Somebody is getting RM300,000 richer tonite

Yes, that somebody is none other than our badminton hero, Lee Chong Wei. He will be presented with the RM300,000 cheque reward in a special function tonight at his hometown Penang. Plus, Chong Wei will also receive pension for life of RM3K/month. All bcos he won us the first ever SILVER medal at the on-going Beijing Olympic Games. Yey, clap and cheers for the man! Silver is not so bad what...see how many of our sportsmen / women came home empty handed. According to him, he’ll use the money to buy a house for his parents and live together with them in the house. Goood boy…

Chong Wei shows his medal to the PM as Youth & Sport Minister and BAM President look on.

We will still see him in action again at the next game in London Olympics 2012. Got another 4 years for him to do serious training and improve his performance. Who knows he might be able to redeem his loss and bring home Malaysia’s first GOLD medal.

Maybe we don’t have to wait that long to see him battling Super Dan again, maybe they’ll meet at the Guangzhou Asian Games in 2010.

Well, let us keep our finger cross and hope for the best for him. Jia you (3x)!


Yo... Maju la sukan untuk negara!!

terus kaya sekelip mata bah kan..duit pencen tu pun bukan main lagi..terus nda payah keja sudah..

anon ~ Majusla sukan utk negara! :p

kdmama ~ ya bah, byk bah tu duit. Bli ruma rumah 1 biji pn x abis. Duduk2 d ruma pn dpt 3k... :p