau ada pets ni... lain la kalau rmh teres or yg ada compound... kalau nda, tepaksa mau belikan pasir utk 'toilet' dia... blm cmpur momom dia lg... lgpun, nda bagus jg ada pets around kalau time2 ada baby... hmm...

oloh!! kesian ur dog..! mesti orang jelous tu, terus p kasi taruh racun dalam makanan dia..

Just ~ ya lor, nti u got bby suda, no time to care for ur pet suda tu..hehehe...

Kadusmama ~ mngkali la tu ty, cis kureng asem pny urg....