How Do You Organize Your Handbag?

A woman’s handbag is more than just a bag, it is a woman’s bestest friend. It follows us everywhere, day or night, without a sigh. Patiently, bearing the load of our entire world inside of her and also doubling as first-aid kit. How could we leave home without them?

*smile* Having a well-organized handbag is every women dream. Yours truly has been trying her best to organize hers. Weeding out the junks of abandoned mints, candy wraps undecipherable scraps of paper etc, etc every two weeks (sometime once a month…hehe…). My handbag falls into the category of medium-sized. It has one main compartment, 2 small pockets with zipper and 3 small pockets without zipper. On the exterior, there’s one pocket with zipper.

Meet my handbag and my stuffs.

In the main compartment, there are 2 small ‘assistants’; a pouch for storing my wallet and handphone and the other for storing coins. These two are great in helping me locate my wallet/handphone/coins in one swift motion. Without them, it’ll be like rummaging into a blackhole..LOL. However, having them does not solve my ‘organizing problem’ completely, because apart from them, I have a handful of other stuffs lying around.

At the moment, I do not have a proper storeroom for my keys, anti-fog spray for my pair of glasses, my miniature lotion bottle and my favourite pack of Wrigley’s double-mint gum. Sometime, I even keep a paperback handy. It’s a great companion when you are waiting for someone or something.

Why not get another pouch (or two) for the others? Well, I have seriously considered that but the idea of having too many pouches inside is not really flattering…too crowded!

Moving along. One of the pockets with zipper is safe-haven for my ‘women emergency kit’, nail clipper, emery board, safety pins, minyak cap kapak, a strip of Panadol and a few strips of plaster plus some of my daughter belongings - a pair of hairpins and a hair band. The other pocket keeps my pendrive, and a miniature multi-card holder for my library card, BonusLink, Kad Mesra and other miscellaneous membership cards in the other…some only use once. ..hehe..

As for the 3 pocket without zipper, I fully utilized them with some ‘less sensitive’ items. A notepad, pen, and some valid (and expired...*grin*..) shopping vouchers (slip between the notepad pages) and a packet of tissue occupies one of the pocket. The other 2 pocket share the task of holding my miniature mirror, facial blotting papers, a lip balm and a lipstick. *smile*

The sole pocket on the outside is stuff with parking tickets, receipts, and coins. Easy to reach during rush hour…hehe. If the amount is not sufficient, then only will I look for my coins purse.

*sigh* With all those daily essentials, I am too lazy to switch bag. It is too much of a hassle to re-organize everything. If only I have The Organize Jacq set, then it’ll be a whole different story. With it, switching bag will be a hassle-free task! I may even switch handbags every day to match my clothes…LOL.

Okay, having been exposing my handbag aka bestest friend to the whole world, I feel kinda guilty. I feel like invading her privacy pulak. Sorry my friend, but this exposure may worth it. Who knows? You may get a new assistant soon (the small Organize Jacq). *finger crossed* With this entry, we may be lucky enough to be one of the 10 lucky winners in this How Do You Organize Your Handbag Contest? organized by MomBloggersPlanet . Oh, these gorgeous- duos giveaway are sponsored by gin&Jacqie. *smile*

You want one also FOC ? Don’t worry, still got time…the contest ends on 17th December 2009. For more info, do visit MomBloggersPlanet by clicking the link above. Good luck!


for that amount of things u stuff inside ur handbag, i would look for bigger bag instead of just medium size. hehehe.... my main rule in buying handbad, the bigger the better the more store un-necessary stuffs...hahaha

very nice bags..going over there now..

This post for pompuan...not for me! LOL!!!

Chegu Carol ~ hahaha..i sengaja bah buy medium size so that less space to dump unnecessary stuffs.Kalau besar pun, maybe penuh juga kana isi mcm2...:)

SJB ~ :)

STP ~ ya..unless u have a handbag la..LOL!

reanaclaire ~ if u want to join the contest also can.. a lot of time lagi..:)

Hi mama mia,

me agree with Chegu carol, the bigger the better hahaha..

Anyway cute bag la..thanks for the info and maybe I will try to go to the link you suggested..:D

hehe..Nora, i'm happy with a medium-sized handbag..ngam2 ja la dgn badanku yg kecil molek ni..cewah! kalau telampau besar, tenggelam sia nanti...LOL

Ya, Nora u should do checkout the link. Ada masa lagi tu mau participate :)

The bags are colorful & so systematically organized! Will check it out at the link given.

Now baru I realize.. yes indeed handbag is our best friend.. selalu berkepit... LOL

Dora ~ yes, very systematically organized indeed.

Cath J ~ asal sj keluar rumah misti kita kepit handbag bah.. :)

You need a bigger bag lah. :D Good Luck to you.

Mummy Gwen, i don't want a bigger bag..the bigger it is, the more stuffs got dump inside. i just need a organizer bag bah...