My Birthday Story

Added a year to my age…Am I a year WISER?? Errk, hope so. But wiser or not, I am DEFINITELY a year OLDER and…GRATEFUL that I am still breathing.

The celebration was the same as the years before...all in MODERATION. But this year’s a little DIFFERENT.

Actually, we (hubby, baby & me) celebrated it a day earlier…went jalan2 around KK, looking around for a nice dress to wear to a friend’s upcoming wedding & makan at Secret Recipe.

Anyway, here’s the chronology of event on Aug, 04: -

MORNINGWoke up early like usual, expect hubby to wish me “Happy Birthday”…nope, no wish from him. *sad* . He drove me to work…along the way still hoping he’ll wish me…nothing also. *disappointed * Towards noon, FINALLY, got his sms (after all the hint-hint *grin*…buruk o kan! )

NOON – Got a few SURPRISES from hubby! 1st, he took the day off (thought he was going to work after dropping me at office). 2nd, he sent a bouquet of FLOWERS to my office…I came out of washroom suddenly saw an antie (with sweat on her forehead…pity her, looked all around the building for my office..) sitting in front of my table with a bouquet in her hand, smiling, waiting for me. Me, couldn’t stop smiling, grinning & blushing...Thank You Dear! Colleagues got excited too. Cheers & wishes from them…probably they just realized that its my birthday! Doh?!…(Typical of them, you expect MALE colleague can remember our birthday meh?!) 3rd, he came to fetch me home… with BABY in tow…(normally, I took the bus, due to time constraint & the distance of our office plus the traffic jam…can’t wait for hubby, otherwise, baby at home miss her mommy too much already & pity my mum also, too tired taking care of baby for 9hrs, mum not young anymore…) Luckily, I DON’T HAVE to take the bus today. IMAGINE, me with the bouquet walking to the bus stand, people staring, who knows I may bump into somebody I know…errkk,malunya! Too much attention la wey…

NIGHT - 4th, opened the fridge & there is a CAKE for me…how sweet *smile * It ought to be one sweet day for me…Baby was kuai2 during the day, no complaint from mum. Then suddenly at NIGHT , baby became SUPER CRANKY, aiyah! She wants to cling on my waist saja, cry and refuse her daddy & grandma…until I cannot do the house chores. Until 9:00pm, she’s still awake, but took her to bed also, b/fed & lulled her to sleep…sang her all the kiddies songs I know…don’t know how many times I repeated the same songs, lost count already! Eventually, we BOTH fall asleep, didn’t realize what time though. Luckily, I am on leave next day, so I’ll do the chores tomorrow. * wink-wink*

So, that was my birthday story. Stale already by now, wanted to post it earlier but can’t find the time. Busy, busy, busy.


awwwww....sooooooo sweet!!! Masih romatik rupanya hubby ko nie ah!! :)
Untung dapat bunga never dapat bunga from hubby seumur hidup..hahahaha!!
Anway..glad you had a great day on ur birthday!! Sweetttnya ceta ko nie..

So sweet of Lolen, Mia!! I hope I get my suprise too this yr... hahahah....

ekeke...nda sangka this yr dpt bunga..1st time o dpt bunga from him.