MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby in NATURE Contest

I’m in the mood for contest. *smile* The fact that I haven’t had any luck in any contest didn’t de-motivate me from entering more contest…hehe…The generous sponsors for this contest are PhotoBook Malaysia and AliceWonders. Contest runs from 01st to 15th, November. For further info, feel free to browse the MomBloggersPlanet contest page . :)

Okay, I’m counting on these photos of Vanessa to stand a chance in this contest. Photo #1 and #2 were taken at the Keningau St. Francis Xavier Cathedral’s compound. It was Vanessa’s first sight of palm oil trees and its fruits. So curious that she went to touch the leaves and have a closer look at it...under our supervision, of course.
Vanessa Avery, DOB: 05 Oct,2007

Photos #3, #4 and #5 were taken at FIL’s kebun sawit. Since Vanessa is fascinated with the palm tree at the church, I decided to expose her to more of it. Where else to gain more exposure if not at FIL’s kebun ? Coincidently, FIL and hubby are going there after all. Me and Vanessa just kinda tagged along; FIL and hubby welcomed the idea. *smile*

Instead of watching the men at work (unloading some papan (timber) for the new sulap (pondok rehat / hut), I just lepaskan dia saja and biar dia sendiri explore the surroundings. More palm oil trees and padi bukit planted by her Po-po. She was so absorbed into 'exploring' that she didn't even realize mommy was snapping her photos...hehe...Nasib baik Vanessa didn't ran off to the bushes. Kerja-kerja membersihkan semak-samun ni masih belum siap bah tapi memandangkan hari itu hari Ahad, semua pekerja cuti rehat. :)

Hubby and I always believe that nature is the best teacher. Therefore, we never discourage Vanessa to play outdoor. As with other working parents, it is only during the weekend or holidays that we can take her jalan-jalan. During weekdays, we let her follow her Mama around at the backyard…helping her Mama weeds her plants. Vanessa loves the idea so far. *smile*

I think every parent should know that nature plays an important role in children development, be it intellectually, emotionally, socially, spiritually or physically. Studies have proven that children with early experiences with the natural world tend to be more imaginative and have stronger sense of wonder. Wonder is one powerful motivator for life long learning.

Lagi pun, experience with nature boleh membantu dalam menyemai perasaan cintakan alam sekitar dalam jiwa anak-anak kita. I totally agree with this quote by Anita Olds, "There's no way that we can help children to learn to love and preserve this planet, if we don't give them direct experiences with the miracles and blessings of nature." Kalau diorang ni tak kenal alam sekitar, siapa lagi yang boleh diharap untuk meneruskan usaha kita untuk melindunginya?


Waa.. syiok c Vanessa explore the kebun.

Good luck Mia.

gitu la bah tu, kesiokan bah dia first time pigi kebun..

T, Just. :D

amboiiiii...bestnyaaaa Si van..bulih lagi main2 outdoor..
Tingu my kids, :( jarang kuar rumah..kesian

how nice..u have a big kebun here..

KaDusMama ~ at least ada juga bah ko bawa anak2 ko pigi taman.. :)

reanaclaire ~ not mine la..FIL punya

She co cute on her dress (*_*).

Mia, like Kadusmama, my kids pun jarang2 kluar rumah. Yes, there is a playground but apa juga playground di bandar nie.;)

Vanessa are so luck...ada kebun bulih datang pi tinguk2 and main2...uh! miss my playground pulak...

SJB ~ hehe..hope the judges feel the same way too. :D

Wyne@Ren ~ Biarpun jarang2, yg penting ada juga kau bawa diorang jalan2 outdoor. Ada parents tu mcm over protective pulak sama anak2 sampi mau keluar pigi halaman pun diorang nda suka..alasan - takut kana gigit nyamuk. *geleng kepala*

Bnadar punya playground lengkap dgn permainan moden, tapi nda juga dpt lawan sama playground original di kampung kan..hihi..

Absolutely agree to expose children more to nature. Hope she wins:)

She is exploring with day she might become a biologist..who knows...

UmmiRosma, kids are like that kan..full of curiosity. :)

hahah..she might.. :)

Comelnya si van-van hehe.. I wanted to join the contest, but Dian dont have appropriate pictures...:D. Good Luck to vanessa & mummy:P

Nora, still got time maa..this weekend can go jalan-jalan and take picture.Contest ends on 15th.