My nose not original???

I was not feeling hungry at all during lunch hour. Must be due to heavy breakfast (fried mee + fish cake + a mug of soya bean milk) I had in the morning. So I made use of my lunch hour to get my hair washed at my favourite salon. :)

I picked up an old issue of Media Hiburan while enjoying the massage on my scalp. It’s been such a long time since I last bought an issue of this magazine…macam 5 thn suda bah…hehehe… As I flipped through the pages, a local actress’s confession on her use of collagen injection caught my interest. Her confession was full of regrets, bla,bla,bla…

Somehow, her story triggered something on my mind. NO! I am NOT thinking of one, okay. I prefer to grow old gracefully…hehe..bulih ka ini macam? Anyway, few months ago, I went to have a facial session at a beauty centre on a friend’s recommendation. The beautician was a middle-aged, talkative aunty. Lucky she had her mouth covered; otherwise all her tempias would have landed on my face. :) As she was cleaning/massaging my face, suddenly she popped a question that simply caught me off guard.

Aunty aka Beautician : “Kau punya hidung ni bah, original ka ni moi?” (Your nose, is it original?)”

Me : “ Huh? Apa, aunty?” ( Huh? What, aunty?)

Aunty : : “Kau punya hidung. Original ka?” She re-iterates her question.

Me : “Ya, original. Kenapa aunty?” (Yes. Why?)

Aunty : “Baguslah begitu. Bukan apa, sekarang ni ramai betul bah orang kasi suntik macam-macam untuk kasi tinggi hidung. Mau tambah cantik kunun.” (That’s good. These days many ppl like to inject all sort of thing to get a higher nose bridge. To be more beautiful.)

After that, she went on talking about the negative effect of collagen injection, botox injection, plastic surgeries etc, etc…I tried to entertain her setakat yang terdaya. Though, most of the time only these words came out of my mouth, ‘ya’; ‘ tidak’; ‘oh”; "bah". * grin*

Well, some women are really into hormone injection to enhance their look. Probably because it is cheaper than plastic surgery and easily accessible. As beauty depends on the eyes of the beholder. These women may find themselves beautiful in their more enhanced feature but others may have different opinions. The new feature may look odd and unnatural on their face. Apa-apa pun, semuanya bergantung pada tuan punya badan kan?

So, do I really have a pretty nose? No. Hidung mancung bak seludang? Jauh sekali…But just a little bit above of what my mom’s described as ‘todung napadsakan do kalabau (hidung yang kana pijak kerbau / nose stepped on by a buffalo)” ..LOL. No matter how 'high' or not our nose is, we should be thankful for what God have given. Amen.


i remembered one time, a friend suggested me to suntik macam2 on my nose & chin. untuk kaC cantik, she said.. but im not so into that kind of stuff.. bagus lagi original, peduli la hidung pisikk ka.. double chin ka.. just be original, be yourself ;p

Hahahaa... Hidung kana pijak kerbau, selalu bah sya dingar tu! :D

Eeeeh, ramai bah local artiste yang berubah suda muka diorang kan, macam Ramlah Ram, Umi Aida, Jasmin Hamid etc. tu lain betul sya nampak! Trus cam sama seja hidung diorang!!

Tapi betul la, sendiri punya badan, sendiri tanggung la... ;P

I had my good laugh at this entry. So funny bah...especially the part 'tempias landed kat your face' tu. hahahahaha

I agree...tak perlu suntik...cucuk sana sini..tarik sana sini. Whatever in your heart will reflect via our face. So never stop believing...think beautiful and we will me!

Mia, malas sia kalu crita part2 hidung nie...sbb kami 3 org adik beradik beza2 bah...sia lah yg kunun ganjil...bukan urang kadazan punya hidung kunun...deii!

LOL! hidung kana pijak kerabau?...lama suda sia tdk dgr tuh oh...

I prefer a not so talkative beautician, that I can enjoy and relax at the same time.

AnnieMing ~ misti kwn ko ada suntik la tu kan. i agree wt u, biarlah sj..tida cantik pun tida apa..:)

CMG ~ hehe..ko pun selalu dingar ni phrase..:D

Artis2 ni mmg mcm tu, tapi yg boring tu, ada yg mati2 deny padahal ketara betul tu perubahan di muka diorang..

UmmiRosma ~ hehe..the aunty was really peramah..bersemangat betul dia berhujah against suntik2,tarik2 ni..:)

It is better to have a beautiful heart than a beautiful face..

WyneRen@MOB ~ wah..misti hidung ko ni mancung kan, Mouren..hihi..

Tu phrase mmg classic pny phrase tu..

LittleInbox ~ mee too..but since it was my 1st visit there, i didn't know the beautifician was that talkative...hehe..My friend failed to tell me abt it :)

hahahhhaa.. todung napadsakan kalabau ah.. muahahhahahha.. koiyakan banal.. i was laughing all the way reading ur blog.. whatever it is juz be thankful with our nose...

Good to know that you had fun reading my post,Ika. Yup, u are absolutely right! We should be thankful for our nose...hehe..

As for me....kalau inda cantik tiapa...healthy is more important.

Trus sia terbyg2 idung ko mia. Mcmana sdh gia idung ko tu Mia. Hahahahha...

Apa2 pun, I think ori is always and forever better than palastik ba kan. Hehehehhe..

HoneyBUZZin ~ Agree with you. Health is more important than beauty.

Just ~ wakakaka...jadi? apa mcm la bayangan ko,Just? :D

Betul tu! Ori will always be better than the modified.

Howydy, not goin into that stuff juga. I agreed wif you MM "grow old gracefully" and agreed wif UmmiRosma too. Good heart in the inside will reflect the beauty outside...

Kelakar jua sia baca this entry.. Hidung kana pijak kalabau .. :D

hehe..asal sj sia terdingar ni phrase misti sia terketawa bah,Eve.

Why should people doubt when they spot others with beautiful features?

BTW, I left you an award. Do pop by and check it out at my blog when you have the time.

I'm sure they have their own reason for doubting.

Award for me? How nice of you,Denesa. Will pop by ASAP to claim my award..Thx. :)