Can’t sleep without them…sleeping buddies

People! Meet Vanessa’s sleeping buddies – Dora the Explorer, Tweety Bird, Buttercup, Teddy Bear and Kiko the Harp Seal…. :) Every night, ALL her buddies must join her in bed…satu tertinggal pun tida bulih kunun. *sigh* Nasib baiklah, she relent to taking only Dora and Kiko along every time we go back to Po-po and Ye-ye’s place. Otherwise, not enough room in my Kancil. *smile*

The gang sitting on the sofa.

Every night, before I tuck-in the little princess, I will arrange her buddies at the bedside. Her courageous buddies will protect her from the scary labah-labah hitam (black spider) or the kuda hitam (black pony). *smile* Hmm, since Dora is her favourite buddy, she’ll get special treatment. Dora gets to sleep near the little master. *smile* If she’s lucky, she’ll survive the night in that position. If not, she’ll end up on the floor in the morning...kana sepak oleh si tuan kecil…LOL.

Hehe…I bet your kids got their sleeping buddies or comfort toys or anything that they just can't sleep without, right? When I was a kid myself, I used to have a favourite blanket. Every time I go to my cuz for a sleep-over, I'll bring it along…hahahha…

Okay, about that kuda hitam that Vanessa feared so much. It’s not a real pony, mind you. Hehe…it is only a rubber pony that belongs to her cuz! Once upon a time si kuda hitam looks cute and colorful, something like this pic, but now…its colour has transformed into black with “panau” (wear and tear la) here and there…hahahaa….


Wow Vanessa has many buddies to protect her while sleeping! My XJ has a moo-moo cow in the cot as his companion.

Tweety bird! I love tweety bird ... hehehe ... Banyak sleeping buddues she has, ya :D

wah... so many sleeping companions.. just like my girl last time when she was young.. now she only has this mama to sleep with.. hahhaa..

Mia, where did you bought the Dora? Sia suka...uikss, sia pula kesukaan jugak..heheheh...

My youngest boy sleep with his Ferrari cars collection...bagus kalu butul ada ferrari berparking di luar...huh!

Cute dollies. :) Gwen also has her sleeping buddies..hehe.

Dora ~ too many la,Dora..her buddies occupy half the bed alredy..:D

NickPhillips ~ hahaha...cute bah the tweety bird..telampau banyak kawan suda dia ni.Nick.

reanaclaire ~ kids are like that kan,Claire..

Wyne@Ren aka MOB ~ bought it from Toys R Us...kalu ada betul2 punya Ferrari, mana dia mau tidur dlm bilik tu..misti dia tidur dlm kereta ...hahaha..

Mummy Gwen ~ hehe...

SJB ~ ya, cute...

My son suda graduate from these sleeping buddies. Dia mo pakai bantal paluk besa seja dii... hehe

Kiut pula sia nampak tu plastik pony tapi kalau suda itam sama berpanau-panau, sia pun takut oh!

Hihi...tanak vagu suda gia anak ko tu,Nessa. Mmg patut suda dia pakai bantal peluk besa..

ya, kiut bah tu pony yg dlm gambar ni,sia pun suka! My niece punya tu masuk 4 thn suda gia, mana la tida itam and berpanau...LOL.

my sleeping companion-bantal peluk..
dari sa budak smpai sa umur 18 thun sa pkai bntal peluk yg sma..dari saiz pnjang smpai jadi pendek..hehe..nasib sa masuk maktab,klo ndak smpai skg kali sa guna tu bantal peluk@batal buruk..

Hahahaa.. So far blm lg ada kawan c rayyan tdur. bantal peluk komfom teda sbb mmg kena jaga tu. Mumy sia every wk cuci. Huhuhu..

Carmelliny ~ hahha...antik suda ko punya bantal beluk ni smpi saiz pun suda berubah

Just ~ alala...belum sempat bau si rayyan melekat suda nenek dia cuci bantal..:D

Hi Mama Mia,

Dian also have her sleeping buddy. Its a Teddy bear that she inherit from me..and she called it 'baby'..:D

Hi Nora.

Wah,inherit from her mommy.. misti dia sayang butul tu 'baby' dia tu kan. :D

Wow! that is a lot of sleeping buddies. I bed the bed must be big to accommodate all of them plus Vanessa. Hahaha! Luckily my gal only need 2 things with her when she sleeps (sometimes she sleeps at her aunt's room). Her bear and pillow!! I only need to pack both when travelling.

Hi, Rose..tq for coming by. Big bed? Not really la..

My niece got Blossom and Buttercup, but Bubbles belum ada, out of stock. Mana ko beli tu, Mia?? Manatau bulih jumpa si Bubbles. ;D

CMG ~ hehe..actually kan, Buttercup tu my fren punya bday prezen ba tu...tapi since dia suda besar panjang makanya diperturunkan kpd anakku. Ada ko cuba cari di Toys r Us? :)

Oh... Yang dulu kena beli di 1U, tapi nanti try di Toys r Us 1B la he he... Suma pun '1' suda ni...