TV en direct

Frustrated for not having enough sports channels? Well, try switching to Direct TV and transform your days to less miserable ones.

Okay, Direct TV is not just another digital satellite TV provider, they are the undisputed leader in sports programming! And they also happen to be the exclusive provider of the NFL SUNDAY TICKET! Think about all the game you can enjoy by having this golden ticket.

Above all that, you can watch every game in crystal-clear, 100% digital-quality picture and sound. You’ll bound to get a great viewing experience. Now, with all these facts revealed, it’s time to get your TV en direct already ? *wink*


sadd... i only have tv 1,2 & 3. But okay, enough entertainment, boleh lahhh... wud love to have that satelite dish & watch the Indon channels!

Ida,I seldom watch TV also eventhough we have astro ast home..hehe..